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God Damned Tattooed Kids Make Me Nuts

The problem with young people today is that they all have tattoos.

When I was a boy the only people with tattoos were convicts, sailors and circus freaks. And that made sense – it was a warning to keep your distance if you knew what was good for you.

My friends didn’t have “body art”, they had good old fashioned moles and hare lips and freckles and the occasional bruise from where their dads had cuffed ‘em one for talking out of turn.

None of this horseshit barbed wire, spider web and Japanese calligraphy nonsense. It’s a damned atrocity is what it is. They look like a bunch of acid smoking, pot sniffing peacocks – strutting around in their inky finery and scaring decent old folks half way to Hell and back.

And don’t they know you can’t rub ‘em off when you sober up in your thirties and realize that having a naked woman tattooed on your neck isn’t as “awesome” as it was when you were 17? Jesus Christ, when did people start letting teenagers think for themselves? I wasn’t even allowed to use a permanent marker until I was 37.

It’s foolhardy and dangerous I tell you and something needs to be done about it. Because, if this continues it won’t be long before we have a President of the United States with a dragon tattooed across his chest, love and hate written on his knuckles and tear drop inked under his eye. And that’s just wrong.

It’s a god damned outrage is what it is and these crazy kids have no idea the of the havoc they are wreaking.

Tattoos. That’s what’s wrong with young people today.

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  1. bschooled permalink
    5:10 pm

    Just between you, me and the post, if brains were lard they couldn’t grease up a good size skillet. But no use closing the barn door when the horse is already out, talking to kids these days is useless as teats on a bore hog.

    • rhaelyn permalink
      3:04 pm

      fuckk all of you guys, i have 10 piercings and i am 16yrs old. and they have nothing to do with who i am. you shouldnt judge some1 by their apperance.

      • Belle permalink
        7:31 pm

        If they had nothing to do with “who i am”(sic) then why did you bother getting them?!

      • The Celtic Queen permalink
        8:12 am

        Or by their spelling and punctuation lol.

      • 11:05 pm

        You would be right if you will be able to support yourself one day. The fact is looking like you say you do you will probably at best spend your life working in minimum wage jobs sponging off of your parents and the welfare system.
        Society shouldn’t have to support peopkle who screw themselves up so bad that they will never be worth the powder it would take to blow their brains out!

        • Sharon permalink
          11:45 am

          Absolute Bullshit!
          The most aspired and life rewarding jobs are in the creative sectors. ie art, performance, music and so forth… self employed jobs aswell.. these rely soley on talent, passion and thrive alone. If you want to succeed and you believe in yourself you can. No matter how many peircings or tattoos you have no matter what colour your hair is. WHO ARE YOU to say that these people will be supported by benefits/welfare system.
          I am 20 years old and I have every belief in myself that I am going to make an amazing career and future for myself and I will make my parents proud..
          I have always had a job since leaving school and whilst I was in college and I have tattoos. They are a personal choice and I suggest if you dont like them- dont look. I am an inspiring tattoo artist. That means in years to come I will own my own shop create amazing peices of art work, love my job and NOT RELY ON THE GOVERNMENT. I can appreciate that alot of people do not like tattoos but to mock or judge someone for having them is not something I would expect of an adult.
          The problem is not the ‘young people’ its you people, talking down on these children and young adults. Times have changed and thats only natural, in years to come times will change again, Its called evolution. Im sure if the victorian ancestors were to look at you when you were children they would have had alot to say. As technology and our world progresses, so do we. Not all things are positive but the children are not to blame, theyve simply been brought up in these situations.
          I always respect my elders, I look up to them as they have done alot for our generation, but when I see adults talking like this, it saddens me.

          • Sedate Me permalink
            2:30 pm

            I have a lot more respect for the tattoo artist than I have for their customers. It’s very rare, but I’ve seen a few tattoos that made me think “Gee, that’s pretty good. It should be turned into a real work of art, so that people can actually appreciate it, instead of being stuck on the torso of this toothless jackass in a ‘wife-beater’.”

            The tattoo artist is the one with the skills and the artistic eye. The customer is usually just an idiot that wants to claim the credit. By putting it on their bodies, they are selfishly trying to permanently possess the artist’s work for themselves. Unlike the Mona Lisa, which generations will get to enjoy, their art will get buried with them, usually after being locked up in prison for a decade or so.

            The reality is that they are just a damn canvas and I’d rather work on a REAL canvas than one of them. I hope you someday come to that conclusion.

            • Sharon permalink
              10:42 pm

              I think working with the client to make something truely magnificent that either represents something close to them or just something that they like so much they are proud enough to keep it with them forever, thats something special to me. Its quite a steriotypical view to say that the client will be inprisoned at any time in their life or that they are all ‘jackass”. But I will not argue with you as it is your own view and I havent the time to waste to try and convince you their not all the same. I just wish that people would be less opinionated and a little open and not judge everyone the same. There are alot of talented people that don’t have that self belief and when named, judged, discriminated against in the ways I have read in some comments, I just feel that they are not given a fair chance. Nobody asking you to befriend the ‘jackass’ nor is he/she. For example lets say there was this ‘toothless jackass in a wifebeater’ as you described, whos not to say that this man didnt have a great start in life but hes working hard in a low paid job the best he can do to provide for his family…. he may not be a banker, a lawyer or a superstar but hes doing the best he can, is he still a bad person for having a tattoo and not being able to afford dentistry and his choice in fashion. I dont see why we cant ‘live, let live’.

          • 4:51 pm

            I agree completely with you.

          • Anonymous permalink
            4:25 pm

            Really? Seriously? Actually we are deevolving at this point. Your generation has lost touch & has no conception of reality.

          • Anonymous permalink
            10:37 am

            I have tattoos and do not live off of the system. In fact I would bet that I make more money than you do? If your yearly salary falls below $300k then yes I do make more than you. I work as a welder and nobody cares what kind of tattoos I have.

        • G.Smith84 permalink
          2:10 am

          Does earning 60,000 a year after tax plus quarterly bonuses in my first year and never having to work a Saturday in my life count as minimum wage? I work as graphic designer, I have a lot of tattoos and long sleeved shirts are easy to come by. My fiancee’s uncle is covered in tattoos and works as an importer for one of Australia’s largest art galleries. My brother is covered in tattoos and works as a finance broker for HP. I have the utmost respect for my elders and feel I have a lot to learn from them. I don’t smoke or do drugs and rarely drink, all of which I think that if I did I would certainly regret when my liver/lungs/heart/kidneys/eyes/etc give out. The only concern I have regarding old age is will I be able to pee on my own.

          • 1:39 am

            HAHAHA oh I giggled so hard at that last sentence… gold. My goal is to never again wear a diaper, I have bad eyes genetically and the last 2 generations of my family are diabetic so that’s only a matter of time… think I am doing well having lasted to 28 and being able to eat my cake too – But I still hold out hope of no diapers.
            I have two tattoos, neither of which are overly large and can be reasonably covered if needs be and I work in an Academic Library, quite a few of the librarians have multiple piercings and tattoos. I think as the world becomes more multicultural and we embrace other cultures more – ones where tattoos tell stories about who people are, where they have come from etc. we will see a wider acceptance of tattoos as a bodily art form. But I do have to admit that sometimes I see something on someone and wonder why… last week a girl on the train had, “PMS 24/7” on her inner wrist… why? Funny? Yes, but sweetie do you want to be advertising that to potential partners and grandchildren in 20 years time?

        • Nez permalink
          1:58 am

          The thing is you are probably some old fart who is dying off in the next few years.. Sorry, but the world is changing and there’s nothing that the “mature” older generation of people can do. I work at a growing company and my boss has tattoo sleeves down both arms and he a very respected person in the town. ( And i dont work at some fast food place or anything like that) Because most people aren’t judging him for what’s on his skin but for the person that he is. I have recently gotten a larger tattoo on my arm and I an the same person that I was before. I am 19 I have never been drunk not even once, never smoked anything, never dipped, or never even been to jail. I’m in collage and haven’t figured out what I want to do with my life yet but I know my tattoos don’t decide who I am but they will be a part of my life forever.

      • thor permalink
        9:55 pm

        No, we shouldn’t judge you by your piercings at all. But life is all about perception and until you wake up and stop day dreaming you’ll still remain in that low paying job.

        Honestly you’re lying to yourself, because you want to be judged, and you are thriving on attention for some reason you aren’t getting from your parents or from anyone. Start trying to get attention on your own merits and maybe you’ll be happy with what god gave you instead of defacing your own body.

        Good luck to you friend, and whatever you do.. I am sure you will grow up and take responsibility for your own decisions.

        • 4:48 pm

          It is not defacing your own body by any means, it is art. And just because someone has piercings and tattoos does not mean that you automatically only qualify for a minimum wage job and you are completely ignorant for saying so. I had my lip pierced when I got the job I still currently have now and I am making very good money for my age, I also have tattoo’s which obviously did not stop me from being successful. You are successful for who you are, not what you have on your body. That’s like saying someone who is black, or mexican can’t get good paying jobs because they look different. People who have piercings and tattoos look different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t succeed. I think you are the one who needs to grow up and realize that just because you wouldn’t pierce and tattoo your body because you don’t like the way it looks, doesn’t mean that other people can’t do it and still be successful in the life that they lead.

      • Madison permalink
        3:22 am

        No, dummy. You’re being judged on your stupidity.
        Case in point: “fuckk” and, of course, “some1”. Oh, and “apperance”. Moron.

      • Uberjam permalink
        5:06 pm

        They clearly have something to do with who you are because you started your post with “Fuck you guys” Which is extremely disrespectful. You can tattoo whatever you want and peirce whatever you want as a way to communicate, but when you start a post that way you lose all credibility. Also you are 16 so nobody cares, go back to school.

      • legamin permalink
        12:06 am

        Have you considered that the prison’s red Koolaid will dribble through you lip and stain your orange prison jump suit and make you look foolish in front of your other felon friends?

      • Parker permalink
        6:51 am

        Umm get out of here and we don’t judge on your appearance like color and what not but you chose to have peircings and by the way you talk to us is ridiculous, get a life I’m only 16 and I think your down right disgraceful your what is causing good teens like me to be judged, and Don is right peircings and tattoos almost always mean your in some kind of
        Gang or posse or whatever you “cool” kids like to call yourself. Have some respect for your elders, I know I do.

        • Parker permalink
          6:57 am

          I was directing my comment towards the troubled teen with the name rhaelyn.

      • Anonymous permalink
        4:11 pm

        Cant you see you dont have manners? Respect for elders elude u scum bag.

      • Anonymous permalink
        9:02 pm

        Problem is, everyone is judge by the ads they put on their bodies.

      • Anonymous permalink
        2:39 pm

        i have 12 tattoos and 2 piercings, DO JUDGE ME! this guy neeeds help

      • 12:47 am

        That attitude from teenagers is what’s ruining our damn society. This is a joke, son, chill the hell out. Look up sarcasm in a flipping dictionary, dumb ass.

  2. 5:21 pm

    Thanks for stopping in bschooled.

    You’re one smart lady and I like the way you think. You remind me of my wife Aggie. She was whip sharp and a looker to boot.


  3. Friar permalink
    7:35 pm

    I also like the metal the kids like to hang from their face. Like those rings that go through the eyebrows.

    What’re they planning on doing? Putting up a shower curtain or something?

    • legamin permalink
      12:08 am

      they already have, it’s called distancing themselves from society though choosing disenfranchisement.

  4. 7:44 pm

    Thanks Friar. God damned piercings are almost worse than the tattoos. Funny thought on the shower curtains. I can almost picture it.

    Remember someone saying that they wished the nose rings were like grenade pins – you could yank ’em out and then watch their heads explode. (Might of read that, or heard it on a radio program. Not sure, my mind’s not what it once was.)

    Thanks for visiting an old man, Friar. Your a good lad.


  5. 8:48 pm

    Yo, Don!

    Chill, dude – there’s nothing wrong with that two foot long tattoo of inch-high oriental characters up my arm.

    …and after all, if I discover in 3 years time that it doesn’t say “NobblySan is one cool dude” as promised, but actually says “there’s one born every minute”, then it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with 372 hours of painful laser treatment and a few hundred quid.

    Or should that be ‘bucks’?

    • 9:18 pm

      Yo? Chill? Dude? Whatever happened to “Dear Mr. Mills”? You young people make me scatological with your rampant disrespect.

      But, you make a good point. I’ve always believed that lessons are best learned when accompanied by tremendous amounts of physical and financial pain.

      Thanks for visiting NobblySan. Cobblers are a.o.k. in my book.


      Donald Mills

      • Dallas permalink
        2:01 am

        hey! excuse me but i have respect…. tattooed across my lower stomach ha.
        i was 16 when i got that done and i dont think its right you sit here and judge people on their decisions. first off, if they do regret it then they regret it and it has nothing to do with you. you haven’t grown up in these days as a kid okay? were not old fashioned. piercings and tattoos are just like when you had a “fro”. it’s a trend. i do agree though on the fact over piercing, and tattoos that look ridiculous that are seen and look unprofessional are not needed. but who’s to say they don’t regret them. just because they have them doesn’t mean they want them there. they are permenant and may just be there because they wanted it at one point but can’t get rid of it.

        • legamin permalink
          12:14 am

          I just have to ask….that’s a mind bogglingly stupid place to put the word ‘respect’ in such a permanent way… Is it possible you had it tattooed on your chest and then just sat in your mommy’s basement playing video games eating Cheetos until your chest skin BECAME your belly skin?

  6. 8:53 pm

    Don, I have a theory. I’m not sure how accurate it is because all my supporting evidence is anecdotal. I believe the higher on one’s body their tattoos start, the more likely it is they are, or will be a convicted felon. Do you think I could get some grant money from the government to study that?

    • 9:23 pm

      Money is it???

      Trying to scam an oldster out of his life savings? Is that your game? Want me to pull out the chequebook and sign over everything I have? Nice try “Jumpout” (if that is your name).

      But I like your theory. I think you’re definitely on to something and just noticed that you were referencing a government grant. Sorry, I tend to shoot from the artificial hip.

      Get on it boy! They’d be fools to turn you down.

      Thanks for visiting


      • legamin permalink
        12:22 am

        i have been reading your work and have been with you right up until this answer…. i get you not grasping his original thought, he sounds like a blood sucking leach on society anyways. but then you seem to encourage him to go where so many Oblame-a socialist. tax-payer oppressing, America hating, Spendy McSpender, “oh won’t someone PLEASE think of the lazy crack head too lazy to mow a lawn or wash windows young persons have gone before and hit up the government of it’s hard stole money and force them to raise taxes on the old people again?
        Tell me it ain’t so!

  7. 4:47 pm

    Dear Mr Mills

    I believe that to the youth of today, tattoos are a form of self-expression. The expression in question being: ‘I am a moron’. I should know, I have a tattoo. I had it when I was 16. I didn’t know my own mind. It’s covered up now by my hair shirt and a veil of shame.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to light,

    Woman in Black (like Queen Victoria 1861 – 1901)

    • 6:29 pm

      Thank you Mrs. Black,

      I appreciate your providing some explanation.

      I believe it supports my notion that young people should not be allowed to express themselves in any way, shape or form until the age of 35. An even then, they need to exercise caution.

      Thanks for visiting and invoking the memory of Her Highness Queen Victoria. Now she was a Queen you could count on dammit.

      Best Regards


      • 8:20 pm

        My dear Mr Mills,

        If you’re looking for a Queen you can count on, I suggest you try Queen Abacus of Matabeleland.

        I have it on good authority that she abhorred tattoos, especially the military one in Edinburgh.



        • 8:44 pm

          Many thanks Mr. NobblySan,

          Not familiar with that particular Queen but I’ll head down to the basement, dust off my Old Encyclopedia Britanicas and set myself to reading.

          All the best.


      • Megan Ward (yep, im 15 and PROUD >_< \m/ =D) permalink
        4:23 am

        Dear Mr. Mills
        Holding us against our right to self expression is unconstitutional. its our right, as much as it is yours. you cannot say that just because someone has a tattoo, or piercing, that they are a convict. i know alot of teens who have these things, and they are the nicest people i know. i also know alot of middle aged people with tattoos, who have a clean record, and they like their tattoos.tattoos, piercings, and other forms of mainstream, or eccentric fashions, are simply worn because alot of people like the way they look. this is a democracy, not a dictatorship. if you would like to see what a country with no rights is like, i suggest you move to North Korea. but i am 15,and i think peircings are cool .i also have staight As in school, am a student ambassador heading to Australia,and have been named the next world peace leader by a woman in Heroshima.i have never commited a crime, never seen drugs before, never had sex, never smoked, never drank, never been in a physical fight. just thought you would like to know.
        Ms. Megan Ward

        • Sedate Me permalink
          4:47 pm

          i also have staight As in school, am a student ambassador heading to Australia,and have been named the next world peace leader by a woman in Heroshima.i have never commited a crime, never seen drugs before, never had sex, never smoked, never drank, never been in a physical fight.

          With spelling and grammar like that, I’m sure you ARE a model student in today’s classroom. This is how shallow the talent pool is and how low the threshold is for exemplary behaviour.

          “I can read a whole paragraph without stopping and I ain’t never robbed a bank yet.”

          Oh, double-plus good for you! Here’s a Merit Sticker of a unicorn with a rainbow shooting out it’s ass.

          If you were sent any more than 25 years back in time, you would probably be the class dunce and find yourself in the school’s office about once a week.

  8. LadyinRed permalink
    7:35 pm

    Hello Mr. Mills,

    I have a question for you, how do you feel about tattoos that were placed in discreet areas, for remembering loved ones you have lost? I have a friend who passed whom I got my first tattoo for, simple, one-word, elegant. I am in my late 20’s so I waited quite awhile and feel this is a worthwhile tribute.

    I do think that getting tattoos while you are young is very stupid, as I know too many people who regret that trendy tattoo or getting their highschool sweethearts name tattooed on them…so I agree with you in that respect.

    Just interested in your opinion.



    • 11:19 pm

      Good evening Lady in Red,

      I think you’re fine. While not my cup of tea, there is a slight difference between a discrete one-word tribute on your hip and a flaming depiction of Thor on your neck and chest.

      All the best and thank you for your comment and question.


      • HRH The Queen permalink
        8:43 am

        I disagree…window clings and tattoos are not appropriate memorials! Light a candle, say a prayer, make a memeorial in your backyard…I WOULD die if one of my family members paid tribute to me in the form of a tattoo or on the back window of their vehicle. Elegant and tattoo is an oxymoron. However, I am sorry for your loss.

  9. Sarah permalink
    12:47 am

    Donald Hills,
    I am going to school for my psychology major and I was informed that the brain does not fully develop until the ages of 21-25. Kids are stupid; they are stupid no matter what the time period is. I agree there is a cultural problem; and that is children are being raised by television rather than values and morals from parents. I am a youngster myself; I am pushing age nineteen and I do make dumb mistakes and we do. (Yes older people have more wisdom that us youngsters. We tend to not listen to your wisdom because WE NEED to learn mistakes on our own; that way it makes a lasting impression on us). I have tattoos myself that reflect my morals, philosophy and I painted the design myself so it is very symbolic. Most tattooed people are very smart, insightful people (at least in Portland, Oregon anyway). Yes, there is the stereotype of criminals and prison tattoos. But there are always exceptions to stereotypes. Cultural icons and trends tend to repeat themselves. Many tattoos and piercings have been around for ages in tribal cultures. Tattoos reflected status in tribes; and can be the equivalent to miliatary patches. I do agree with you teens are very disrespectful to elders and people in general. But not all of us are like that. Most people I know are very respectful. Most teens are uprising against speaking ill of one another and are starting to develop values.

    • 1:13 am

      Thank you for your comment Sarah.

      I never went to College (my Old Dad thought they were all run by Communists) so I never had the benefit of the kind of education you’re receving.

      But I think I get what you’re saying.

      I guess that rather than being a sign that society is ending, sometimes a Tattoo is just a Tattoo.

      Thanks for stopping in Sarah.

  10. Joe permalink
    3:07 am

    hey assclown,
    you cant “smoke” acid or “sniff” weed.

    • 3:22 am

      Thanks for the clarification there Joe. Damned important for me to get my facts straight. It’s that kind of attention to detail that is rapidly improving my opinion of you young folks.

      And I like the assclown crack.

      (Psssttt…Joe, see how those two words “assclown” and “crack” are put together in the line up above. It almost appears unintentional, like I did it by mistake…and yet, I did it on purpose…our little secret okay?)

      • 10:13 pm

        You sly old dog, you….

        I’d never have guessed about the assclown crack crack.

  11. Cody Noone permalink
    12:00 am

    Dear. Mr. Mills
    Way do you trouble your self what others do to their body’s? Just because you do not like that particular part of others culture gives you no right to criticize others and their choices and life style. It is an expression of one’s self. I currently have several tattoos and are vary proud of them. And before you start to jug me and the way I think let me inform you a little about who I am and what I do.
    Yes I am only 19 years of age, but for being only 19 I have already accomplished quite a lot I think. Just to name a different things I have spent my time learning and working on, I have attended several metal working classes instructed by a few of the country’s most talented and renown metal fabricators (whom have several tattoos of there own). Along side the classes of metal working I have made some vary good money doing airbrushing and pin striping work for some people who paid vary well for my work.
    All of the people that helped me on my way to the success that I have experienced have tattoos and piercings. And most of them have put there life on the line for our great country. You look like a man that is grateful for the youth of our nation losing limes, being maimed, mentally scared form watching there teammates and friends burning alive from IED’s, and dying so you, your children, your children’s children and so forth can go to the schools they wont and live without fear of the government making them disappear because of what they think and believe in.
    By saying that teenagers should not be allowed to make dictions for them self would be talking about taking away their freedom, the freedom that many Americans recently and years passed have died for, and I am sure that you have ether known or been friends with and saying that would be a descries to their memory and you should be ashamed of yourself.
    Expressing one’s self without fear of retribution is way the U.S. is great. Tattoos and piercings are just that. Being different form others makes the world a better place providing diversity.
    In conclusion just because it is your opinion that tattoos and piercings make people ugly and dose not matter. I happen to find women with tattoos and piercings extremely attractive because they are not afraid to express them self and voice there opinion, kind of like you, funny hu? It seams to me that you are scared to fully express yourself for fear of what you might find.

    • 1:19 am

      Thanks Cody.

      You appear to be very sincere in your writing and I appreciate your taking the time to share your views and to be respectful while doing so.

      I won’t try to explain the reasoning behind the way I express myself but will, once again, thank you for taking the time to comment.

      You seem like a decent young man and I wish you well in the future.


      • Cody Noone permalink
        2:35 am

        Thank you for your well wishing it has been a long time sense the last time I heard those words. But I am not asking you to explain the “way” you express yourself but why you dislike those so different from yourself. They do not bother you, unless they are disrespectful of you, in which I agree whole heartedly with you. Your responses to the replies seem somewhat automated. I would like a legitimate response. You seem like a some one I would agree with on most topics but the difference between you and me is that I let others live there life without caring or complaining. It seams that we grew up the same way as well. But by having that kind of life made me relies that you have to respect everyone not just people you agree with. So I ask you for a real and if at all possible hart felt response.

        • 8:49 pm

          Jesus Cody,

          You’re killin’ me here lad. You seem like a good kid.

          I can’t help being mean and crabby. It’s who I am. In many ways, it’s all I am. Sometimes I worry about it. Worry that I’m being mean spirited. That I’m being too one-dimensional, almost formulaic, a mere charicature of my true self.

          But I get over it. Because, really, I find young people very frustrating and extremely hard to communicate with.

          Take care Cody and thanks. You really do seem like a decent lad.

          Best Regards

          Donald Mills

    • Sedate Me permalink
      7:59 pm

      All of the people that helped me on my way to the success that I have experienced have tattoos and piercings. And most of them have put there life on the line for our great country. You look like a man that is grateful for the youth of our nation losing limes, being maimed, mentally scared form watching there teammates and friends burning alive from IED’s, and dying so you, your children, your children’s children and so forth can go to the schools they wont and live without fear of the government making them disappear because of what they think and believe in.

      Aside from the prerequisite bad grammar and hilarious typos in which you deride Mr Mills for not caring about people “losing limes” and declaring that he should not “jug you”, you still seem much wiser than your peers.

      This is because, on some level, you seem to be recognizing the fact that the tattooed and pierced classes do all the hard work/sacrificing for the benefit of the non-tattooed and the non-pierced classes. You may not fully understand your own statement yet, but at 19, you are way ahead of the pack.

      Congratulations. Most idiots your age think they can walk around with a multi-pierced John Thomas flapping in the breeze like a wind chime, a face tattoo of a man skinning a child, a T-shirt featuring a photo of their first girlfriend’s vagina and STILL expect to be loved and respected as they effortlessly ascend to the top of the corporate ladder.

      Those who voluntarily disfigure themselves are the people who get underpaid, overworked, discriminated against, live a lifetime of poverty, wind up in jail or get sent to some far away hellhole as cannon fodder. They might as well be wearing red uniforms on the original version of Star Trek. In fact, a tattoo/piercing was always just that, a public display to others that they are expendable and don’t mind being treated as such.

      • Naomi permalink
        12:43 pm

        I do beg to differ, Sedate. There is a class of people who consider tattoos a complex art form. Unless you’re of the school of thought that considers artists and art “Expendable”, I think giving credit where credit is due is just common courtesy.
        Don is more than entitled to his opinion- this blog is called the crabby old fart for a reason- but I think genuinely believing that all the tattooed folk are some kind of willing slave-class is a bit much.
        Your last statement seems overwhelmingly unecessary. No, wait, that entire last paragraph.
        I’d like to ask you if you’ve ever gone to a quality tattoo parlour and had an open-minded conversation with a person who’s come in wanting a meaningful tattoo, or the artist who’s devoted his life to modifying the incredible canvas that is the body.
        If you haven’t, with all due respect, do go ahead. Methinks you’ll find a demographic quite far from
        ” Those who voluntarily disfigure themselves are the people who get underpaid, overworked, discriminated against, live a lifetime of poverty, wind up in jail or get sent to some far away hellhole as cannon fodder.”

        • Sedate Me permalink
          3:25 pm

          Historically speaking, the tattooed and pierced have been at the very bottom of Western societies. Until very recently, only sailors, pirates, convicts and skinheads had tattoos and piercings. One of the reasons white men thought of Africans, Natives, etc. as inferior savages and treated them so badly was because they painted their skin and stuck bones through their noses. Wrong? Probably. Factual? Absolutely.

          The tattooed classes have always been at the very bottom. In fact, part of the reasoning behind doing it, if only subconsciously, has been for them to embrace their position and say “You can keep me down, but you can’t hurt me. I put 20 holes in my own body!” Unfortunately, what it really says to the viewer is “Abuse me. I like it.”

          As for artists, artists are also almost always at the bottom. Everyone’s heard of starving artists, but have you ever heard of an “overfed artist”? I said this somewhere else here, but I can appreciate good art. Most tattoos are crap and derivative crap at that. However, I’ve seen a few that are so good, I wished the tattooist put them on real canvases and hung them in art galleries or on somebody’s wall instead of wasting their talent putting them on the backs of toothless criminals wearing “wife-beaters” where the art will go unnoticed and unappreciated.

          As for the human canvasses, they’re mix of:
          -attention cravers screaming “Look at me!”
          -masochists who enjoy the pain involved and being seen as “disposable”.
          – folks trying to raise their societal value by associating themselves with art.
          – folks who think so little of themselves they’ll just give up their body to some guy with a needle & ink and a 3 hole punch.

          That said, Suicide Girls really turn me on. I’d love to have some “open minded conversations” with some of them and see what it will get me.

  12. 10:56 pm

    I feel that spelling and grammar might soon be on the list if Cody continues to press for an answer.

    • Cody Noone permalink
      1:53 am

      Well miss black I feel that maybe you should be carfull of whom you criticize Directly. It may be all in good fun and games for you but I do tend get made fun of most every day for the way I spell things. Now this is not because im stupid but because I have what is known as dyslexia, and a vary extreme case of it at that. Now if you don’t know what dyslexia is it causes me to see and spell things backwards and it looks fine to me. Now I consider this to be more of a gift then anything because it enables me to see things no one but me can see and it helps me be extremely creative. But this gives you no excuse to criticize me for disability without fist knowing a little about the person first.

      • modelguy permalink
        2:42 am

        You are a lying illiterate turd. In your gross trainwreck of a paragraph you didn’t spell backwards or transpose a single word.

        Fact is, you are an uneducated dipshit with little to say, and less to write. Getting more tatoos will only prove me right.

        uoy kcuF

      • Anonymous permalink
        5:06 pm

        Dyslexia is when you mix up the order as you “see” it differently. Misspelling is just that, misspelling. A limb is a limb & a lime is a fruit. Now that we’ve addressed Cory let me address the rest of you so called “individualists” that feel this is expressing individuality by covering yourselves in holes & pictures. If your entire generation does it then consider that your just part of the crowd following another fad, one that’s near impossible to reverse I might add. You want to be different? Then get an education, then a job & become a constructive, contributing member of society. This alone will show you’re “different” from most members of your generation.

  13. 11:46 pm

    Hi Again Mr. Mills
    first I’d like to say how much I like your Blog. Mighty fine job your doing to try & drum some sense into those thick teenage skulls.
    I have a heap of tattoos but I was in the Navy for 12 years, I am the descendant of Irish convicts & I guess I am a bit Circus Freak looking…..
    Military service that’s what’s lacking in so many of them today. I used to see young good for nothing punks come in from civvy street & be transformed into fine young men in just 3 months of recruit training. That’s what they need!!!
    Greetings from Tasmania

  14. 8:29 am

    Chill Cody, I’d figured as much.
    But, as you say, you have a gift and I don’t, so you totally win and I lose. Yay!

    PS Lady in Red? Woman in Black? What the hell…?

    PPS For those still struggling:

    • Friar permalink
      12:00 am

      I agree.

      Cody, you win.


  15. mynooch permalink
    1:11 pm

    My next tattoo says “Donald Mills loves the cock”

    • 1:44 pm

      My goodness son, are you a member of your school’s debating team? If not, you should be. You’ve got skills lad. Skills!

      And the beauty of your idea is that when you come down from the crack you will still have room to fix that tattoo up. You add the letters “aleekie” to the end and you’ve got a damned fine Scottish soup.

      Gonna make me up a bowl full now. Thanks for stopping in lad.

  16. 1:10 pm

    Just to prove a point…..

    • 10:49 pm

      I particularly like the Bob Barker Tattoo. Nothing says class and smarts like having the host of the Price is Right inked on your arm.

  17. 10:56 pm

    Even though I wouldn’t know Bob Barker from the Duke of Edinburgh’s great uncle Stavros, I’m inclined to agree with you.

  18. Payday Loans permalink
    10:44 pm

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  19. bschooled permalink
    12:58 am

    Well, Mr. Mills, if the Company I sign my cheques over to every other week believes you have extensive knowledge in the subject, that’s all I need to hear…consider me a follower of your professionally written subject!!

    ps. Can I borrow some cash?

  20. Youngn' permalink
    6:58 pm

    Dear Mr. Mills,

    I think you are too closed minded. You seem to judge people on their external make-up rather than by the content of their character. The reason why continue to have problems throughout the human race, is because of people like yourself who judge people. The way you respond sounds as though you are almost discriminating against young people who also have tattoos. In fact, I don’t know if you are discriminating on young people only, or young people who have tattoos. But you fail to realize, that you were once young too, and while you might not have had tattoo’s, you were as dumb as those today that you are calling dumb… Maybe more so, since you think very childishly about the subject.

    As a 20 year old, with a tattoo, I can tell you that my tattoo means a lot to me. It’s symbolic of the things I want in life. The lifestyle I wish to live. It motivates me. While some people don’t like my tattoo, others don’t care, and some appreciate it, I realize it doesn’t matter what they think. My tattoo is put on my body because of what I believe in.

    • Russell permalink
      12:25 pm

      Allow me to field this one if I could, Mr. Mills…

      But Youngn’, you’ve got a thing or two to learn about the world and the “human race”. The world isn’t a terrible place riddled with famine and war because somebody doesn’t “appreciate” your tattoo. I don’t think there are any rebels fighting for their lives in Libya right now shaking their fists saying, “That meddlin’ YOUNGN’ brought this on us with that fancy tattoo!” Get over yourself, kiddo. The real reason we have problems throughout the human race is because for every horrible atrocity that occurs in a generation, there’s a bunch of punk kids too good to read a periodical that live to repeat it all over again. So if you find yourself being marched down a bombed out street sometime in the future with a Chinaman’s bayonette pressed in your back, just know it wasn’t because Don Mills didn’t “appreciate” your tattoo, it was because Whitney Houston was wrong… the children are NOT our future, they are our undoing.

  21. Jessica lupinacci permalink
    11:53 pm

    Dear Mr. Mills,

    You are in fact a funny man, and what you say was once true.
    but what you fail to realize is that this generation of kids has proven to be much more intelligent than the people coming out of your hay day. yes people change as they get older but that is something every person thinks about as they get older. Young people get tattoos for a number of reason. I have mine to remember me when i get older who I was back then and to never be persuaded by people who believe in conformity. Some people get tattoos to deal with the pain of loosing loved ones or very painful times in their lives. other get them to tell a story. I do not think all people are idiots who have tattoos in fact when i see someone with a good piece of artwork i admire them because good work doesn’t come cheap and they had enough sense to get it done right. You can tell who the idiot is by looking at their artwork by what they get or how bad it is done. I think people need to calm down about tattoos. If you are a smart person with a work ethic and have proved in the past that you have what it takes to succeed , weather its making deans list in college or having a bunch of awards for what ever you do, I think that says more about your self than a piece of art work. and old people should understand that the times are changing and thinking out of the box is what it takes to make progress.

  22. 1zzy permalink
    10:49 pm

    Dear Mr. Mills

    I love how mad people get when others don’t like their passion! And you attract them to you like light does to a moth. In other words: I love your blog! And it’s a big bonus that you write good! (I’m a writer of some sort myself.) Any way..

    I’m getting my first tatto tomorrow. Have been planing this in five years now, so I think I will be fine about it in 20 years. But I found a picture of some one your refering too, one not thinking straigh..

    I promis I will not do the same mistake, since mine are about being alive and happy about it. Now wish me luck! 😉

    Thank you, for giving me a smile!

    Ps. sorry if I have misspelled, English is not my first language… Tried to use the dictionary!

    • 1:48 pm

      Many thanks Izzy,

      I appreciate your stopping in. I suppose if you’ve been giving this tattoo business 5 years of thought you should be alright. Hope it turns out well lad. Remember to keep it tasteful.

      And no need to worry about your spelling. You did a fine job.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping in.


      • 1zzy permalink
        8:58 pm

        Uhmm.. Don?

        Lad? If I have not missunderstood that means boy, and I’m the other type of human 😉 Just making it clear; I’m a girl…

        And the tatto is tastefull and happy about finaly getting it done. Now I’m marked for life 😉

        Looking forward to more of your reports of whats wrong with young people today!


        • 9:12 pm

          My apologies 1zzy,

          You’d think I would have learned by now not to make those sort of assumptions. Glad things worked out well for you and I look forward to hearing from you again.

          All the best,


    • Soulbern permalink
      9:50 pm

      For your information Izzy; one cannot “write good,” however one can write well.

  23. 10:45 am

    Enjoyed the reference to “The Night of The Hunter”, that’s a great flick!

  24. Gnash N. Teeth permalink
    8:54 pm

    I am late in discovering this site, but I have to say, Mr. Mills, I have found a refreshing home in cyberspace! I have always been “old” I suspect, because as a child I could not “understand” the game of Tag: Why all this pointless running and chasing?
    But anyhow…
    I have also always been an artistic type & have been continually asked by friends & family why I have not gotten a tattoo, as that seems to be how the “artsy” (HA!) express themselves.

    Well, sir, I am a realist, first & foremost. A) Like most humans, I crave variety in my life. If I got a tattoo of an image on my skin, I would likely become bored with it within the first year. B) There is no image that I cherish so much that I want to brand it onto my body. That’s why the good Lord gave us paint, canvas & brushes! C) I am no spring chicken (43). Although I’m in fairly good shape, I know what I will look like in the coming decades, and saggy, baggy ink impressions do not flatter a person!
    Thank you for your time/site. Keep it up, my friend!

    • The Celtic Queen permalink
      6:50 am

      Music to my ears. I saw on another blog the other day the reference “Tramp Stamp” which made me laugh.
      Good to know that at least one other person sees it that way.
      I agree that there is nobody or thing that is so endearing that you’d like it with your body for ever. Loved ones come and go. No use branding yourself with a guy’s name if you’ll be moving on when you grow tired of him too
      Some say they do it to be different. Different from what???
      It’s their special thing, oh pulease!!

      • 1zzy permalink
        10:24 am

        Psssst: ¨Tramp stamp” are an refferanse to girls tattoing the lower back with angelwings and symmetrical patterns.. Or worse a heart with some one names on…

  25. Gnash N. Teeth permalink
    7:10 pm

    izzy & Celtic Queen:

    I think you’ll enjoy this video re: “tramp stamps”:

    • The Celtic Queen permalink
      11:08 pm

      Thank you,that was very entertaining. I have nieces who have tattoos. One has the trampstamp angel with evil looking eyes. I really don’t know what happened there but I suspect a dodgy tattooist. So I’ll just forward this on as they will be old one day too. Lol. Another woman I know has 5 and I did say ‘STOP’ as she’s beginning to look like and old sailor!!

    • 1:49 pm

      Haha, nice to know 😉

  26. Brody Fisher permalink
    7:55 am

    hey, fuck off. Ive had 12 tattoos since I was 17 years old and I regret nothing, I also have huge holes in my ears. So fuck off.


    • 3:30 pm

      Many thanks Brody.

      I had suspected the possibilty of large holes in your head before you mentioned your ears.

      A word of advice, lad. No one likes a foul mouthed yob. Ease up on the profanity son and treat your elders with some respect. I don’t know why you young folks are so disprespecful but I hope when you’re an 80 year old man with moronic skin art and earlobes that bounce off your shoulders, times have changed. If not, you’ll be in for a rough ride flappy.





      • Michael permalink
        11:48 pm

        Dear Don, i am 21 years old and a Bio Major at UCLA currently in my 3rd year. I am heavily tattooed and have been getting tattooed since my first one at the age of 18. My first tattoo was a rose, exactly the same as the one my grandma(73 yrs old) has on her back. She raised me for 12 years as my parents worked often to give my sister and I a better life. The tattoo means everything and inspired me to get more. I also have stretched ears at a pretty big inch and a quarter. I understand where you are coming from and I understand how you cant stand people like Brody Fisher up there. But I do not believe that every young person you have met with tattoos and or piercings has been rude or hateful towards you. I have full sleeves and one leg halfway sleeved and know that I may not look like the most inviting person, but I work as a part time swimming instructor at a YMCA and also work part time at a 4-star restaurant called the Chart House in Dana Point. I am very respectful towards old people as i work at a YMCA where middle-aged to old people come up to me almost every day asking about my tattoos and ears and I have never once got a rude or disrespectful comment towards me. I usually get more curious questions then anything, and I am confident that people are often surprised by how pleasant and respectful I am. My career goal is to become a pharmacist technician and I will have my ears eventually sewn up by means of a simple and inexpensive reconstructive surgery, but for now I love them and will be keeping them. When I am 80, if i still have “floppy” ears then I will proudly carry both my grand children in each one and sit them down and tell them the story behind every one of my saggy(and probably unrecognizable) tattoos. Every young generation has there thing and I happen to live in the tattoo generation. I know that my tattoos will bring scrutiny upon myself and if I cared then I would not of had them done. The scrutiny just makes me try harder. I do not represent a whole group of young tattooed kids, I represent myself and only myself. I am a once poor, two job working, honor role student, respectful, bio major(with 4 more years of school!!), straight edge(google or wiki it), hardworking young adult that happens to be heavily tattooed. I would say I am living my life the best I can and I am proud of my tattoos as much as I am my achievements in life. “Thinking about tomorrow won’t change how I feel TODAY”
        Great Post though Don:)


        p.s. You old people better be nice to me because I will be making your medicine one day:)……jk……but I will be making your medicine.

        • 12:01 am

          Many thanks Michael,

          While we may not share the same views on piercings and tattoos, you’re obviously a decent and hard working young man with a good head on your shoulders.

          I truly wish you all the best in your studies. There is little doubt in my mind that you’ll achieve your career goals and likely surpass them. Chances are by the time you hit the job market “Tattoo History” will probably be part of most standard resumes and job applications anyway.

          I’d be happy to buy my pharmaceuticals from you and if I do – I trust you’ll see me right and “up” the pill count a little bit (I’m on a fixed income after all and those damned things are expensive).

          Thanks very much for the comment, Michael, and good luck.

          All the best,


        • 8:39 am

          Good for you Michael – I wish you luck in your chosen profession, you can make up my prescription any day

  27. The Celtic Queen permalink
    11:31 pm

    Yeah I see those guys with the hole thing happening in their ears and think the same. What happens when you grow up and get some sense? You now have gaping holes in your ears and job hunting is going to be nightmare. I for one wouldn’t employ you basically because of your freaky appearance. I have no objections to an earing, however having said that most of the guys I know also remove that whilst job hunting. Yep flappy sounds like a great description to me Don. Maybe I should start collecting bones for them.

  28. Anonymous permalink
    1:06 am

    Most of the people I know with tattoos get memorials to their deceased relatives.

    • The Celtic Queen permalink
      6:22 am

      If I hear that excuse once more I’ll puke. Ok Popeye is a cartoon character and so is Olive so the lady in the super market must be their relatives or have fond memories of times together . Cowboys and Indians running around someone’s arm, hmm must be relate to cowboys in the wild west.
      Snakes, dragons, stars. Oh yeah all times and places how stupid of us or more weird relatives Swords daggers and SUCH IS LIFE are related to exactly ???????
      Puleaaaase memorials to their deceased relatives . Do you think we were all born yesterday. You look tragic.

      • Officer T permalink
        11:32 pm

        First of all…

        Celtic Queen,

        That is a fairly ignorant comment, while not EVERYONE who displays a tattoo; displays one that is of memorial content; Some people do and may find it more of something to help them heal with their grief. Not everyone believes in god, but alot of people believe in a higher power, so that tattoo may not only be to remember them ( as I am sure that they will not forget a loved one) but to show respect to that person that is in a higher place.

        Second of all, I do not agree with all tattoo choices, and I sometimes ask the question of “why the hell would you put that on your body?” But some are tasteful and some tell a story, some people put tattoos on their body because of something they are proud of or something they endured and want other people to ask them about. I also suggest that these posts stop talking down on ALL young people, it’s not the young poeple showing off there brand new tattoos that is disgusting and I don’t see many older people showing 50 year old tattoos off, but what IS disgusting is 60-80 yr olds getting tattoos on areas that were once up on your chest but now draped across your knees that is disgusting… Oh and by the way…as for careers in the future, I’m pretty sure employers whether they like it or not are going to have to start accepting tattoos or they’re not going to have any employees to pick from…

        Yours Truly
        Someone with a degree, a great government job and tattoos.

  29. Kayla permalink
    8:53 pm


    I hope you know that you are probably never going to change “young people’s” desire to get a tattoo with that attitude. Calling us (I’m 18.) a “God damned outrage” is insulting and degrading. It shows me that you have no respect for me, so why should I respect your view on tattoos? I got my first tattoo when I turned 18. I’ve been thinking about it for years. It’s on my foot, an area easy to hide. It says “In you” and has a cross on it. My faith in God is very important to me and I wanted to be able to share it without saying a word. Also, someone may ask why I chose the words “in you”, and I can give my testimony and spread God’s love through my tattoo.

    Obviously, not all of us young people get tattoos without thought behind them. And not all of our tattoos are of barbed wire or Chinese calligraphy (Most Americans don’t get Japanese symbols, just so you know. It’s usually Chinese.). And not all tattooed people smoke weed or do acid. I certainly don’t. My tattoo represents a huge part of my life. I don’t regret it at all.

    I will get more tattoos in the future. They will express who I am and what I stand for. I’m not dumb enough to put them in a place that I can’t hide. And I’m also not dumb enough to let you scare me into thinking my tattoos are wrong or that I made a poor decision.

    I hope you have a better understanding of why people get tattoos. You may not like tattoos, just like I don’t like Crocs or large gauges. But that doesn’t mean you should write people off just because they’ve chosen to express themselves in a way that you’re uncomfortable with. Next time you’re trying to make a point, you should think about expressing your opinions in a more considerate manner. Maybe someone might listen to you then.

    God Bless,


    • The Celtic Queen permalink
      12:04 pm

      Oh Kayla Kayla Kayla who are you trying to kid? Because you love the Lord and you want to share it without saying a word???? What is that? Most Christians I know want the world to know and will tell you so openly and not by guessing what a hidden tattoo means. The fact that you don’t want it seen speaks volumes. Mr Mills is right in what he said and you are all so busy trying to express your individuality that you all look freakily the same. It’s not an age thing either so don’t even think that. I think women need to show a bit of class!

      • Hola permalink
        5:56 am

        This thread irks me for some reason. I don’t usually comment on things, but I think its time people keep their own opinion in their head. Especially harsh ones.

        • The Celtic Queen permalink
          6:26 am

          Well when you can’t stand the heat you get out of the kitchen.

          • 8:50 am

            Why are many of your comments so negative Celtic Queen?

            I see your opinions in other blogger’s comment sections yet you don’t maintain one of your own – why not start one up?

    • 8:39 pm

      Hmmm…if it’s on your foot, are you sure that it isn’t a misprint of ‘in shoe’?

  30. Big Bear permalink
    9:30 pm

    And how about those piercings? Remember when the only metal we had in our bodies was shrapnel? And we had a story to tell about every damned piece of it.

  31. Tattooed 20-Something permalink
    7:59 pm

    The “God damned outrage” is that our parents teach us to judge and disrespect others based on their appearance. Now that we’ve learned that racism is bad, we have to discriminate against SOMEONE, right? Might as well fear tattooed people because a few decades ago, tattoos were largely limited to sailors and prostitutes. Funny, a few decades ago women didn’t have the right to vote either. But we were able to accept THAT change. Why not tattoos?

    Maybe you’d be surprised to know that tattoos have no impact on anything but your physical appearance. No, the ink does not reach into your brain and tell you to sin. No, it doesn’t alter your DNA and make you dumber. No, it’s not an infectious, contagious disease. It’s merely a new art form (and I say new only because they are only now gaining popularity in N. America – tattoos are FAR from new worldwide).

    The only difference between people with tattoos and those without is that people with tattoos don’t care if you have tattoos!

    • 8:19 pm

      Thanks very much tattooed 20-something,

      Women have the vote? Jesus Christ why wasn’t I informed? Time to write a letter to my congressman. Next thing you’ll tell me is that women can run for elected office and wear slacks. Holy Hannah!

      You know what. In my estimation all this “ink” is making you young people too damned serious. I’m beginning to wonder if it is affecting your DNA.

      Maybe if you tattooed Fatty Arbuckle or a good knock knock joke across you necks instead of barbed wire and naked ladies you wouldn’t be so fast to fly into a hissy fit anytime you think you’re being slighted.

      I’m sure you’re a decent lad but you and your friends would all do well to lighten the Hell up.

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your stopping in.


      • Tattooed 20-Something permalink
        2:09 am

        I’m a lass, not a lad. And I’m quite certain it’s the constant “What is that going to look like when you’re 60?” comments that make us ornery. (P.S. The answer to that question is: CRAP! Just like my skin would look if it WASN’T tattooed!!!! I’ll be wrinkly either way!)

        I’ll lighten up when YOU lighten up! 🙂

        • 2:19 am

          I should know better by now. My apologies for mistaking you for a lad. In my day only boys went by the name Tattooed 20-Something.

          You make a fair point about 60-year old skin but I have to say it’s more the juxtaposition I find interesting. There is something about a 70-year old great grandmother with bifocals, white hair and the word “chronic” tattooed on her forearm that just doesn’t sit quite right with me.

          Still, I’ll be long dead so I suppose I shouldn’t concern myself too much.

          I’m beyond lightening up, I’m afraid.

          Nice to hear from you again.


          • LampPostFocker permalink
            10:53 pm

            Well Mr. Mills this isn’t ‘your days’. This is changed world and you failed to upgrade. I would assume when printing press came up a bunch of old “lads” (since the “lass” was just busy cooking at home) went like “In our day people hand written books and it was honor”. Your response is same, you fail to go with the world. Things moved forward and you couldn’t.

            Whats this rage? Is it because everyone has a tattoo but you can’t have it?

            Here’s a piece of advice, old “lad”:

            Upgrade, or go to grave.

            • 12:11 am

              Thank you kindly lamptpostfocker,

              Nothing like a good hand written book. Personally, I always thought the printing press was a piss poor idea. The Devil’s secretary is what we used to refer to it as.

              Thanks for the advice. I’ll consider my upgrade/grave options carefully.


  32. Tattooed 20-Something permalink
    7:59 pm

    Oh and, just out of curiosity, exactly what kind of havoc are we wreaking?

    • 8:21 pm

      It’s not all havoc. There’s a fair degree of mayhem, chaos and general anarchy in there too.

  33. Emo permalink
    10:28 pm

    You are a knob end. I hate old geezers like you, who just resent any change or anything that is different from when you were a child; Its pathetic, grow up, and i don’t just mean on the outside. I am studying an honors degree to be a biomedical scientist, I have piercings and tattoos, I’m not a convict. Tattoos are a form of self expression for those comfortable enough with themselves to wear them, like the clothes we choose, or the haircut, only permanent. Its pathetic that you feel the need to share your outdated, retarded, narrow minded opinions with the general moronic public who will a lot of the time jump on any band wagon for the sake of anger release. If you don’t understand something don’t try and preach about it! Also tattoos are an art form, i love arm, there are certain pieced of art id like to look at all day every day, so I transfer them to my own body; Why is it that art on canvas is acceptable to certain people when it isn’t on skin? It’s idiots like you who refuse to move over for the newer generations that make this world a sour, prejudice, cruel place for those that will take your place. Back in your day tattoos weren’t common, neither was decent health care, wealth, education….hey at least you had smallpox!!!! 😀

    • 11:04 pm

      Many thanks Emo,

      I don’t think I’ve ever been called a “knob end” before. It’s pithy, I’ll say that much for it. But I don’t appreciate some young pup calling me an idiot, moron or retarded. It’s damned disrespectful and you should be ashamed of yourself.

      Is that what they teach in biomedical scientist schools these days? How to attack the elderly with cruel taunts and nasty jibes. That’s not education – that’s hate mongering. And what the Hell is a biomedical scientist anyway? It sounds like a fancy way of saying “meth cooker.”

      I’m truly upset about this lad. And not just because you’ve got me nostalgic for the smallpox. Apologize damn it!

      You damned young people.

      All the best,


      • 1:50 am


        I’ve worked in R&D for quite a few years. And I can tell you, that not too many scientists (biomedical or otherwise) get hired if they’re covered with tatoos and piercings.

        Mabye today’s young folks won’t think that’s fair, but that’s the way it is. So I suspect our pal Emo might be in for a rude awakening, assuming he graduates.

        But then again, he might come in handy as a coat-rack. Maybe the other scientists could hang their lab coats from the rings in his eyebrows.

        • Tattooed 20-Something permalink
          3:30 pm

          Actually I’m heavily and very visibly tattooed and pierced and have been doing R&D in molecular genetics since University. Somebody realized my appearance has nothing to do with brain function! What now?!?!

          • 6:56 pm

            Anarchy I suspect…time to lock myself in the basement with a case of Alphagetti, some bottled water, a good cigar and a 5th of rye.

            Many thanks Tattooed 20-Something. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

          • Robert Wayne permalink
            4:43 am

            Anybody stupid enough to destroy their body with ugly tattoos and piercings obviously has brain damage.

    • 2:18 am

      Dear Emo,
      Have just tried to google the definition of “knob end” could not find anything that seemed to fit, since you are obviously so linguistically gifted could you enlighten us? I aim to learn something new everyday don’t you?

  34. Emo permalink
    12:53 am

    “accurate” is a much better word than pithy in this case.

    biomedical scientist schools?? what is wrong with you? its called University, maybe youd have gone to one if they had a decent educational system way back when!
    In case you haven’t realized, the attack started on your side when you have a go at the youth of today, I think its only fair that they have their say and seeing as nobody else is making any headway on the matter I figured I’d have a go!
    If you were in anyway up to date on modern science you’d find that biomedical science is a very up to date and advanced field of science which covers many aspects of medical and physical biology alike.
    And if you had that “superpower” some of us like to call common sense you might also puzzle out that synthesizing crystal meth is an illegal trade not covered by university and is also purely chemisty, no biology involved unless you use a biological catalyst, which is highly unneccessary. If you want to knock science or any other topic on which you are as blind as im sure your catorax makes you in real life, read a fucking book!
    I think the apology is yours to offer.
    “You damned young people” about sums up your problem I think, your old and have a problem with the fact that we have our whole lives ahead of us, get over it, you had your time, and im sure you had your “antics” back then too. Stop being so sour

    • 1:25 am

      That seems like a rather poor apology, Emo. I’m disappointed in you and suspect your mother would be as well.

      Now, as for my education, I’ll have you know that I studied animal husbandry at Clifton Tananger University. And unlike University today, we did more than just read books, grow bum fluff goatees, eat peyote and sleep with flouncy co-eds. We did field work. Ever had your arm half way up are horses ass Emo? You should try it. And until you have, don’t talk to me about common sense.

      This school of yours sounds more and more suspicious by the minute Emo. A “very up to date and advanced field of science”? I would hope so. You’d be a damned fool if you signed up for the “unadvanced and dated field of science” class. But it’s all rather ambiguous…and you know just a little too much about the manner in which crystal meth is manufactured for my liking. I think it’s all just a big cover…you’re likely just another tattoo-clad drug manufacturer and probably a communist to boot.

      Now, be a good lad and let’s get that apology going pronto.

      Your friend,


    • 1:58 am

      Obviously, they don’t teach grammar and spelling in “Biomedical Science.”

      Manners, either.

  35. 2:16 am

    Or, respect! Run along now, lil’ Emo….your mom must be very worried that you are out wandering around alone.

  36. Grumpy Old Woman permalink
    9:32 am

    Well Emo, you seem to be doing exactly the same thing you are accusing Don of. How’s that for an idea?

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. It’s a free world. I’m sure it will eventually dawn on you that part of being a grown-up is learning to not take yourself and others so seriously.

    Express your opinion in a mature manner and you’re more likely to have people respect you.

  37. 10:35 pm

    Blimey Don – you had smallpox?

    We must have been better off than you, as we could afford bigpox.

  38. trishothinks permalink
    2:07 pm

    I have to agree with you….except being a woman, my thoughts are, “The only people who had tattoos when I was growing up were, whores, strippers and white trash. I still think to myself when I see a woman with “tats”, “hhmmm….sleazy”.


    • The Celtic Queen permalink
      11:40 pm

      YES !!

    • Sedate Me permalink
      3:42 pm

      And nothing has changed, Trish, except the numbers of whores, strippers and white trash has grown exponentially.

    • Officer T permalink
      11:44 pm

      Dear trishothinks,

      Comments like yours makes me angry at the fact that we have free speech

    • Soulbern permalink
      10:02 pm

      That’s only because you are narrow-minded and judgmental.

  39. 3:14 am

    I have tattoos and piercings and I see them as art. I have a tattoo for my deceased grandmother that meant everything to me. So is that rediculous? I do agree though, that some tattoos are gaudy and ugly. But not in all cases

  40. 503 permalink
    7:11 am

    well if you guys have problems with us tattood and pierced people then come say it to us dont fucking blog about it, next time you see one of us go ahead and say what you typed here

  41. Kaydance permalink
    9:19 am

    You have no idea what your talking about. And by the way, you dont smoke acid and you dont sniff pot. And I LIKE peacocks. Your dumb and this story sucks. And old people love me.

  42. Anonymous permalink
    11:05 pm

    Wow, everyone is taking this way to seriously. If you explore the site a bit, you might find all he says to be quite entertaining. Dare I say, entertaining? He cracks me up. I have a tattoo, and this reaction is the exact reaction I would expect from a grumpy old fart. Did you notice he also hates that our generation is too tall, or that we pee to much? You all need to find humor in this site, life will seem a lot longer if you can not laugh at this type of stuff. Relax. I say, bravo to this “crabby old fart”. This made my day, you totally reminded me of my grandfather(and in turn my own father since he rubbed off on him very much) and how much they mess with me about my own tattoo, and how I always have my phone on me. Again, props to you sir! 🙂

  43. tobias j henderson permalink
    2:39 pm

    i think your out dated and you should go live in iraq so we can nuke your terrorist ass this is america and you dont belong here and so you and all of your kind along with the bible thumpers can go hang your selves

    • 3:23 pm

      Many thanks Tobias,

      Nice to see a damned young person who is vigilant on the domestic terror front.

      Not to question your tactical skills, son, but I’m not sure I see the point of nuking us senior citizen terrorists (al Grampa?) after we’ve gone and hung ourselves. Seems like a waste of perfectly good weaponry which could be used to against other similar terror cells like Taco Bell Owners (al Quesadilla), Homosexuals (al Gayda) or embittered former SNL television stars (al Kate and Alley).

      Keep at it boy – unles we stamp out this damned free speach, the terrorists win.

      The Country depends on you.

      All the best and thanks for writing,


      p.s. that “j” in your name doesn’t stand for juggins by any chance does it?

      • Sedate Me permalink
        6:58 pm

        Sir, how dare you rob us of such brilliant insights?

    • 4:01 am

      I have a question… how can you claim the entire of cyberspace as American? Not only does this not make sense because it is inaccurate, but it is also not possible! If it was possible then you would be failing in your supposed war against terror due to the fact that a large number of terrorists use the internet to plan their actions.If America owned cyberspace and this was going on right under their noses and they weren’t able to quell it… well then they would look rather silly would they not?
      The internet is one thing that actually belongs to freedom of speech and the people of the entire world! It gives everyone a voice… which explains why you were able to write inaccuracies like the above… because you have not been censored.

  44. Pamela permalink
    12:44 pm

    Oh My Goodness! I’m in love! I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time! The funniest part is I actually dislike tattoos immensely and now living in Texas, I get to see a lot of people with them. Rednecks love tattoos! I have actually used the same “convicts, sailors and circus freaks” story on my daughter. Only I think my exact words were “criminals, lowlifes, carnies, rock stars, druggies and sailors” as that was what my parents taught me and that was what I have witnessed. I know that is no longer entirely the case as there are a lot of tattoos in conservative jobs these days but I doubt you’ll ever see an elementary school teacher with full sleeves. I made a bet with my husband when we were vacationing in a first class hotel in Hawaii. I bet he’d not find one hotel guest with a tattoo. He looked for days and finally pointed out one near the pool and just as I was saying I’ll bet he’s not actually staying here, the hotel staff asked him to leave and I got one of those “I told you so” moments [that I love so much] with the mister. Overall, I see tattoos as superficial and a brand of bad breeding. If I want a symbol on me, I’ll buy it in fine jewelry. I actually have grown to appreciate tattoos as a means to help my daughter weed out the inappropriate boys, not that there are any in her school. I always tell my daughter to find a nice clean cut boy to marry because every nice girl knows that tattooed boys are just for fun, not to bring home to meet Mom. 😉

    For all the kids who are getting angry over this article, it is called “satire”. Look it up and lighten up. 🙂

    • W.Smith84 permalink
      3:22 am

      Ah but it’s the plain and simple looking ones who are oft the most cunning!

    • Robert Wayne permalink
      4:46 am

      I’m a redneck, but I hate tattoos too. Nothing makes a woman uglier than a bunch of tattoos on her skin.

  45. Jock permalink
    2:01 am

    ah ha, the penny drops, it just occurred to me the reason these folk get their bodies painted, is it that they fear in years to come their own image will be to unsightly and they need something to otherwise distract their lovers, come on folk, a small tattoo or two is no problem, but some of the work I’ve seen, complete body art is ugly, and gets lost in that horrid shade of indigo.

  46. Justin permalink
    6:45 pm

    It is discrimination is what it is, this is the United States of America and people should have a right to do what they want to there own damn bodies. You need to get a life or get laid old timer

    • Robert Wayne permalink
      4:48 am

      Nobody’s stopping your sorry ass from getting a tattoo. But they’re still ugly as hell and you’re an imbecile for marking up your skin.

  47. whitney burgus permalink
    7:45 pm

    i think what this old man has to say is a bunch of bull crap and he needs to keep his thoughts to himself, maybe the world does not care for what he has to say about things.

    • 62511 permalink
      4:08 am

      Yet I’m sure you’ve spoken your mind once before. 1st amendment free speech. It works both ways, not just the way you want it to. I think he’s spot on because tattoos really are atrocious and a fad that needs to die a hard and painful death.

  48. aunaqui permalink
    11:12 pm

    “Because, if this continues it won’t be long before we have a President of the United States with a dragon tattooed across his chest, love and hate written on his knuckles and tear drop inked under his eye. And that’s just wrong.”

    “And that’s just wrong.”

    I’d love it if you’d go alittle further,.. tell us why you believe it’s wrong. (Moral absolutes, matter of preference, is it ugly, is it defacing, is it a definite sign of immaturity that would label one as incompetent to rule our country..?)

    -Aun Aqui

  49. Polish Spring permalink
    12:28 am

    “When I was a boy the only people with tattoos were convicts, sailors and circus freaks. And that made sense – it was a warning to keep your distance if you knew what was good for you.”
    Dear Mr. Mills,
    These words are as valid today as they were then.
    It still is prudent to keep your distance from any such individuum at large.
    Polish Spring

  50. MissTori permalink
    7:00 pm


    After reading the numerous comments above, I have decided to put in my own 2 cents. I am a 22 year old female. Received straight As all throughout high school, played every sport imaginable. Stayed out of trouble. Graduated college in may with a BS in business administration with a GPA above 3.0. I have one tattoo.

    With that being said, some of the “stereotypes” that you speak of, Mister Mills, do not apply to all youth. I do believe that there are children and young adults out there who lack common sense, morals and a sense of respect for their elders. However, I would like to point out that such faults are directly related to how they were raised by their parents. Most young adults my age have parents that are probably close to your age. Therefore, they are not a product of our generation. I would have to say that we cannot fully blame the youngsters for their actions, but we must blame their parents.

    My mom always told me never to get a tattoo. She always told me to stay out of trouble and do well in school. Success is everything. Although I do believe that in some cases, an entire sleeved arm will not land you a “career,” I do believe that there are exceptions. A person should be judged not for their appearance, but for their merit and values. I do believe, as a young adult, that our generation needs to step it up so we can overcome the stereotypes that are used to describe us so frequently by our elders. It’s 2011, things are very different. Tattoos are considered art. Technology is considered a necessity next to water and food. Children can barely spell because of auto spell check and text messaging. However, we have to remember that such things evolved from generations before us. Who came first, the chicken or the egg?

    • Anonymous permalink
      7:00 am

      The answer to this is found in genesis, As well as why you should not mark your body. This is not art, this is a sign, pay attention !!!!

  51. Anonymous permalink
    11:03 am

    Hello there good Sir,
    Can I just start by saying, you quote that the youth of today are ‘damned disrespectful’, have you ever considered that your views are, as you put it, damned disrespectful? This type of hypocritical argument is exactly the kind of outdated views that are holding the world back! Why is there a need to post such hatred on the internet? And as for illeterate, I am sure that there are many English students that would disagree!

  52. Casey Miller permalink
    12:04 am

    I have several tattoos and I am 49 ! I survived my country with honours as did many of my friends some of which gave their lives for your right to express yourself ! 80 % of all the men and women in every branch of the military have at least one Tattoo . So are these the people you want to keep a distance from ? Think before you blog nonsense !!!

    • Sedate Me permalink
      7:57 pm

      I don’t want to speak for Mr Mills, but the fact that 80% of the poor bastards dodging bullets in place of the rest of us ungrateful bastards just goes to prove my point. The unappreciated, disposable, underclass get tattoos.

      The military is made up of people who derive what little respect they get in life by offering up their asses on a plate for the rest of us. Even while society pretends to give a shit, pretending is about as far as it goes. If you were some billionaire, do you think they’d take the briefcase out of your hand, put a gun it, and tell you to run screaming toward some idiot with an RPG?

      • Pamela permalink
        3:48 am

        Oh My! This is so mean yet, sad to say, so true! Our country recruits in the poorest communities to people and feeds patriotism to the underclass, who have few other options. It is much worse now than it used to be. If our country truly cared about our military, they would be well-compensated [as they should be] and our veterans’ hospitals would be the best in the country. I wish that were the case but it is not. Truthfully as far as tattoos go, the military has almost always gotten them. My dad was in the navy yet never got a single tattoo because my affluent grandparents would not approve. Years ago, a soldier, sailor or marine might get ONE tattoo [that they could hide if they entered the corporate world after discharge] but now many are covered in them. Times have certainly changed. I don’t think people going into the military these days are of the same ilk as decades past.

  53. 7:47 pm

    First off, I have yet to see a single teenager at my High School who has a tattoo. I too don’t have them. I happen to agree with you that tattoos are stupid and ridiculous, and in some cases, scary, but just because someone has a tattoo doesn’t mean they’re a bad person.

    To be fair though, I have seen some pretty neat looking tattoos out there. Not cool enough to convince me to get one myself though, but still…

    Also, there are plenty of VERY successful people out there with tattoos, so it’s not like that defines who you are.

    As Johnny Depp once said, “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story”.

  54. thepixichik permalink
    12:41 pm

    um…note the tags. One says ‘humor’. As in, this post is meant to be HUMOROUS. People need to chill out and stop judging, as well as stop taking offense so easily

  55. Alaina Mabaso permalink
    4:24 pm

    Mr. Mills,

    Usually I try to avoid provoking old people – they feel stress so keenly. But I thought of you and your views on tattoos when I wrote this blog post about the stunning ink on my new pharmacist:

    Alaina Mabaso

  56. 7:28 pm

    While I do agree that some people take tattoos to a tacky degree, I have never once regretted my own nor do I believe that they are a detriment to society as a whole.

    I haven’t seen my teenage years for decades and am well over 40. I am an extremely well paid professional in my field and the tattoo I have cannot be seen unless I choose to show it off with a sun dress, bathing suit or other backless summer attire.

    Permanent body art is a very personal choice and should not be done with much careful consideration.

    Perception of what is acceptable changes over time….thank goodness.

    My mother grew up in the 1940s and 1950s when only loose, easy and unsavory women pierced their ears. Fast forward 50-60 years and it’s perfectly acceptable.

    The most harm I have ever seen done to anyone is by those with a bigoted attitude such as those expressed here. I was raised by a prejudiced, racist, and bigoted family whose opinions are much the same as the author and others who have made unkind comments.

    Thankfully, I managed not to be influenced by this type of small minded stupidity.

    The only real thing wrong with kids today is that their parents failed to teach them to have a good work ethic and take care of their responsibilities.

    That is the fault of the same generation that is here complaining and whining. If your children and/or grandchildren are lazy, shiftless losers, then that is your fault….not the fault of any tattoo that they may have.

  57. Anonymous permalink
    12:42 am

    Dear Donald,
    I am heavily tattooed and you are right some i do regret. But not because i don’t like them but because i made the mistake of thinking people should get to know you before they judge you. I was taught not to judge a book by its cover and as for the idiot talking about felons maybe you are right but find out what happened first i have a felony and you know what i don’t regret it at all i saved a nypd officer getting beaten on new years eve in 08 i saw them beating him in a ally so i helped i got hurt but also hurt 2 of the men and do you know what i got in return for trying to do the right thing a felony that’s right the 2 men pressed charges and the nypd would not allow the officer to testify for me because he was drinking on the job isn’t that nice good clean justice delivered by the same type of people who think all people should be grouped into a certain class but then again i am only a tattooed felon with a degree in particle physics in the maya newton engine im stupid

  58. Lili permalink
    11:03 pm

    Dear Mr. Mills,

    I am nineteen years old and have five tattoos. I got one every year from age thirteen to seventeen and they are all hidden. Now only two years after my most recent tattoo, I completely regret all of them.

    Not saying that I’m not still a kid, but kids don’t know anything. We are arrogant, self centered, “know it alls”. It takes moving out of mom and dad’s and starting to have real responsibilities to realize this. Thankfully, when I’m fully clothed all of my tattoos are hidden. I am one hundred percent certain that not having visible tattoos has scored me great jobs opportunities and respect from from very key people in my life. When I’m naked and look ay myself in the mirror I think to myself “what the HELL was I thinking?!?!” At the age of thirteen I was delusional and in no mindset to get something permanent that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Now my poor kids have to look at a heart with wings tramp stamp I got when I was fifteen, but that’s beside the point haha. Having said all of that, if someone, especially an adult, is going to judge a young one because they have a nose ring or a cross tattooed on their ankle, that is shallow and close minded. Why do you think we refer to our elders as grumpy old farts? Like you never did anything stupid when you were a teenager? Come on. I have never had anything but the upmost respect for my elders and I miss all of my deceased grandparents dearly but the world is changing and so are people. When you were my age would having a black president even have been a thought in someone’s mind? All I’m saying is if senior citizens don’t like tattoos, then no one is forcing you to get one! No need to be so bitter and cruel towards us youngins, we’re just little oblivious people that have no idea what the hell is ahead of us in life.

    So I do agree that there should be WAY more restrictions on tattoo’s in this country. I also must add that I am sickened that kids my age are writing on this blog with such horrible grammar and language! You’re trying to defend our generation but the question is can you even spell generation? MESSAGE TO ALL THE KIDS THAT WROTE ON THIS BLOG: Mr. Mills is talking about us like were morons because your replies are moronic! Old people aren’t the coolest but they know A LOT more than we do, so let’s open up our ears and brains a little bit more and stop thinking we know best! I wish I had listened……

    • Sedate Me permalink
      4:22 pm

      Several good points, Lili.

      Teenagers especially have no business getting tattoos because they really struggle with the concept of “permanent”. To them, permanent means “next year” at best. Unfortunately, tattoos last as long as you do, or until you have them painfully and expensively removed.

      When something is permanent, you really shouldn’t be skipping over important steps in the process. A key step in getting a tattoo is being drunk. So, until your legally able to get drunk, you shouldn’t be getting a tattoo.

      • Anonymous permalink
        6:31 am

        When did being drunk become a key step in getting a tattoo? It’s illegal for a certified artist to tattoo anyone that’s intoxicated. They can’t sign the consent form inebriated.

  59. Anonymous permalink
    6:48 pm

    your point may be taking more serious if you wouldn’t of used the Lords name in Vain.

  60. Tiffany permalink
    7:10 am

    I happen to have eight tattoos. Each one has a meaning larger than skin deep. One in particular is for my grandfather I was with at the time of his death, as well as my other family lost. It being fairly religious, the meaning has more than being on skin. I am seventeen and have gotten them legally with my parents signing for permission each time. Now with all of this being said, I do have a job, am going to college as well as high school at the same time and making honor roll in each, and also have never been in trouble with the law or any person for that matter. I fully understand they will not come off, so after thinking about it for a year, I still decided to get them. None of them are exempt from being shown off no matter what is worn, but are able to be covered up by simply not dressing like most teenagers do today.

  61. nateparry permalink
    3:50 am

    You are an idiot.

  62. modelguy permalink
    9:15 pm

    Tatoos are disgusting. Especially in food service. If I go to a restaurant and see the chef or staff covered with stupid ‘ink’, I get up and leave.
    Anybody ever hear of Hepatitis?

  63. modelguy permalink
    9:20 pm

    Oh, and let’s us give up this tired notion not to ‘judge people’. That’s what people do. ALL people…you ‘can’t we all get along’ idiots included. You are a liar to say you con’t judge others. You’re judging me now.

  64. 4:34 pm

    Dear good sir Mills

    I would like to say I have a couple tattoos and plan on more. One is on my right shoulder of a trebel clef because I love singing and music. The other is on my left side and it is a quote by Shakespeare because I am a writer as well. I plan on one more on my leg for when I publish my first book and another to represent my sisters who are amazing. All of these are thought out and done after the age of 20.

    The ‘kids’ who impulsivly get a tattoo that says their name? They are lame but that is my humble opinion.

    I love your work, now following.

  65. 11:42 pm

    Dear Crabby,
    I like your blog and I completely agree with your stand on tattoos and piercings. You might want to read a couple of my posts on the subject. I’ve gotten more hits on the first one by far than any other posts. I always wonder if the people that land on these are parents trying to show their god damned kids what idiots they are for wanting a tattoo, or if they are idiot kids that get there by mistake.

    Keep up the good work,


  66. Matt permalink
    7:18 am

    Ok old fart i got 6 tattoos and more on the way if you hade a pare and walk up to a guy with tattoos you will see that no one but in movies hase i kill n*** or fuck the world on there boddy half the people have a story with there tattoos your a old ass fart thats good for nothing you say we scare old people cuz we have and love beautifull art on are body i for one em looking forword to fucking up every thing you old people worked for as in tattoos bagy pants red blue purple hair who fucking cares what we look like or if u dont like my art one day we will make ur burger be you lawyer doctor teacher and so on times change old fart u did it to your parents with you disco ant rock and roll did they like kiss i dont think so

    • Sedate Me permalink
      2:29 pm

      i for one em looking forword to fucking up every thing you old people worked for

      Well, you’re off to a good start. You’ve completely fucked up the English language. You are so incoherent, I wonder if most of the ink from your skull tattoo of Lindsay Lohan in a prison jumpsuit picking up garbage alongside the highway has leeched into your brain.

  67. Val permalink
    12:22 am

    I’ll leave it soooo simple. A REAL tattoo artist, is creative, and can create BEAUTIFUL work!
    “We dont charge people to look at BEAUTIFUL works of art that grace our skin and bodies”
    And its true. Tattooed people have their reasons, and NO one should bitch that they get to view works of art for free. I personally, will TELL people that stare, if you have a problem, look the other way. I love my tattoos, I love my ART, and I dont care what any old coot thinks.

  68. Anonymous permalink
    6:27 am

    Dear Don,
    I think you have an incorrect misperception of the tattoo culture of today. I’m currently a Filmmaking major at an art and design school. I’ve always been an artist, ever since I could hold a pencil I’ve been writing stories and drawing pictures. As I got older my appreciation for art grew. I love Monet, Van Gogh, Vasquez, Renoir, and many other baroque and impressionists artists, but I also love Kim Saigh, Gianluca Mattia, George Simkins and other post-modern artists, which includes tattoo artists. To me tattoos are such a beautiful form of art because, like the movies I aspire to make, they come to life on the skin. They move with your body and age with your skin, and die with you, unlike the canvases that hang on the walls of museums. They are tangible, beautiful creations.

    As for my inability to support myself: I don’t plan on working minimum wage jobs and living off of welfare, in fact I refuse to live off of welfare. I’m from the midwest and I have a midwestern work ethic that is in no way affected by my collection of tattoos. I am a dedicated, passionate student with high aspirations to be successful in my creative field and enjoy a fulfilling career. Tattoos included.

    Ars Gratia Artis,

    P.S. My grandma loves my tattoos 🙂

  69. Cat permalink
    6:14 am

    “They say that every civilian has freedom of expression, but what happens when that is overlooked in the workplace? People who are sporting tattoos/piercings/ and sort of body modification, are immediately judged and are typically obligated to hide their tattoos, essentially hiding who they are, in order to put food on the table. Does anyone else see something wrong? Stop discrimination against people with tattoos in the workplace, everyone is allowed to be who they are.”

  70. 2:17 am

    I have tattoos and I thought this was funny. Well played, sir.

  71. Gillian permalink
    7:49 pm

    Dear Mr. Mills

    This entire post saddens me, as well as all the comments. My Name is Gillian; I have a job as well as I am an 18 year old University of New Brunswick student doing something with my life. The reasoning for me writing to you is I would love for you to meet my mother. She is the most inspirational woman I have ever known, she is my rockstar. At 51, my mother has spent 30 years owning her own high end interior design business. She is well known as one of the best interior decorators in eastern Canada, as well as owning her own furniture line and 8,000 sq. foot store in a well of town. She makes 6 figures and is completely dependent on herself and providing for my brother and I. The kicker? She has 7 tattoos, 5 piercings, jet black choppy hair, ripped jeans and listens to Lady Gaga.

    Let me just tell your sir, I take after my mother. I have 5 tattoos myself, including my entire ribs. Have you ever taken the time to ask people what their tattoos mean to them? You might just find an interesting story lying behind all of that ink. I Have “I am a bird” tattooed on my forearm as I have been in singing lessons for 10 years and is my utmost passion, my singing teacher always said “Birds don’t speak because they have a voice, They sing because they have a song, and You are a bird”. I have a dream catcher on my ribs, each feather representing a family member, protecting them. It mirrors my native heritage on my great grandmother’s behalf. I have an Anchor on my foot for my father who raised me fishing in boats off the coast of Newfoundland and Blacks Harbour and doing so “Anchored” my feet to the ground, never letting anything get to my head or trail me off the course of what is important in life. My father is 52 with a tattoo of me on his right arm, he says I am the only constant woman in his life and that I keep him anchored as well.

    I may not have plain blonde hair, and the skin god gave me. But I took what he gave me and made it my own, into something that I look in the mirror and love and adore, Skin that tells stories and marks important times and moments in my life. Moments that are there forever so I may never forget. When I am old, and cannot remember anymore my children will tell me what my tattooed skin means, and my skin will probably tell stories of my children and their children as well. For you to say that I WILL go to jail, as if it is of certainty, is outrageous. I am going somewhere in my life, that if for sure. But Mr. Mills, It is not to jail, it is to my dreams and aspirations. For you to say that I am not as beautiful as I feel– hurts. Because I believe that beauty is not only skin deep.

    I respect that my response will not make you accept piercings and tattoos, or change your opinion on the topic. I just hope to make you realise to generalize an entire group of people as Jailbait, good for nothing, tattooed freaks… is absurd. Respect is given when it is received, and I would not judge you, So please do not judge me.


    • Anonymous permalink
      10:37 pm

      Thank you for posting that, it made my day!

  72. 12:43 pm

    Dear Mr.Mills
    I for one think that you have no social understanding about the world, young people wouldn’t be the way they are today if they didn’t have such boring and restrained role model’s, i think you have a terrible view on young people and i do strongly believe you have to many old standards that need cleaning from your overflowed catheter bag i find you disrespectful and prejudiced. it wouldn’t suprise me if you where a racist either the way you judge on appearance. I went to Bosnia in the summer helping rebuild their country as best we could with my team, i am 19 and so far own a very succesful Carpentry business in the U.K. and each and everyone one of my team have tattoo’s and we went to a country with high social standards who no one has tattoos or piercings yet they excepted us from the moment they saw us with no judgemental attitudes or religious conflicts with them being muslim.
    I think you need to open your eyes and i hope your grand children all get memorial tattoos of your death you waste of an opinion.

    your’s Sincerely Mike

  73. Rach permalink
    7:36 am

    Maybe they don’t mean a whole lot to anybody else, but my tattoos mean a whole lot to me. That’s why they’re on my body, and not yours or anyone else’s. I only have two small ones, and I’m nineteen. One is there to remind me to stay positive, and the other is just a small bow to commemorate some deceased relatives. I’m certainly not going out and getting a sleeve with meaningless things, though I do understand that some tattoos are a bit ridiculous. I’m just saying that maybe all tattoos aren’t as awful as you might think, and that maybe there’s a method to what is perceived as another’s madness. I know they’re on my body for life, and that’s why I got them.
    But, to each his own.
    Thanks for your time.

  74. Dale permalink
    5:52 am

    Just my 2 cents, I am covered in tattoos and I have a degree from Michigan State I left an $80,000 dollar a year job to follow my dream and become a tattoo artist and now I make more than $150,000 a year. I have never done drugs, I have never been to jail nor prison and I rarely drink! I think that with the change in times Tattoos have become more excepted! And for you to state your opinion is fine but please don’t put us all in the category of fellens, jackasses and morons!

    Thank You

  75. 7:40 pm

    Dumbass I am 11 and I have a tattoo of big three dots

  76. phoenix permalink
    10:42 pm

    I am appalled at how unbelievably narrow minded some of you are. Guess what old man, this isn’t the 1900’s anymore. Times have changed and thank god for that. Some of these posts and comments make me sick to my stomach. What, you people can’t discriminate against women and people of color any longer, so you move into people who exercise their right of freedom and expression? It’s not tattoos that’s what’s wrong with kids these days, its the fact that they have mentors and leaders like you filling their minds with “its not ok to express yourself and live like you want to and if you do you’ll be “cuffed” for doing so”. Do not oppress others and push your limited way of thinking onto them. Its people like YOU that are whats wrong with the WORLD. But you know what they say, A BIG MOUTH AND A NARROW MIND USUALLY GO TOGETHER. You can take that with you to hell.

    • Anonymous permalink
      10:01 am

      Art belongs on the wall…. Unless you are marked for death or a slave ….

  77. Anonymous permalink
    6:22 pm

    I drink, smoke, have a lot of tattoos, play various musical instruments, own my own business, own two homes, own a shop for my business, and play in a heavily booked band. I also make a lot of money. No explanation needed. BAM!

  78. shelli permalink
    3:55 am

    All of you guys make me laugh. Arguing over something that is will never really change. I am a mom of two boys, married, am a successful photographer, own a home in an upper class neighborhood and well – life is good – put it at that! I also have a full sleeve tattoo, as well as, other tattoos in other places. I don’t need to justify to anyone the reasons I have tattoos or why I got them. Just like people don’t need to justify why they are democrats/republicans/Christians/Mormons, etc. I just can’t stand the fact that people on this forum are basically stating that we are “bad” people, with low incomes, who cannot get jobs, blah blah blah – while it is still your opinion, it may not be the right one!

  79. Whit permalink
    2:22 am

    According to the American Society of Dermatological surgery, over 50% of everyone receiving a tattoo wants it removed….

    Total number of Americans that have at least one tattoo 45 million

    Yet an ever rising number of people are so unhappy with their tattoos that they are willing to pay anything to have them removed.

    Tattoo removal laser surgery is becoming big business for the dermatologists who perform it.”


  80. 8:17 pm

    That’s funny. I thought arrogance and elitism was the problem with people today. More and more I see people thinking it’s okay to tell me off over the internet when they wouldn’t do it in person (aka “armchair warrior”).
    This problem seems to be in far greater supply than ‘kids with tattoo’s’.
    I have both of my arms tattooed down to my wrists and I do not smoke ‘pot’, nor do I take ‘Acid’.
    Oh and god forbid a President with a Dragon tattoo, thank god for good Presidents like Bush who bomb civilians and steal Oil (but no Tattoo so it’s all good!).

    Nice troll blog by the way. Pointless attempt at getting numbers, nevertheless successful.

    • 3:47 pm

      Spoken like a true tattooed moron. You’ve just confirmed his point. Oh, and yes, I WOULD tell you what a moron you are, to your face. As if anybody fears tattooed morons these days, even nerds and little girls have tattoos.

  81. 3:20 pm

    The phenomenon can be traced back to Tattoo of Fantasy Island. Children could identify with the little fella.

  82. 7:49 pm

    I’m a heavily tattooed 20something, but I enjoyed this too much to be angry! 🙂

  83. 6:21 am

    I read your entry. I understood your entry. I felt your entry enter me and blossom into another kind of entry all its own. Needless to say, I love you work. Stop by and see me sometime!

  84. 6:22 am

    Whoops, that was *I love YOUR work. Wouldn’t want to sound nutso or anything!

  85. 2:41 pm

    Love your writing. My husband’s youngest sister has a tattoo of a fish … on her inner thigh. Need I say more? The only thing that would make it more appropriate was if it was a tuna.

    A major problem with everyone getting all tattooed is that now we can’t tell who’s a carney or a sailor. In my post ‘Body Art’ found at 1950 Suburban Adventures, I describe my early attempt at becoming a tattoo artist, on the front and back of someone else’s torso.

  86. 4:09 pm

    I absolutely love your blog and sense of humour. I am 48 years old and as a sign of my freedom from the corporate world, got a tattoo on my ankle to symbolize my new career as a freelance writer. At 48 years old, you’d think I would know better but, I admit, I really like it. I especially like the shock on my old co-workers faces when they see it so I certainly understand why the kids do it to “make a statement”. Although, now that I think of it, I could have done something equally spectacular but less longterm to make a statement. Mmm, maybe burn my bra? Nope, already been done. I will have to think about that one.

  87. 7:26 pm

    I’m a young person who wants a tattoo (have to wait until I’m eighteen), and I find this hilarious. People who are offended by this are crazy. It’s just a funny blog where he makes fun of teen/young adult stereotypes. It’s all good, man. Love this blog.

  88. 5:03 pm

    I so agree with your sentiments regarding tattoos. I have just stumbled upon your site and am rejoicing in the fact that I have found one written by an adult. Thankyou

  89. 3:43 pm

    Check out this wonderful anti-tattoo list I’d found the other day.

  90. 2:18 am

    Reblogged this on hshannon13 and commented:
    Wow… this blog is actually a little offensive. It’s crazy to read something who was written by somebody with completely different views than mine. Of course I respect the bloggers right to his own opinion, but I think it was be awesome to have a tattooed President in the future!

  91. Steve Gross permalink
    9:26 pm

    Hello sire my name is Steve Gross and I am 42 years old and have tattoos. I have to respectfully have to disagree with you about people who have tattoos are criminals, sailors, and drug addicts. There are policemen, Drs, and lawyers who have tattoos too. These days everybody has tattoos and it does not mean that they are bad people or have been in trouble. thank you,
    Steve Gross

  92. 8:31 pm

    Hello sir my name is Steve Gross and I am 42 years old and I have tattoos. I have to respectfully disagree with you about people who have tattoos being criminals, sailors, and drug addicts. There are policemen, Drs, and lawers who have tattoos too. These days everybody has tattoos and it does not mean that they are bad people or have been in trouble.
    Thank you,
    Steve Gross

  93. 2:46 am

    This gentleman has not advanced with the changes in today’s cultural and social norms, in spite of the fact that he has advanced in years. It is not easy for anyone to makes changes in their attitudes over time if they are not aware and exposed to the momentum of the cultural changes allowing them to be able to reason through the evolution. It is clear that his generation did in fact connect tattooed people with negative stigmas and stereotypes of characteristics and judgments like “convicts, sailors, and circus freaks.” These prior stigmas that he still clings to are absolutely obsolete and no longer accurate and pertinent to today’s inked generation. He is also incorrect in his assumption of claiming that “all” young people today have tattoos. This statement is very incorrect in the fact that adults between the ages of eighteen to twenty five, only thirty six percent have at least one tattoo, where adults between the ages of twenty six and forty, forty percent have at least one tattoo as supported from So clearly, there are actually more OLDER people with tattoos than us younger people. And finally I would like to address the fact that this gentleman feels it would be “just wrong” if we were one day have a tattooed president. At one point in history I’m sure many people felt it would be “just wrong” if we had a black president, but look who is in charge of our country to this day. Does the color of his skin affect how he thinks, how he makes decisions, how he run’s a country to the best of his ability based truly from the knowledge he has in his brain? The answer is no, it does not. And neither would a president with tattoos covering his body. You are not what people see, you are who you decide to be. So in fact tattoo are not in any way negative but a form of showing you are an individual and can perceive yourself however you want.

  94. Khaya Mckeever-Odom permalink
    2:21 am

    When getting a tattoo young adults need to be aware of the placement for future career opportunities. If a president does have a tattoo on their chest, I wouldn’t mind because, I should never see the president’s chest. All young people who have tattoos are not bad people like stated in the article. I have a Japanese Cherry Blossom on my left side. I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I want to be a nurse anesthetist or a doctor. My tattoo shouldn’t affect my capabilities because it is hidden and doesn’t affect my morals or knowledge.

  95. victoria Jarero permalink
    8:57 pm

    We cannot always judge a book by its cover, yes first impressions are important but what is on the outside doesn’t truly represent who the person really is. Tattoos are a form of art, that in this era has become more and more common! Yes tattoos can represent a rough past but they can also represent a positive future. We cannot judge someone just for their tattoos, but we can for what is inside.

  96. Anonymous permalink
    1:06 pm

    I`m a teen. And this is HILARIOUS & true 🙂

  97. Katia permalink
    10:31 am

    I do have tatoos but really enjoyed reading this… my mum would agree so much! Lol


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