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God Damned Young People and Their Rap Music Make Me Angry

The problem with young people today is that they listen to the rap music.

When I was a boy, there was no such thing as “rap” or “hip hop” and we got by just fine. We listened to music by Mr. Lawrence Welk or the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. Decent music with lyrics about shining your shoes, combing your hair and the value of conformity.

But these young people today, they’re all crazy for the rap recordings. I hear it blasting down the street day and night. It’s nothing but half-screamed filth that sounds like it was recorded by a Tourettes patient in the middle of a prison riot.

I’d rather listen to cats fornicating for Christ’s sake. At least they have pitch.

And don’t give me any of this nonsense that it is “urban poetry.” Saying “You ho, get your bitch ass in tow” isn’t poetry; it’s domestic abuse plain and simple.

Back in my day we didn’t applaud when someone yelled obscenities and grabbed their crotch – we phoned the police and had him arrested damn it. We called him “a filthy pervert” not “a major recording star.”

As far as I can tell these “rappers” are nothing but ten cent hoodlums, misogynists and dope smoking high school drop outs. My generation looked up to astronauts, cowboys and Presidents, not droopy-panted half wits with gold teeth waving around rolls of cash and sporting bullet wounds like some kind of misplaced badge of honor.

Here’s a news flash. If you got shot in a war, you’re a hero. If you got shot in the ass while holding up a liquor store you’re a god damned menace to society and an idiot to boot.

And this isn’t about race. It’s about ignorance. White, black…I don’t care what colour your skin is, this is an equal opportunity outrage and I blame all damned young people for this thumping wall of mindless horse crap.

If I had ever spewed out foul-mouthed rhymes and worn a clock around my neck, my old mom would have with fractured my skull with a meat tenderizer and then sent me to bed without Jello.

They should ban it, destroy it and then travel back in time and brain the jackass who invented it.

They listen to the rap music. That’s the problem with young people today.

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  1. 2:15 pm

    very funny satire (I hope)

    • 7:16 pm

      Welcome Davis and thanks for visiting.

      I like to keep a friendly, light and non-judgemental tone but when push comes to shove, the damned young people really do drive me crazy.

      Hope to hear from you again, lad.


  2. 2:42 pm

    Nice one, Don. Here’s a rap for you…

    Rap is “crap” with a silent “c”
    And if you don’t agree
    Or see what I mean
    Chances are you’re a goddamned teen!

    • 7:17 pm

      Thanks Alan,

      Now that’s one damned hippity hop ditty I can get behind.


    • 10:10 am

      I’d always thought of RAP as an acronym
      I know It’s a little harsh, but arnt they rapping cause they can’t sing? Has anyone ever heard of a rap song that actually meant anything?

      • dru permalink
        4:25 pm

        Ignorance is bliss I guess

      • 11:51 am

        Lol, that’s actually really funny 😉 I might use that x

      • 2:55 pm

        Yes, I actually have heard many rap songs that have meaning. I am sorry that all you have been exposed to is the shitty meaningless (c)rap. But there actually is real rap out there. And rap is an acronym. Rhyming African Poetry. That is the acronym it started with.

      • Dave M permalink
        9:53 pm

        Beautiful-Eminem. Not afraid-Eminem. Gangsta lee-I have no idea who sang that one, but they all have very meanigful, mainly positive tones. And there are plenty more which i am sure you have never heard.

    • 5:39 am

      Mmmm I used to be a rapper. Not a little kid rapper, i been signed, done albums, hardcore, underground, death rap, serial killer rap, horror-core . I’ve done Lp’s. Before we criticize a genre of music lets look at the facts. Do you listen to Elvis? Things changed around then, music is WHY society is like it is. I am not a Christian btw, and no, not a satan following pentecostal, I am independent baptist. Elvis started the revolution. How? Parents hated him, kids found him cool as their parents didnt like him, he invoked sex, moving hips, fast moving music. Then it went on and on, rap was 20 years behind Elvis Presley. The beatles, Mick Jager, ect ALL these people admitted if people knew what was behind the rock music they would all be arrested. They DELIBERATELY invoked sex. The lyrics mean nothing, I can make the calmest person feel murderous in instruments I have made, or I can make you look to God. The lyrics are nothing. The more swinging, moving, jumpy, it excites our impulse senses and arouses us and made women lose their natural inhabitants that would make them dress modestly, talk to males modestly to where they now take their tops off in strip clubs. My friend who posted this, this is YEARS of work, rap is merely a brick in the building 0f sin. What is worse in Gods eyes? A rock musician who excites sex? or a rapper or heavy metal artist who entices hate and violence? Sin is sin. From murder, to rape, to thieving. Jesus said Whoever even LOOKS upon a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. People who are rapping today, were born into a world destroyed by the likes of Elvis, Roy Orbinson, mick Jagger ect. A child is born after the hippy area, where music said “Be who YOU want to be, add drugs and liquor, women lose their inhabitions. Men lose respect towards women. 6000 years. and the last 60 went down hill. Do some research and don’t just buy what i say.

      • 8:28 pm

        Man, you really are great. When I posted in this topic, originally, I was following Satan, and rapping like most rappers now. But, I’ve found God, and am following him and I rap for Him now too.

      • Selina permalink
        4:13 am

        I am a white woman and when I hear the pounding, reverberating (c) rap that people are listening to on the street and in closed cars I firmly believe this is why they go around shooting each other. I feel like it myself. It drives me crazy.

    • 6:51 pm

      I’m a teen and I 100% agree! Rap is crap, plain and simple. I’ve always hated it, and thought it was a pathetic excuse for music.
      You “rap” is the only acceptable kind. Though of course one could say that making a rap about hating rap kind of defeats the purpose, but either ways, this all is VERY true!

  3. 3:39 pm

    Don, you couldn’t have spoken more truly.

    What is going on with people today? What is going on in our society where these nasty people are glorified all over the place? For that matter, in my day, if an athlete was busted for smoking pot or for raping a girl, they would be drummed out of the sport and shamed in the media! Nowadays, it seems that they are slapped on the wrist and their “street cred” goes up, and the kids like them all the more.

    Now we have these violent idiots chanting out their nasty fantasies and glorifying fornication, drug use, and yes, indeed, misogyny. And the kids are eating it up, throwing away their parent’s hard earned money on this trash.


    Damned kids!

    • 7:19 pm

      You nailed it there, Rick. I’ll see your “bah” and raise you a “harrumph.”

      Nice to see you again. Thanks for stopping in.


      • 4:17 pm

        The misogyny is the thing that really bothers me about most rap music. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, but I’m enjoying it thoroughly, and agree with lots of the opinions you express here.

    • Chris permalink
      7:04 pm

      Pot is less dangerous than alcohol and should be legal. I can’t wait until your ignorant generation dies off and we can move on and start selling it at the liquor store.

      • Anonymous permalink
        8:34 pm

        same here

      • Tasha Liana permalink
        12:26 am

        Pot turns you into an idiot, it is not “harmless” in the least. I know firsthand – I used to have to work with pot enthusiasts five days a week. The nerve of you saying such things about elderly people. Many of them are hard-working, wise and gracious people.

  4. 4:09 pm

    You are very amusing.

  5. 4:13 pm

    Oh, rap. It’s what’s wrong with the music industry. Music just isn’t music unless a guitar is involved.

    • vault permalink
      6:44 pm

      Not so fast. Now rappers are producing their own rock albums. I wanted to cry when I saw this video so I had to include it. Even the hoard of heavily intoxicated college kids realizes that the “music” is terrible.

      • 7:32 pm

        Good God, you’ll give an old man a heart attack dropping links like that.

        What a god awful racket. He sounded like that little Linda Blair girl when she was possessed by Satan. Frightening stuff.

        Good grief. I need an rye and ginger and a wee rest. That was just too disturbing for words.

        Thanks for visiting Vault,


    • 7:22 pm

      Nice to see you Shannon.

      I’d say it’s not real music unless there is a band leader, a trumpet section and the musicians wear suits.

      But then again, apparently I’m a walking anachronism.

      Take care lass and thanks for visiting.

      • Shane Duncan permalink
        9:53 pm

        Hang on a second there. I do agree that rap is horrible music but you that you would rather listen to a orchestra well how bout some rock music like Three Doors Down? They actually sing and do not scream and he sings about stuff that we all go through or have gone through so go to and type in three doors down to listen to there music. I think that you will like it. Also check out a christian rock group called Kutless the lead singer has a beautiful voice. Tell me what you think.

  6. 4:27 pm

    Call it street poetry. Call it rhythmic yelling. Call it chanting your angst to a drum-beat. What-ever.

    Just DON’T try to tell me it’s MUSIC.


    Note to rich suburban kids: Wearing your baseball caps on backwards, and cranking the rap tunes while cruising around in your Daddy’s $50K SUV does NOT make you “Boyz in the Hood”.

    • 7:23 pm

      Well said Friar. Though I don’t think I’d be inclined to call it street poetry. “Toilet chatter” might be a more accurate term.

      As always, good to see you again, lad.


  7. 5:03 pm

    Funny, yet very true!

  8. 6:13 pm

    Can I adopt you? You sound just like my dad, who I miss so much!

    • 1:45 pm

      Thanks for the offer Omnibus Driver.

      I don’t know that you’d want to adopt me. According to my personal support worker, Hattie, I can be a bit of a handful.

      I miss my old Dad too. Think about him all the time.

      Thanks for visiting.


  9. Frankelstache permalink
    6:24 pm

    Donald I must disagree, this time around.

    Rap is no less legitimate than Jazz (the official music of street bums), Country (Rednecks’ anthem) or even Gothic rock (made for people with “I’m 15 and angry at my parents” syndrome).

    I also highly recommend the book “Why White Kids Love Hip-Hop”.

    Keep on bringing it,

    • 1:54 pm

      Nice to see you again Frankelstache,

      A little disagreement doesn’t bother me, son. It was bound to happen and you’re entitled to your opinion (as unfortunate as this one might be…)

      And thanks for the book recommendation but I can’t see myself checking “Why White Kids Love Hip-Hop” out of the local library. The librarian, Alice, would suspect I’d gone off my nut and besides, it likely isn’t available in large print anyway.

      I’ll keep on “bringing it” son.

      Always good to hear from you.


    • 6:44 pm

      yeah! same here. Rap/Hip-Hop/reggation is new generation music. But, it is harsh that does not mean we should ban it or hate it. There is always chance for evolution and make things better.

  10. 6:32 pm

    I half agree with it all. There are some legitimate artists but 95% are solid crap producing, talentless hacks doing nothing more than perpetuating and encouraging negative stereotypes while at the same time showing everyone (not just youth) that you don’t need an education to roll around in a pile of money with numerous women.

    • 9:40 am

      That’s one hell of a mean sentence there, LJ!

      I almost collapsed through lack of oxygen reading that one.

      Damn good point though….

      I think this business of rolling around in a pile of money with numerous women needs further research. I might take my jar full of loose change down to the local meeting of the townswomen’s guild and see if any of them fancy trying it out.

    • 1:57 pm

      Thanks L.J.

      Appreciate your dropping in. Always good to hear from the young people.

      Personally,I can’t see any of them being “legitimate artists” but I have to confess I’m not actively seeking them out. I just get bombarded with the crap that pours out of the bedroom window of the no account teenager who lives across the street. I’ll have to have another word with his Mother.

      Any luck at the townswomen’s guild meeting, Nobbly?


      • 9:45 pm

        No luck at all I’m afraid, Mr. Mills.

        As soon as the pack of avaricious old harpies that comprise the local TG saw my jar of change, they fell upon me and nicked the bloody thing.

        A ball of wool and two needles can make a devastatingly useful improvised set of pointy nunchuks, I can tell you! I won’t be able to sit down properly for weeks.

        The last I heard over the spound of walking sticks on parquet floor, cackling, and the urgent rattle of coin on glass, was someone mentioning “…cleaning up at the bingo at The British Legion.”

        They’re vicious thieving old biddies. That’s the problem with old ladies today.

  11. Gerard permalink
    8:12 pm

    I think our streak might end with this post, Don, but possibly not…

    Although I completely agree that the rap you’re talking about is atrocious, I do listen to hip-hop with lyrical meaning, and it’s my favorite genre.

    Most kids my age don’t listen to the same music I do, even if they’re within the same “rap/hip-hop” genre. I generally hate hip-hop played over the radio and on TV. The songs I listen to are usually about politics (which I doubt you’d like), life, stories about growing up in ghettos, etc. I doubt you’d be interested, but examples of artists that I listen to are Immortal Technique, Aesop Rock, and Mos Def. A song by each as good examples would be “You Never Know,” “None Shall Pass,” and “Mathematics,” respectively.

    Again, I completely understand where you are coming from and I don’t listen to that music. Although I disagree that ALL rap or hip-hop is bad, because underground artists (and occasionally some mainstream artists) produce songs with actual meaning, I understand why the whole genre is put down. It’s all about the major companies and their terrible influence on kids’ tastes in music.


    • 2:02 pm

      Well I guess it had to happen, Gerard.

      As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I only know what I hear flooding out of my neighbours house and it is pretty damned sad. The police don’t do anything about it – they just tell me to close my windows and stop calling 911.

      I’ll see if I can’t find a little bit of that Aesop Rock fellow and let you know what I think. I’m not optomisitic, though, Gerard, and suspect we may just have to agree to disagree on this one.

      All the best


  12. Sander permalink
    8:42 pm

    I’ve also heard people call it Retards Attempting Poetry; it’s not very subtle, but it’s perfect for expressing your opinion of the so-called “music” the rap “artists” make in words they can understand.
    You’ll probably have some complaints about rock music as well, but you can actually call it music.

  13. downcastmysoul permalink
    2:40 am

    My parents would ask: “what’s that noise”? It wasn’t music to THEM either unless they were sitting around in suits sawing at violins looking at a maniac waving a white stick or big huge fat people in long dresses shrieking arias. My “noise” was Metal and I am of the opinion I would have been tossed into the street if my parents had actually got to HEAR what I listened to. I kept my headphones on blast all the time. White kids getting into Rap came about a little late for me, but the Metal bug got me all the way.

    BTW, Mr. Mills, you mention this White Man dude and Lawrence Welk, but aren’t you one of the Mills Brothers? They were an old timey “rock group” back then way back in the day, right?

    • 2:14 pm

      Thanks Downcastmysoul,

      While I can’t say I approve of the Heavy Metals, I appreciate that you at least kept the noise contained through the use of headphones. I’d be cautious though, downcast, look at what the hard rock did to the Ozzy Ozborne lad. The fellows in worse shape than my cousin Kevin, and he’s had three strokes and is prone to wandering.

      Here’s a treat for you lass.

      And as for the Mills brothers, I’m afraid they’re no relation.

      Nice to see you. “Rock on” or whatever the Hell it is you young people say.


      • Sander permalink
        6:48 pm

        My thoughts for the first minute: “decent music, if a tad boring”
        Just before the 1 minute mark: “what the [expletive] was that? it sounded like a flaming whistling-kettle!”

      • downcastmysoul permalink
        4:49 am

        I will have that song “Whispering” in my head playing over and over now for hours unless I partake of some of my Metal or some…rap. Thank you for the video! It links to other vids. I want to go back to the original set so I guess I have to refresh the page. I doubt I have to worry about getting like Ozzy since it was the drugs not the Metal that did him in. I just won’t bang my head too hard on the floor.

  14. Christine permalink
    3:14 am

    I concur.

  15. Tom permalink
    3:47 am

    Geez, I love these posts. But did you know Paul Whiteman used to smoke dope with Bing Crosby when Bing sang with him back in ’26, ’27? Yup, couple of potheads, those two. Great music, though, and they never grabbed their crotches in public. But then Bing was turned sappy by Hollywood and Paul decided he needed to whack out his arrangements because he no longer had history’s greatest voice. Too bad.

    • 2:17 pm

      Jesus Tom,

      Be careful about spreading filthy lies regarding Mr. Whiteman. It may seem like an innocent joke but the next thing you know this kind of rumor will be flying all over the Paul Whiteman chat boards and internet forums. Before long, it will be an official Wikipedia entry and Mr. Whiteman will be forever tarnished.

      Sorry I had to get harsh there lad but we seniors take this stuff pretty seriously.

      All the best


  16. 4:49 am

    Oh wow, this is definitely one of your better rants, Don!

    Just brilliant!

  17. lily permalink
    7:09 am

    Dear Mr Mills,

    I’m in total agreement with you on the topic of rap music especially when it is blasted so loudly from cars with thumping great speakers, that when they drive by my house the windows and doors vibrate.

    On closer examination of some of the atrocious lyrics of rap songs I found these little gems:

    “Thirty-eight revolve like the sun round the Earth.” (Jay-Z, “It’s Hot” 

    Obviously Jay-Z skipped school that day, because I’m quite certain the Earth travels around the sun.

    “There’s no need to lie folk, Why you sleepin’ wit ya eyes closed?”

    I don’t know about you Mr Mills, but I like to close my eyes to sleep.

    “Never let me slip, cause if I slip, then I’m slippin.”

    … not the only thing slipping, in my opinion.

    “Thirty-two grams raw, chop it in half, get sixteen, double it times three. We got forty-eight, which mean a whole lot of cream Divide the profit by four, subtract it by eight We back to sixteen…”

    This must be the world record for the worst mathematics in a song.

    Don’t take the rap, Mr Mills

    Lily Fossil

    • 7:11 pm

      My goodness Lily, what would I do without you? Excellent research and damned fine examples of the idiocy that passes for lyrical content these days.

      You’re a braver soul than I am Lily – taking the time to actually read that nonsense. I’d need my heart medicine and a good nap.

      Many thanks.


  18. 4:05 pm

    This is true grandpa.

    All my classmates listen to that crap. I cover my ears with something whenever I hear it. I like listening to music from the the ’60’s to the 90’s.

    • 1:20 am

      Young Mister Leetgamer,

      It seems I’m not ever going to be able to convince you that I am not your “grandpa.” I’m tired of fighting it, lad. You win. But I’ll have you know that if I am going to be your “grandpa” I expect a certain measure of respect, a card on my birthday and a small present at Christmas.

      Plus, I reserve the right to include/exclude you from my will based on whim, mood and the opinions expressed in your comments.

      For today, you’re in good stead. Provided that when you say music from the “60’s to the 90’s” you mean the 1860s to the 1890s?

      Answer carefully lad. Some of the arcane clutter I have stored in the basement might fetch a pretty penny on E-bay some day.

      All the best,

      Grandpa Don

  19. 7:16 pm

    I remember the agony of the Disco era. Hopefully Hip-Hop doesn’t lead to fat people in spandex.

  20. Calculate900 permalink
    8:03 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    The last time I went to a winter prom, that’s all they blasted. We hardly had any slow dances or decent, rocking dance songs. It was all rap.

    I’m so glad I’m not among the young people who look up to rappers as idols. I stick to the classics, and I’m a lot happier because of it.

    • 1:22 am

      Good on you calculate900.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your views and visit with an old man.

      Always makes me happy to hear from a sensible young person. Gives me hope.


  21. 8:36 pm

    Doncha love how Rappers like to adorn their teeth with all kinds of diamonds and gold?

    Makes eating corn on the cob a bit tricky, if you ask me.

    But then again, they’re not piercing their faces with all kinds of stupid metal.

    (I guess we should at least thankful for THAT…)

    • 1:24 am

      Can’t understand it Friar and not sure I want to try. Diamond Teeth? Unless you’re using your mouth as some sort of industrial drill it’s just damned vanity and waste.


  22. Steven permalink
    12:42 am

    Hello i would just like to say to you please stop living in the past your generation was different then this one times have changed believe it or not. Im sure when you were a youth adults looked down on you to teenagers are and will always be rebellious different in todays society they want to stand out identify them selves discover who they are and what they are becoming. You are definatly entitled to your opinion and an opinion it is, But thats just my 2 cents. Further more all the power to you for speaking your mind i respect that we need people like you to diverse society. thats all i have to say

    • 1:29 am

      Thanks Steven.

      I appreciate the respectful manner in which you chose to disagree with me. Some young people get all hormonal and nasty in their comments and call me all manner of rude names but you’ve kept a level head and stated your case well.

      (A little more punctuation would help…but a well stated opinion nonetheless.)

      Thanks for visiting, lad.


  23. 12:46 am

    I love your rants about the young people! It reminds me of my Granddaddy Jackson, and his rants. I got a smile and thought of him thanks to your blog.

    Have a great day and rant on!

    • 1:30 am

      Many thanks Stacy.

      Glad I could give you pause to think of your old Grandaddy.

      Stop by anytime.


  24. 12:58 am

    Very good point Don. I especially hate it when people have that really slowed down rap blaring out as loud as humanly possible. That kind of rape is popular where I’m from.

    • lily permalink
      1:02 am

      Mr Richardville,

      I presume you mean ear rape?

      Lily Fossil

    • 1:35 am

      Thanks Eric. Unfortunate typo there but very apt – as pointed out by the quick mind of Miss Lily Fossil.

      Always good to hear from you lad.


      P.S. If it’s a boy, Donald is a damned fine name

  25. Sandy permalink
    2:23 am

    hahaha sent to bed without jello? oh your so funny! i just love ya.
    it’s me Sandy you know the one where my granddaughter calls me “the creeper” for looking at her myspace page?

    love your post! too funny!

    the creeper who hates rap “noise” cause I really can’t call it “music”

  26. Sandy permalink
    2:25 am

    oh hey, have you seen the movie “Gran Torino” with Clint Eastwood yet? it’s great! you would love it!

    • 3:28 pm


      I just saw Gran Torino last week.

      I highly recommened it to Don!

      • Sandy permalink
        6:06 am

        definitely he could play Clint Eastwood ! just kidding Don!

        • 6:45 pm

          Thanks Sandy,

          Nice of you to stop in again. Doesn’t sound like your granddaughter has come to her senses yet. Shame. Hopefully in time.

          A couple of people have mentioned that film. I’ll have to take a ride down to the blockbuster and see if I can find a copy.


          • Dave M permalink
            10:08 pm

            Gran Torrino is a damned fine Movie S

  27. 2:49 am

    Mr Don Sir,

    I too am not a fan of the rap musics. My pants are held up with suspenders and i dont believe anyone would be pleased to see my underwears! LOSTL!

    Mum says that the greatest Orchestra in the world was The Gene Krupa Orchestra, especially when he was singing with Anita O’Day. She sings like an angel and when Gene hits that drum, its like he hes lost in the moment. Bam bam bam! Its fantastic!

    Thats truely the music of the gods!


    • 7:04 pm

      Nice to see you again young Bob.

      Glad to hear you feel the same way I do about the rap music.

      I can’t say I’m surprised though. While you’re obviously an odd lad, from what I’ve read to date you’re also a decent enough boy.

      I’ve said it before, Bob, but your mother sounds like a damned good woman. I like the Gene Krupa Orchestra as well. They dished up some fine numbers in there day. It could get a little spicy for my tastes but it was still a great deal of fun.

      Here’s a treat that you and your old mom might like

      Thanks for visiting lad and keep those suspenders on. Your damned right that no one wants to see your “underwears.”

      All the best,


  28. 4:37 am

    Mr. Mills,
    I can’t even think of a cheeky response to this. I agree with you. Rap isn’t even poetic. Thankfully, that phase of my teenager’s lives was extremely short. Now they listen to ‘screamo’. That’s where they scream the lyrics instead of singing. I don’t care for it myself, and I hope this will be another short lived phase.

    • 7:08 pm

      Thanks Claire,

      No cheecky responses needed. Just nice to have you stop in. Although I can’t say I’m pleased to hear about this “screamo” nonsense. If they’re looking for new fads I’d be happy to recommend “getyourassoutofbedo” or “getadamnedjobo” as musical styles they might want to emulate.

      I hope for your sake it’s a short lived phase as well.


  29. 3:38 pm

    Mr Mills you are very entertaining..
    Can’t agree more about the (c)rap music!
    Great reading! Thank you

  30. 5:04 pm

    You are so wise, Donald. Not many people writing common sense stuff these days. But, you do.

    Just in case you are pondering doing a 360 and becoming a rap “artist”, I took the liberty of submitting your name to a rap name generator. Here are the results….

    “donald mills we generated a new name for you
    your new pimped out name is….

    ta da……” Little tino”

    Mine is……Handbag Hooker

    Maybe, we could go on the road as Little Tino and the Handbag Hooker.

    • 7:19 pm

      Thanks Trailerparkbarbie.

      Little Tino? Ain’t that a hoot. I can only imagine what my old dad would have said if I’d come home and told him that I wanted to be called “Little Tino” instead of “hey boy”.

      Seems odd to me that they even have a rap name generator. I thought that all you needed to do was add “D.J.” “Phat” or “Ice” to your name and you were all set to go. Regardless, I’ll have to run the names of some of my “posse” at the seniors centre.

      And be assured, if I ever decide to become a rap sensation, “Little Tino and the Handbag Hooker” it will be.

      Thanks for visiting. That’s rich.


  31. 5:42 pm

    Don, once again you are the voice of reason.

    Let’s face it. You don’t have to be decrepid to realize the libretto in Burt Bacharach’s “What’s New Pussycat”, taught kids a hell of a lot more than Soulja Boys “Crank That” ever will.

    And Jerry Murad and the Harmonicats? Don’t even go there.

    Thanks again, Don, for being the change we want to see in the world.

    • 7:36 pm

      Nice to see you bschooled. Thanks for stopping in.

      Hadn’t thought of the Harmonicats in ages. I think Aggie had a couple of their records but I never warmed up to it much.

      All the best.


  32. 12:28 am

    While I do admittedly appreciate some older rap music, the inane crap that’s blared out of every shop speaker, radio and TV channel these days does give me the willies. Going on and on and on and on about your money, your jewelry(or “bling”), your “pimped” Hummer(the HumVEE was designed as a military vehicle able to traverse difficult terrain in order to fight communism, a noble endeavour in which the benefit of 30″ chrome-plated wheels is at best debatable, not traverse urban traffic in order to get to “da club”), how many women(or “hoes”) you entertain pre-marital intercourse with or how much marijuana you smoke is in no way “poetry”.

    I’ll hope Mr. Mills will excuse me for parroting his excellent formula for educational domestic violence; if my parents had caught me recording an album bragging about illegal substance abuse, they would have flogged me to death with a Beethoven record and I would have been better off for it.

    • 7:38 pm

      A top rate comment there TJ. Many thanks for sharing.

      Best Regards


      • 8:48 pm

        Thank you very much, Mr. Mills, and greetings from Norway. Uppity teenagers are an international plague, it seems.

        Oh, and I just realized that 30″ chrome-plated wheels does actually have some merit when it comes to fighting communism, being least more expensive than good, solid all-steel wheels, their purchase does at least stimulate the economy, so I’ll give them that. But it’s still vanity and a disgrace to public decency, so I’ll give it most grudgingly, and with a very condemning stare.

  33. 2:01 pm

    Congratulations, sir! Your posts hit the mark!
    Good luck and greetings from Bulgaria 🙂

    • 7:39 pm

      Many thanks Helmetwaver.

      Appreciate the comments and the greetings from Bulgaria. Always nice to meet people from other corners of the world.

      All the best


  34. 5:05 pm

    I’ve always said the any ap music sounds like a bag full of assholes in a fifty gallon droum! MTC (my two cents)

  35. 5:36 pm

    Surely you can’t be referring to the brilliant work of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince! That Will Smith is a national treasure, like the collected short stories of Gerald Ford or The Land Before Time I-VII. (Not IV though. Too much pterodactyl singing.)

  36. The dope fiend permalink
    6:54 pm

    Sadly, I will have to agree with you… Rap music isn’t music..

    Nobody wants to hear how you shot some niggas and fucked some hoes…

  37. 6:47 pm

    i don’t listen to rap
    but mostly what i listen to on the radio is about sex and ..well sex.
    oh and a lotta new country also.

    you damn old guys!
    PS, you always drive slow! Push your god damn foot down and go already!

  38. Len permalink
    8:47 pm

    Hi Don,

    I love your sense of humor. Great stuff. Keep it up.


  39. Ben permalink
    1:35 am

    i think perhaps ‘all damned young people…’ is generalising a little.

    i’m a young person (17) and i do NOT listen to rap – it’s crap (bit of urban poetry there for you)

    rap, grunge, screamo…they all fall into the category of ‘music’ and yet have none of the characteristics of (what i’d call) music at all.
    nor do they really express anything other than arrogance, anger and hate, and sex, drugs, guns and gangs seem to be the only subject matter acceptable amongst rap ‘artists’. add general shouting about anything and nothing, cutting yourself or someone else, and perhaps the odd attempt by an adventurous screamo band to try (and fail) to address some political issue or another and that’s the entire subject matter for all those other forms of ‘music’ that are simply insults to the ears of even the most loosely civilised creature.

    anyway i’ll stop there because i’ve not yet figured out a way to address this issue further whilst still seeming polite

  40. Hazy permalink
    7:39 pm

    Check out this gangster rap battle Don. I think you will agree it’s a classic.

  41. YellowRoses610 permalink
    8:55 pm

    Dear Mister Mills,

    I concur, not much else to say, nearly all of rap music is inane crap.

    Dj Rose

  42. Mystsong permalink
    10:16 pm

    Rap music makes me want to burst my eardrums with an icepick. I do enjoy the odd Norwegian wailing about lost love when in a somber mood.

    For the most part though, I’ll take pieces form musicals or opera any day. I like music that tells a STORY. Music that means something.

  43. Bobby permalink
    7:05 am


    I’m a youngster.

    I wish more young people would speak out against rap. I personally am quite open minded to music, though jazz is what I listen to most. I am a musician, an aspiring film score composer, and rap (among other…well…a lot of modern music) makes me weep for the future of music. If that’s what’s popular where is the room for people like me, who play the drums because it’s an art form and not a sport? People like me who still play music from the 1800s on the piano because it’s beautiful? Where are the people who still believe in saving what a musician IS?

    God save us from Soulja Boy and Miley Cyrus (I know she’s not a rapper, but really…come on…)


    • Victoria permalink
      9:17 pm

      AHHHHHH…. I know!!!! It makes me sad. Well at least there is ONE other person who feels the same way I do!!!!

    • 6:07 am

      I’m sorry, but, I just have to speak my mind. Everyone on this page is generalizing young people, and rap. Real rap is NOT a sport, it is an art form. Soulja Boy, no one likes him anymore. If you want to hear real rap, listen to the slower songs on my website, and check out Mockingbird by Eminem, and Soundcheck Intro by Audio Push.
      Please, just give it a chance, and please don’t hate on all rap, just because of you’ve heard is the popular crap. I agree, most of the upbeat popular stuff is a load of bull crap, but the stuff with real meaning is just like spilling your heart out onto paper, and recording it over well-composed music, with violins, piano, synthesizers, and drums (not real, obviously, but that sounds good with rap too. I’ve done a couple songs like that).
      So please, just hear me out.

  44. Cole permalink
    9:22 pm

    I hate rap it sucks ass! I rather listen to metal and i am a dummer and a singer so rap just doesn’t seem that great because they don’t even sing they just talk all the time…. i would love to beat the living shit outta one!

    • 3:03 pm

      Come and beat the living shit out of me. You have no good reason, “I want to beat the living shit out of a rapper because they just talk all the time,”, I mean, really? Yes, I’m a rapper. And personally, I think that metal sucks ass. But I don’t go bitching about it. And yes, rappers do sing. You obviously have only heard the songs that are played on the radio that are complete trash. There’s real, good music out there (and yes, it’s rap) go to my website ( and listen to my song “What To Do”, it’s a song about my brother and best friend. He heard some stupid lie, and started avoiding and ignoring me. So, we’ve stopped being friends, and he wishes we could stop being brothers. I’ve got other songs that really have meaning, and like I’ve said, listen to Mockingbird by Eminem. That song has a lot of good meaning, and Eminem’s song “Hailie’s Song” is a song written to his daughter. Listen to it, because yes, he sings in it.

  45. Leslie permalink
    2:35 pm

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Those damn kids and their rap music, hip hop, and low-rise jeans. They’re a menace. What has the world come to?

    • 3:05 pm

      We’ve come to music that is raw. It talks about life the way it is. I’ m not talking about the songs that are all about “Pimping, drugs, and having sex”, because that’s not the majority of rap music. The majority of rap is real, meaningful stuff, look at my website and listen to my music. Listen to Hailie’s Song by Eminem, and also Mockingbird by Eminem.

  46. Victoria permalink
    9:14 pm

    Hey,Hey now. Not all of us are like that. We are the strange anomalies. I’m 17 and I listen to Debussy and Bing Crosby etc. This article had me tearing up. I completely agree. I grew up in the “ghetto”,and I find the whole Sub-culture ridiculous. Mainstrean at least, the underground rap is more the original political stuff. It’s not that bad.

  47. 12:31 pm

    Thanks for this, Great post.

  48. Cecilia permalink
    6:37 pm

    Rap music shouldn’t even be called music. It’s simply horrible, the repetitive beat, the gross, mysoginistic and ignorant “lyrics”, and those waving hands, or sinking downwards weird gestures or whatever is that they do with theirs hands and fingers, the hats, and absolutely dreadful pants they wear… they crested a style, oh my God! Style to me resembles… Coco Chanel, Yevs Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior… or maybe “rock’n’roll style” (Beatles’ hairs and Janis Joplin’s hair and glasses), jazz style (women in cabarets in the early 20’s), silent movies style, Audrey Hepburn-Givenchy style, Marylin Monroe sexy but never vulgar style… all kinds of interesting or at least remarkable styles. we remember theses things, they’re brands. Bur how can this crap become a style? What kind of sick stinky glamour is this that the “chicks” (the first time I heard this disgusting slang was in a rap “song”) find the guys wearing those pants, heavy golden necklaces and caps so attractive? Cole Porter was late…

    “…when most guys (…) that women prize today are just silly gigolos”

    is euphemistic. They’re less than gigolos.

    The worst part is that most of the “composers” think of themselves as discriminated, socially and esthetically. But they have relationships of some level with drug dealers and at the same time the light of MTV over them.

    I feel sick.

    • 3:07 pm

      I feel sick that this is what you all think of rap music. Like I’ve said before, listen to my music. There IS good rap out there. Don’t just take my word for it, actually listen.

  49. Anon permalink
    2:43 pm

    I agree. You can’t call ‘rap’ music, unless of course you’re lying through your teeth. Luckily the youth hasn’t been completely corrupted by ‘rap’. Honestly I can’t stand it. I use to be OK with it, back before the newer artists who don’t understand what real music is. I have a buddy in England who does hip-hop, and he’s nothing like the artists we have here in the U.S. He writes his lyrics from the heart (of course he does have a few like the American rappers, but he makes up for them). I’m 15

  50. trollbeast permalink
    7:53 pm

    I’m 18 and I hate rap, so not all of us like that junk. Why don’t you write an article on the other controversial kind of music, Metal. I’d like to hear your take on it. Just know that most of the metal bands that have an evil image only do it for publicity, except for a few Scandinavian black metal bands who take their satanism very seriously. There were a few murders and church burnings connected to the early Norwegian black metal scene. Mayhem and Gorgoroth frequently throw animal heads into the audience, and Marduk’s vocalist is known for drinking blood on stage and then vomiting it into the crowd. Although on the whole, even the most extreme black metalers only account for a fraction of the crime that rap is responsible for.

    sleep tight 🙂

  51. 4:15 pm


    there is such a thing as rap music that is not aimed toward abusing women, dealing drugs and the like. Some of it is aimed at dealing with those exact issue that keep society imprisoned. The problem is that the only thing middle aged folks are exposed to is the lowest common denominator. I’m sorry all of you have such a bad impression of how much potential it really has… I reccommend

    Lost Children Of Babylon
    Jedi Mind Tricks
    Army Of The Pharos
    Immortal Technique

    “Just cause your album went platinum, had nothing to do with luck, it just means a million people are stupid as *uck!”-Immortal Technique

    • 9:06 pm

      Many thanks Powerstrip Generation.

      I suspect I’ll have to take you at your world, lad. I can’t picture myself going to the local record store and asking them in they have the latest Snowgoons album. The Goon Show, perhaps…but Snowgoon? I think that would just make everyone uncomfortable.

      All the best,


  52. Brandon permalink
    7:50 pm


  53. Aaron P. permalink
    11:29 pm

    You rap haters do realize that you will be in the minority in 20 years, right?

    I’ll make sure to play my MUSIC louder in residential neighborhoods. Have a nice day.

    • 11:37 pm

      Thank you Aaron P.

      Actually I believe you may be wrong, you rascally pup. In 20 years from now I shall be dead and last time I checked most of the folks who have populated this planet are, in fact, now dead. I would therefore suggest that this would put me in the majority.

      I’d appreciate a full apology and retraction of your comment.

      Best regards,


  54. Shonia permalink
    12:57 pm

    Let me guess… You people have nothing better to do with your lives, right? You rant, rave and scream about how rap isn’t music and you’re barely spelling words correctly. People relate to rappers because they understand where they’ve come from and what they’ve been through. It’s a mutual understanding between the rapper and their fans. In Lil Wayne’s Tie My Hands he speaks on how his home town of New Oreleans was hit by the huricane and lets people know that hope and change is alive. He speaks of life as it is. So does the late rapper Tupac who once said “I am a product of a society that openly tells me that my life ain’t worth shit. In any other country with any other skin color I would be a lawyer or something, but in America i’m just another black nigger with nothing to live for.” People like you old farts are what makes society hard for us “young black people today”. If you don’t like the music close your gray haired ears “Don”. You only see the wrong in what they say you don’t see the money and effort put back in making communities better by these hoodlums as you say. All the programs and clubs being funded by these “hoodlums”. They give money to health programs to ensure that old ungrateful f@*$s like you will stay healthy, but that doesn’t matter does it?

  55. trishothinks permalink
    1:39 am

    Yes….rap isn’t music….its garbage!

    What ever happened to “Herb Alpert”? Now there’s some good music!


    • 2:00 am

      Many thanks Trisho,

      Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass – Whipped Cream and Other Delights. I remember the album well. The album cover was pretty damned racy.

      All the best,


    • 10:45 am

      you poelple dont understand rap music,do you think rap music is the one responsible for your kids to get corrupted ? certainly not, your kids are corrupted because you dont teach them moral values, your kids go to parties and drinking and all this stuffs. infact there are some moveis that are popular because of their immorality. how many youth out there have pornograph videos in the phones ? dont you think they are getting corrupted ? this is racisim because rap is a black music but get something clear here ,no mother fucker on this planet will stop rap music… god bless…

  56. 11:49 am

    At least us young people don’t sit around all day moaning about the things around us!! We try to have fun 🙂 And, by the way, you are a VERY crabby old fart lol 😛 x

  57. 16yearoldskynyrdfan permalink
    1:22 am

    Music is like candy, you take the good stuff and throw out the rapper.

  58. Bluejeigh permalink
    8:25 pm

    Good Grief! I am sick of all you old farts that can’t hear anything! Go invest in a pair of hearing aids!

  59. Alan permalink
    3:25 pm

    Mr. Mills, just wanted to let you know that it isn’t just “old farts” (I use the term with the utmost respect) like you that hate rap music.

    I’m 19, and found myself silently bobbing my head in agreement with your rant. I really don’t get why people like rap. Then again, I’m a bit of a metalhead (I loved the “Lars” trading card, by the by) so I’m not sure if I should talk…

    Have a good day.

  60. 4:08 pm

    I suppose I don’t like rap music in general, but ZZ Top and Pink Floyd were pretty good rappers, so who knows.

    I always thought Bing Crosby would have made a good rapper.

    “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, mother-f*cker”

    No, nevermind, take that one back.

  61. 6:02 am

    Alright. I understand where you’re coming from. Reading this article did frustrate me quite a bit. I know a lot of rap is horrible, and frankly, I hate it too. But there’s always good, clean rap that talks about just having fun, dancing, a lot of rap even talks about Christianity, and looks up to God. If you want to hear some of that rap as proof, just visit my website. That’s me singing and rapping about real life struggles. Sure some of my songs are crazy, but the ones that are all upbeat and talking about money and cars, that’s not actually how I feel. I just made them, because that’s what the public wants in rap music. But I always keep my lyrics clean, and my heart christian. I’d encourage you to listen to me, and the songs Soundcheck Intro by Audio Push ( ), and Mockingbird by Eminem ( )

  62. Tim permalink
    12:02 am

    “I hear it blasting down the street day and night” Then you should move out of the Ghetto. Nice quite and peaceful here

  63. Anon permalink
    6:29 am

    I can’t stand rap music. I personally love metal. I’ve also had a new interest in classical. I love Bach and Tchaikovsky. I agree, rap isn’t music. It takes no talent whatsoever. The thing that sucks is that it’s EVERYWHERE nowadays. I’m only 15 and I have to hear it everywhere I go.

  64. C.C. permalink
    2:08 am

    I totaly agree, where I live the majority of kids play this rancid crap at my school in and out lessons without any respect for staff or others…
    It just shows what these evil, manipulative, criminals have done to society nowadays!
    And as an end note, as Bill Cosby rightly said; ‘the kids listen to the rap and it gives them brain damage’.

  65. 7:13 pm

    rapp music is that shit stop hating

    • Sedate Me permalink
      3:57 pm

      What a blithering idiot. It’s as if he just randomly selected seven words and typed them.

    • Alex Thompson permalink
      11:19 am

      At least learn how to spell rap properly!

  66. Alex Thompson permalink
    11:17 am

    Im a teenager, and I hate rap music with a passion. It has no meaning, and its just about killing people or treating women like shit.

    But, I can safely say that not all teenagers like this c-rap. Most do like rap, but a lot also like rock music and music from the past. I, for example, love 80s music. The music was great then and the lyrics were meaningful. Unfortunatly, the 80s was a time when hip-hop music was starting to take off…:(

    It makes me sick when I am on the bus and some chavs are blasting out rap music, and having conversations about beating people up, selling drugs and when they are going to ‘f*ck’ their girlfriend next. And I live in a nice area.

    • Anonymous permalink
      5:33 pm

      Rap was actually good in the 80s bro,

  67. MC! (Mister Castaldi) permalink
    2:50 am

    Hehe I think it’s pretty funny how it’s an older man talking bad about rap. And about shining your shoes and combing your hair, HAHA sorry I didn’t even need to check your photo to know you weren’t with the hip youngsters anymore. Here’s a little poetry for you:
    Yo yo I’m about to go,
    out the doe!
    but I come across this old joe
    who thinks rap ain’t the real dough.
    Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a Negro
    but I’ll bust out a rhyme just to make the time fly.
    I hope I don’t anger you with my modern style song,
    It’s just I find it insulting you can’t appreciate it, which is quite wrong.
    I’m not the best rapper I’ll find you agree,
    but I think it’s cool if you give it a phat BEEEAT!
    *peace* 😉

  68. meno permalink
    3:00 pm

    you a hatter rap music iz about wat black people going though. im from kansas city where everryday i gotta go hard so my people can have something to look for later in life.

    • Sedate Me permalink
      1:50 pm

      “everryday i gotta go hard so my people can have something to look for later in life.”

      Something to “look for”? You mean like tracking you down for a DNA test to prove you’re their father? Or, do you mean “look forWARD to”, like visiting you in prison, or attending your funeral?

      (P.S. That track was as “wack” as your command of the English language.)

  69. Grumpy permalink
    11:43 pm

    hell, the way the world is anymore, people see anything gain popularity, they wanna jump right on the bandwagon. if kids see other kids liking something, they don’t even question it( do they like it at all themselves?) they like it unquestioningly. buy the cd buy the t shirt. tell everybody on the internet on facebook that they like it .
    metal teeth in the mouth is just another way of saying FUCK the regular, everyday working class and all good sense. but when those same clowns get a lil ol bullet hole in their arse from standing around in gang colors..they’ll be right there in the emergency room wiff no insurance, no job and no one coming in to hand them any money, and those hateful, disrespectful cowards will sign right the fuck up for aid that comes from the paycheck-raped taxes you and I and every other hard working sumbitch out there has paid into. No conflict of interest there. funny, all them kids listening to those asshole lyrics, screaming about what motherfuckers all of us are who work, pay taxes and try to instill decency in our kids-they have no compunction about accepting our help. we should be able to go personally and meet these cowards wiff the metal teeth and the loud music and agree or disagree to have our portion of taxes go toward helping the asshole in his time of terrible need. Hey, asshole? do you listen to rap? well, then, NO.
    My granpappy, my daddy, and myself included, find it an abhorrent idea to accept anything we haven’t worked for. it is an insult to our sense of dignity to accept help unless we’ve done all we could and by god, it just wasn’t good enough. all those people, they don’t believe in ANYTHING but what feels good. that’s it. losers. oh, hello, mr. mills.

  70. Grumpy permalink
    12:07 am

    aaron P made some pretty rash commentary, did he not? sounds a little self righteous. it is actually normal for a person to think that the things he likes are good. if anyone disparages his likes, well, he gets offended. problem is, no one gives a shit if an IRRITANT like aaron gets offended, because the music he listens to and adopts as an attitude to live by, is offensive. period. the C rap that I’ve heard talks about getting rich selling drugs that make people rob and rape over, and treating women like disposable diapers. oh, and don’t forget the killing. Rap music is alllll about killing. busting caps. smokin’ them ho’s. whatever. if someone drives down my street with the thunder booming in his car, I turn on the ‘special’ irrigation system I installed myself right on the edge of my yard. when the special sprinklers come on, ya gotta roll up yer windows or get wet.when the windows go up, the music goes down, and as an added bonus, it gives me a second to snap a quick photo of the license plates so I can report it to the police and the homeowners association, who don’t mind at all stopping them next time they see them, and give them a nice fat public disturbance ticket for them to explain to their parole officers. thanks, Home Depot!
    shonia says “people like rap because they understand what they’ve been thru” (sic)that sounds like a PR spin. people like rap because it champions all of the baser, less intellectual levels of man. greed, lust,hatred, you name it. and so it’s easy to like it, if you are a lazy thinker and get frustrated easily by having to stand on your own two feet and earn your own living and live or die by the things you say. if you ain’t about shit, you like rap.

  71. Grumpy permalink
    12:16 am

    BTW didn’t Tupack get his lil ol body crumpled up with bullets for living his wonderful life of understanding where rap fans are coming from? why did they crumple up his body with bullets? he was no hero, I promise. just another asshole making money while rapping about killing people,selling drugs, running prostitutes and basically living like a rapper? He said lots of things that people really quote him for, but put into the context of his life-they are meaningless because he didn’t stand fer shit but living the life of debauchery.
    some hero.

  72. Dave M permalink
    9:50 pm

    Ok so i just wanted to say this is funny as hell. Whats wrong with rap music? I am a 21 Year old Marine Corps Sergeant, i listen to rap. Do you think it Changes who you are? And how people look at you? Maybe it does to some. But rap is a music of expression, its good for relieving anger and in no way makes a person any less.

  73. Ramsi Dan Sevilla permalink
    11:22 pm

    I think the majority of Rap is something truely poetic. Your problem is the fact that the commercial part of the music industrie is only producing the “Fuck yo momma”-Gangstas which are offending people like you. It’s a little rule that works everytime: If YOU hate it, someone else loves it, even if he only loves it to make YOU angry.

    world is small.

    • Sedate Me permalink
      9:01 pm

      Back in the day, I used to like me some Gangsta rap and angry political stuff, but (other than Dead Prez) nothing has come along since that has grabbed me at all. It all seems like guys with too much undeserved money in their pockets boasting about their bling & their whores, getting Reality TV shows and fragrances and clothing lines. Yawn.

  74. C. Jensen permalink
    3:13 am

    I’m 14 and I say… RAP SUCKS!!! I’m in the USAF Auxiliary by the way so I know who real heroes are like you said. Lil wayne is just fucking terrible, same with All the other mainstream rappers. Nuff said, I LOVE ROCK

  75. 9:34 pm

    Pretty much I was crying laughing as I read this. Thank you for your witticisms and hilarious analogies!

  76. Shannon permalink
    6:52 am

    lol! I love the cranky. Even as a hip-hop fan, I feel like that sometimes, towards the younger fans and the music they like. I’m glad wordpress brought this blog to my attention 🙂

  77. 4:53 am

    Great post, I am personally a big fan of said “hip-hop” and “rap” music so I know I fall under this category of “god damned young people”. Nonetheless I enjoy this post and your writing, so I eagerly await more posts.

  78. Patrick permalink
    1:18 am

    You are an ignorant fool. Why don’t you get a clue what your talking about before saying the lyrics don’t mean anything. Rap artists use some amazing metaphors and there are many, many deep songs. Get a clue idiot

  79. Victoria :) permalink
    3:01 am

    My mother says R.A.P stands for Retards Attempting Poetry.

    Just thought that had some significance to your post 🙂

  80. 3:41 pm

    Ah, the never-ending argument about rap. I completely agree in some circumstances, but disagree at other times. I like to think that my musical taste is varied (still looking to branch out) and it of course started in mainstream pop music. Since then, I discovered a love for hip hop, which then allowed me to find my true passion – 60s and 70s soul and funk music. This style of music is by far the most amazing music of all time (for me).

    When I confess my passion to others, their eyes go wide, they shift uncomfortably in their seats and their faces screw into an expression that suggests I just casually mentioned that I like to eat garden snails. Each to their own, but I feel that (c)rap has become disjointed from its original path, thus leading to the awful rubbish we hear today.

  81. 3:45 pm

    If you are interested Mr. Mills, I suggest you have a look at my music library, which can be viewed here:

    Who are your preferred artists? I am always looking to extend my musical knowledge and appreciation, besides, it’s what my blog is all about.

  82. 6:56 pm

    Just commenting to point out a tiny grammatical error I spotted.
    Of course, maybe it was your intention, but “… dope smoking drop high school drop outs” seems incorrect. Forgive my ignorance if I’m wrong, but surely “…dope smoking high school drop outs” would be mroe gramatically correct?

    And might I add that this should help prove that at least THIS teenager is NOT illiterate, as you mentioned in one of your other posts?
    Of course, knowing you, you’ll probably say that me correcting your grammar is disrespecting my elders, but I really just can’t win, can I?

    And like I’ve said above, I 100% agree with this post! RAP IS CRAP AND NOT MUSIC! Stupid lyrics, bad rhymes, ear-shattering so called “beats”. Rap makes me sick and worry about the future of my generation.
    And yes, you’re right, most “rappers” seem like pervs as well.

    • 11:07 pm

      Many thanks Kate.

      I don’t think it was disrespectful at all. In fact, I appreciate your pointing it out. Just don’t make a damned habit of it.

      All the best and thanks again,


  83. 7:11 pm

    100% agreed. Rap is crap. And yes, I”m under 30. And I’m a teenager. Seriously, if there was a petition to send all “rappers” to jail or Alcatraz or something, I’d be the first to sign it.

  84. 10:23 am

    what a fuck are you talking ? if you hate rap music its up to you, rap music will go on whether you like it or not. are you a racist or what a fuck is that, let niggers do their thing the way they want to do it. rap music is not destroying anyone , your kids are the one who are destroying them self, by drinking, watching pornograhp. why are you not blaming pornograph for sexism? mybe you like watching pornograph thats why you are turning a blind eye on pornograhp, and blame rap because you dont listen to it, some of us we can not live without rap music. think before you talk or post any shit on the netsite, from N.W.A fan

  85. 4:31 pm

    Oops, I seem to have commented twice on this post. Dang it, Sometimes I honestly think I may be suffering from early Alzheimers-I forget things all the time-like the fact that I’d already commented once… O.o

  86. parandice permalink
    11:24 pm

    Finally, Someone cares and says something about it! I am an Iranian mother who have serious problem with this new type of “so called” music and the very inappropriate words coming with it in Persian language. This new generation of Iranian singers are trying their best to produce the worst and most meaningless version of rap over here and they are driving me crazy. My biggest problem with my 8-year-old son is nothing but his severe interest in listening to these songs. I never let him bring their CDs into our house or watch their videos on TV, but I have not been able to convince the young driver of his school bus stop playing these music stuff while taking him to school. Just imagining that my kid is exposed to such poison on his way to school and all the way back home everyday is making me sick. I have tried talking to the school principal, I have tried to explain the difference to my own kid in a million ways,… and I feel quite helpless,… there is nothing I can do about it, the driver is still playing this kind of music everyday, and most of the parents do not care about it, how can I make them understand while they are listening to the same stuff inside their homes? I am really suffering when I notice the words used by these singers and I blame them for the only bad words my kid has ever heard or learned in his life so far.

  87. 9:38 pm

    Its not often that I search for something and actually find useful information glad I found you keep posting!

  88. lingcod permalink
    4:01 pm

    Music, or not music, that is debatable. It’s not very good. It lacks creativity and exhibits nothing origional. It is offensive because of the shallow content it sends out, not because of the swearing. It’s pretentious to the point of embarrasment.

  89. Todd Shimamoto permalink
    8:56 am

    If you think that rap music is that bad, let me type out some lyrics for you from a song I love by Eminem called “Mockingbird”. It’s background is the fact that he doesn’t get to see his daughter much, and in this, he talks about how he still loves her anyway.

    “Hailie, I know you miss your mom,
    and I know you miss your dad when I’m gone,
    but I’m tryin’ to give you the life that I never had
    I can see you’re said, even when you smile, even when you laugh
    I can see it in your eyes, deep inside you wanna cry,
    ’cause you’re scared, I ain’t there?
    Daddy’s with you in your prayers
    No more cryin’, wipe them tears
    Daddy’s here, no more nightmares
    We gon’ pull together through it, we gon’ do it
    Lany’s uncle’s crazy, ain’t he?
    Yeah, but he loves you girl, and you better know it
    We’re all we got in this world
    when it spins, when it swirls, when it whirls, when it twirls”

    This is only part of it, but if this isn’t proof that rap IS music, then I don’t know what is.

    • randombunny permalink
      8:19 pm

      here you go,

      • Todd Shimamoto permalink
        11:16 pm

        I think you misunderstood what I said at the end of my comment. I wasn’t saying that I didn’t know what music is. I meant that if the lyrics I posted aren’t proof that rap is music, then I don’t know what the proof would be.

  90. A Concerned Youngster permalink
    4:59 am

    Rap is music. I dont care for it, but it is. Also, how are its artists any different from any of the other things that followed big band? They shouldnt be role models but they are. And for all of us smart enough to not want to spend their life high, they at least help us concentrate while working.

  91. ElfNinja permalink
    12:29 am

    Heh, you’d get along pretty well with my grandpa. He likes to tease me something horrible, and of course being his granddaughter I tease him right back. Which usually gets a teasing response about less money for me in the will. I think he’s a good fellah, though.

    I’ve heard from a few sources that rap and hiphop used to be better (including from an actual former hiphop artist, who later went on to be on Law and Order). Though it seems the further back you go (barring some) the better the music.

    Me, I enjoy classic rock (well, what is now considered classic rock…) and jazz. Give me Dizzy and the Duke and I’m all set. 🙂

  92. 4:13 pm

    This is ridiculous, you think that every rap artist is just a “hoodlum, misogynist and dope smoking high school drop out”. have you tried actually listening to rap. Listen to ‘Stan’,by Eminem, and actually listen to it instead of thinking it’s just “half-screamed filth”, or ‘Lose Yourself’, one of the most motivational songs ever. Have you noticed how young people never write things like this about the music you like, maybe it’s you that’s the problem.

  93. musiclover permalink
    2:03 am

    I find the generalization that all teens listen to crappy music offensive. First of all, I can establish to you that I do not listen to the majority of rap and hip hop. But If I did, why should anyone care? I personally prefer rock music, and I sit in my grandparent’s car on a regular basis listening to the oldies channel. But anyway, It should not matter to other people what you listen to. It’s your music, and it’s about freedom of expression. If a rapper wants to make a heavy song filled with f-bombs and sex references, let him be. His song may have a deep down meaning about heartbreak and loss and you might not even know it. And, not all rap music is obscene. There is some rap that talks about important subjects and problems in the world; just because it in a rap format means nothing. It’s music in the eyes of the listener, no matter how it is presented. Yes, I am a young teen, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but music is a personal preference and kids should have their choice. I’m not saying obsessive cussing and glorification of sex is something to be proud of, but music is something that should be expressed freely. If you don’t like it, listen to something that YOU enjoy.

    God bless.

  94. Baxter permalink
    5:08 am

    I do agree that there are quite a few meaningless raps. But because there is a majoritt of meaningless raps, doesn’t mean we should rule out the entire genre. In ny opinion, even if it is merely noise, but a person likes it, it should be considered music. But that’s just me.

  95. Ron Rube permalink
    2:06 am

    This Don guy is an idiot and everyone else who agrees with him! Rap music is very informative in showing how someone grew up. We all didnt grow up with silver spoons in our mouths, so we produced rap records to let the world know the truth. You may ask yourself, well what is the truth? The truth is the unequalities and biased judgements people make. Lets look at statistics, back in the day there was no bootlegging and they still couldnt sell over 500,000 copies… Lil Wayne’s album was leaked online over a month before the release date and he still sold over 1,000,000 copies IN A WEEK! I think the people you listened to were garbage and you got accustomed to listening to garbage… -187

  96. m.Logic permalink
    11:19 pm

    Anyone who thinks music is about a message, isn’t a musician. Music is a form of artistic expression. Hip-hop sounds better than any of the non-sense I have read on this board.

  97. m.Logic permalink
    11:34 pm

    I like your unconditional hate.

  98. m.Logic permalink
    2:57 am

    Here’s a beat for you to hate:

  99. 5:17 pm

    wow rood ok

  100. Saurabh Chanda permalink
    5:05 pm

    Mr Mill,

    Rap originated from old school blues and ballads, which have been in tradition since the early 1900’s and I know because I am a big B.B. King fan. Rap is about rhythm and bass, which was introduced in English some 600 years ago by Chaucer. Some of the earlier rap or rather hip hop artists such as Naz and 2Pac talk about growing up in a crime filled neighbourhood and trying to deal with atrocities of poverty and hunger. Sadly, with the popularization of Rap, urban or rather street ideals of overcoming such poverty have been exchanged for misogynistic banter about women and domestic abuse. However, there are a lot of underground rap artists who do talk about contemporary issues such as personal identity and ignorance. Though I do tend to agree with you, sir, about some of the points, and even applaud the satire, I would say that you do not condemn the medium. Unfortunately, rap in itself is not to blame, but the rather the artists who demean this genre of music.

    Yours sincerely,


  101. Metalhead permalink
    4:18 pm

    Rap is a piece of shit genre where every beat is synthesized. Listen to metal instead. Metal and rock bands have real talent. They play real music with guitars and drums. Not crappy synthesized computer music like this low talented fucktards who don’t even have a fucking idea how to sing. Metal rocks. And by the way. Rap music fans are fucking wannabes who wanna grow up in a ghetto too and hold guns and roll around in money with all the hoes. Rap allows this assholes to fantasisize so they can get away from their boring lives. Fuck rap and whoever that asshole was that created it. Donald mills should be a saint. He’s the best.

  102. josh bridges permalink
    11:04 pm

    wow what a narrow minded man you are Don, am 21 and i listen to the Beatles, rolling stones, led Zeppelin, and the people who threw music tried to change the world for the good, ‘ bob Marley, u2 , Michael Jackson, and TUPAC who sang about black discrimination, and world suffering, you try living the lifes of half of these people, “I know what good morals are,
    but you’re supposed to disregard good morals when you’re living in a crazy, bad world. If you’re in hell, how can you live like an angel? You’re surrounded by devils,trying to be an angel? That’s like suicide.” you shouldnt cliche a genre based on a few bad experiences, times change as do peoples tastes, just because you dont appreciate rap, doesnt make ot irrelevant

  103. josh bridges permalink
    11:12 pm

    anybody can scream ?
    and why bring fans into it lol, thats like me saying fucking metalrock wannabes go around wearing FACE PAINT (summit kids do lol) screaming about death and what not, in all fairness you contradicted yourself , when your hear all the time about young kids killing ppl e,t,c after hearing sum metal, you speak shit , get your facts right, because metals as shit as it gets, id rather listen to justin bieber thn metal,

  104. 5:10 am

    Come on guys, people like different stuff including different types of music! Its ashame that in the 21st century, almost 2013 that people are prejudice against music… I’m a 15 year old African-American male and I would say that I listen to rap a lot. Now I’ll agree that nowadays rap is getting a little bit out of hand but music is music. Besides not all rap is bad, you shouldn’t condemn a whole music genre because you don’t like it. RAP IS POETRY good or bad, it helps us express ourselves. Just like rock, country, reggae, gospel and all the other types of music does as well. Even though I don’t listen to any of them except for gospel (thank my mom for that) I’m not going to say they are bad/horrible! You guys need to expand you mind.
    Anyway even though I don’t agree with Mr. Don I have to respect his opinion and that’s that. Question though… why aren’t people making a fuss about Screamo? I bet it has the same amount if not more cursing/sexual things in it. Just a thought.

  105. 10:29 am

    Well I don’t understand why people of your age like the music you do. I would request that you do not criticize a form of music. I am just expressing my opinion and the opinion of rap lovers. I do not mean to be harsh but you cannot categorize all rap as abusive rhymes.

  106. Dan - Arizona permalink
    5:16 am

    Abs and many others, I agree.. those kids and that rock and roll music.. lol.. if it is too loud you are too old.. heh.. 3 words: Mind your own (business does not need to be added but you might not get it without it so it would have to be 4 words) I would love a compliment, I am 39 and listen to hardcore rap as loudly as I can, a little Gangsta rap, Rock as with Metal, some music I can enjoy louder like Jazz.. but some I do not like Folk. broaden your horizon rather than close it. Remember the saying: Loud pipes save lives! I do.. it is true.. and Loud stereos save lives! (if you do not feel the music with your ears and/or body you will never hear it). Describe Country music to yourself and compare it to your description of rap music.. someone telling a story to me.. for both.. for quite a range of music.. operas tell stories with music.. rap to me uses the music to help move the story. Listen to the richness of the sound in your living room compared to your car.. some people like it reversed, including myself.. regarding other people, you fart, wear too much cologne / perfume, mix it with some strange gum or garlic breath, have foot odor that you can smell standing up, need to shower as you sweat constantly, drive a car that smokes up a storm, just got your hair done so you smell like a hair salon, yeah.. I am sure you get it now.

  107. Anonymous permalink
    2:28 pm


  108. Georgia permalink
    11:13 pm

    In that case, sir, you will enjoy the new Christmas album by Lady Antebellum. Their mellow, caucasian-friendly intonations are pleasant and nostalgically recall a time of order and the virtue of supremacy. Have a White Christmas!

  109. jaabooja permalink
    12:05 am

    while you sit there well worn easy chair.trying to.squeeze out a malodorous and probably desicated fart let something. i love my boyfriends.baggy pants and.with the skid mark highlighting his unwashed well worn bvds with the fat albert motif,i think hes so cute and will become a top notch rapper just like his cousin,until he went to prison. has taught me all the tricks the poets from the past have used to make the use of fuck,hoe,bitch yo mama an my vajayjay into pleasant and quirky melodic sonnets that lift the ghetto experience that even my granny would approve of. when his first cd hits the charts we plan on gettin married.he dedicated the first song to me titled ” momma im shaquans ho bitch now “….all my girlfriends.are so jealous and we.are planning a big baby shower as all of us pregnant. so see is the music of success jus axe anyone dat knows anything./

  110. Anonymous permalink
    3:50 pm

    I think you should all go to hell because just as much people may not like classical who are you to judge who likes rap? No one exatcly. so stfu

  111. anonymous_ permalink
    3:52 pm

    Who are you to judge music? No one. Just as much as someone may not like classical or rock they can easily not like rap . Older people listen to rap to and if you listen to the deep meaningful rap i think you would see otherwise. NOT that yolo swag shit, so please stfu and stop being closed minded, retards

    • KillAllRappersNow permalink
      10:07 am

      We are not talking about music, we are talking about rap. Rap sounds like an abortion, whoever does it. Calling rap music is an insult to music. When I fart, it sounds better than rap music.

      • Anonymous permalink
        11:06 pm

        You have to got have the most closed-mind I have ever seen.

        Do you say the same thing about Rock’N’Roll? Because history has it your average older folk once DID say the same thing about that genre! Your exact words, in fact, and how did their opinions turn out?

        Calling rap music is not an insult to music, but your ridiculous speech (and especially your username) is; NO individual who even knows the definition of “respect” blindly hates something just because of a few bad examples. With a little common sense, one knows a genre of anything, whether it is music or otherwise, goes beyond their mere experiences of it, and that if there are millions of individuals praising it, it clearly has value. Whether you agree with them or not is not relevant.

  112. 5:12 pm

    I Hate Rappers with an all consuming passion All they ever sang about is drugs , sex , money & women they are an evil influence on our young people today even there are kids out doing crimes , disobeying & abusing there parents , Acting out in schools Bulling other children even disabled or autisic Children because of this Crap Id rather listen to Boy Band singers like BSB , 98 Degrees , Nsync , O’town , Five & LFO & other great 80s & 90s singers before i listen to those fools..Oh get this they cant really sing. l HAT RAPPER THEY SUCK

    • Magnus Marshall permalink
      8:07 pm

      Exactly. It’s cancer in a way. Ruining society.

  113. trandana permalink
    9:50 pm

    There is a lot of crap rap out there, not doubt. But that is due to the mainstream agenda to keep people listening to that crap and keep today’s youth dumbed down. There is hip-hop out there with real messages, and combat real issues in the community, but the bad stuff gives it a bad name. Also, Presidents are not the saints you make them out to be. Sure people would aspire to be one, but its politicians that do some of the greatest damage to society today. Rap and hip-hop is meant to be about the art, the freestyles, the DJing, the mixing and scratching. Hearing a rapper rap only about money, cars, and sex is NOT real HIP HOP. That is mainstream crap. Many of todays hip hop youth are victims of poor circumstances who feel they need to assert themselves in order to identify and feel apart of this very capitalistic society. Finally, many youth would never want to listen to your music about “shining shoes, or combing your hair” if that’s really what you listen to. I could be quick to judge and say that is boring and distasteful, however I understand that you were brought up in a different time period under different circumstances so I have nothing but respect for your music and I approve of you listening to whatever you like. In return I would appreciate if you didn’t judge my music. Thank you.

  114. john permalink
    3:44 am

    I dont know where you got that line and music is a way of expressing yourslf and keeps kids off the street if we were in the streets its a problem if we’re trying to make money through music leagally because nobody hire you off the streets its a problem if you dont like to listen to it and if you still got shit to say FUCK YOU

  115. 12:58 am

    Compared to My Idol Jerry Garcia rap is just pathetic

  116. Anonymous permalink
    10:11 pm

    I do listen to rap but I do not listen to the crap on the radio I listen to tech nine Nwa 2pac Nas what I am saying is not all rap is bad but 80% of todays is crap and I am 13 rap is not all about money bitches and sex rap to me is poetry I will prove it I know a guy called Jake who makes great cake his shop is by the lake but rap can be deep but people keep the good ones down out of town. I will prove it even more

  117. Anonymous permalink
    8:17 pm

    Old man you ah joke you would never understand rap cause you came from a time period that fucking sucked man you diss rap you a god dam fool rap is where its at and rap is poetry not all of it is poetry but there are a lot of poetic rappers 2 pac and biggie and dmx and Naz and many more so why don’t you keep your mouth shut fucking old man……..

  118. Anonymous permalink
    8:21 pm


  119. Tasha Liana permalink
    12:32 am

    Well you, sir, are wrong indeed. I don’t think we could properly live our lives without the wisdom and beauty found in Kirko Bangz and his inspiring tune “Drank in my Cup.”

  120. 11:14 pm

    I am going to really enjoy this blog. I am 60 years old and find your blog of great value to me.

  121. Jennie permalink
    10:56 pm

    Hello!! I just love your fabulous post about (c) rap ” music!” It is definitely a nightmare, especially gangster crap! These guys don’t know how to be a ” gangster!” The Italians do it best! (No disrespect to Italians…I’m a big fan of mob films, and real life happenings. When I was younger I loved harmless 80’s, 70’s, dance music, gothic and industrial, rock, and alternative rock. I still love that music- it definitely doesn’t advocate going out and murdering people, gang banging, raping women, robbing people, glamourizing drugs, etc! This rap music glorifies gangs, and doing hard time like its wonderful because you’ll get ” street cred.” I live in NYC, and the gang problem is out of control! Rap music is violent, misogynistic, hateful, and will brainwash its listeners to think the destruction of society is a good thing. These gangs have NO rules. How did this horrible music get so popular? It attracts angry losers who have no other prospects in life, except to dream about being a rap star, and doing the terrible things that these guys and few female rappers do. Great aspirations, people! Thank you again for writing this…its exactly how I feel, and I am a young woman. Keep up the good work!

  122. 4chan permalink
    6:53 am

    Hi kids! Do you like violence?
    Wanna see me stick Nine inch Nails, through each one of my eyelids?
    Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did?
    Try ‘cid and get fucked up worse that my life is?
    My brain’s dead weight, I’m tryin’ to get my head straight
    But I can’t figure out which Spice Girl I want to impregnate

    Read more: Eminem – My Name Is Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  123. Magnus Marshall permalink
    8:04 pm

    I am a teenager and absolutely hate rap too. I cant stand it.

  124. Robby permalink
    9:53 pm

    THANK YOU!!!

  125. Tony M. permalink
    4:34 am

    It’s not even rap anymore…it’s just this loud vibrating bass…These are angry young people. Best way is to ignore it…don’t look, don’t complain, make it as though it doesn’t exist and it will go away. Like what Jesus said, “Resist satan and he shall flee from you”.

    • KillAllRappersNow permalink
      10:05 am

      Young, spoiled dumbasses demanding more of everything, for free. And they chose to do it by swearing and trying to sing about being a complete dumbass. Every time you hit a rapper, an angel gets its wings.

  126. KillAllRappersNow permalink
    10:02 am

    `Rap music` should make everyone angry. First problem is that it`s all about money. These `rappers` dont give a shit about music, they want a pile of cash fast. Second problem is that `rap music` is all about greed, selfishness, treating women like shit, doing drugs and drinking too much. It`s pointless crap. “yeah i fired up a spiff and fucked that bitch in the ass, now I`ll go crusing in my lamborghini and kill some people while I down two bottles of whiskey, yeah!”. Rap lyrics. What the fuck is wrong with you idiots? It`s like you all share one brain and that brain has been severely damaged. If all `rap musicians` dropped dead right now, the world would only be a better place. They spread hate and violence and stupidity. And the music itself is so simple, a 5 year old could make a rap beat. That`s probably why black people love it so much, it`s very simple and tacky, it doesn`t require any effort to make. The best news I have gotten lately, was when someone blew away that little turd Exxxtentasionxx or whatever the hell he called himself. That was great, one down, too many to go.

    • Anonymous permalink
      11:13 pm

      At first I thought your username was your opinion of the genre.

      Now I know you actually are racist (probably simply because you are sheep being told to be, like most racists are) and promote fucking murder of all things.

      That’s it, your musical opinions are not shallow.

      Your heart is, MORE than the “bling bling, fast cash, money and bitches” rappers ever could be.

      With your good no excuse for killing (and even being proud of an actual listed death), perhaps it is a monster like you that should have a bullet shot through his temple, because it is your type of thinking that led to things like world wars and whatnot.

      Good day, demon.


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