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God Damned Poorly Dressed Young People Make Me Furious

The problem with young people today is that they don’t know how to dress.

When I was a boy my mother bought my clothes at the F. W. Woolworth Company. I didn’t get a choice about what I wore and neither did my friends. We wore short pants or dungarees and crisp white shirts and were grateful that our parents clothed us at all.

But these young people today – they walk around in their droopy-assed slacks, ridiculous foot wear and exposed underpants looking like a cross between a circus clown and a 10 cent prostitute. God damned muffin tops and belly shirts and exposed thongs and low rider pants. It’s enough to turn you off your oatmeal and make you put your own eyes out.

And good Christ, what the hell is with young people having words like “Angel” written across the ass of their sweat pants? It’s pornographic and false advertising to boot.

But the worst are those god damned backward baseball caps. That drives me bonkers. If I ever wore a piece of clothing backward my old dad would have twisted my neck around until my back was front and front was back.

What’s next? Driving your car around backward? Walking backward? Eating dessert before supper? They’re undermining the values of decent society.

They’re making fools of themselves and scaring the bejeepers out of decent old folks.

And that, my friends, is the problem with young people today.

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  1. Adam permalink
    12:25 am

    The high school I went to was full of all the stereotypical teens you have described in multiple posts. The tattoos, baggy clothing, and mainly knocked up by the time they graduate! Hell, my high school had a day care just for such people…they should have passed out condoms at least. To me, all this B.S leads to one thing, the PARENTS! So to all you aspiring parents out there, please for the sake of a smarter humanity, discipline you’re children!!
    First time at this web site thanks to stumble, and trust me, I will be back, this place is funny as hell!

    • 1:02 am

      Thanks Adam, glad you were able to stop in.

      I appreciate your kind words and advice to young parents.

      Not to bring the room down and get all serious, but in addition to “discipline” I’d be inclinded to add “pay attention” and “be involved” to the list.

      Hope to see you again lad.

    • 6:03 pm

      Hell isn’t funny Adam.

      At least it wasn’t last time I was there.

      Tell me – have you ever visited Birmingham, England?

  2. 1:22 am

    Don, Sebastian Horsley said that the baseball cap is a symbol of man’s inhumanity to man. While I’m sure you wouldn’t approve of Mr. Horsley — he’s a self proclaimed aesthete, and, um, a dandy, I figured you might like the sentiment.

    10 cent hookers? They selling them at

    • 1:41 am

      Good evening Mr. Tru,

      Lovely to see you and thanks for the comment. God damn but your well read for a dachshund. And I love the sentiment…so thank you for sharing.

      And as for the hookers, been a while since I price checked that particular item. It might be worth a look. Sometimes, at they have 15% off coupons but if you’re real lucky, you can find the occasional 2 for 1.

      Good luck and happy hunting.


  3. 5:50 am

    I have to agree with absolutely everything you’ve posted about. I don’t understand what goes through the minds of people my age (20’s) when they’re wearing shirts with popped collars, jeans that are practically on the ground, and fellas with hair past their shoulders.

    Flip that collar down and do up the buttons on your shirt, buy something that was invented a good few centuries back called a BELT, and get a haircut. We wonder why the unemployment rate is so high, it’s because no company in their right mind would hire someone who showed up looking like that.

    Keep up the fantastic posts Mr. Mills, I look forward to seeing what else you grace our minds with.

    Take care!

    • 12:04 pm

      You a damned smart young man, Mr. Renaud. And thanks for including paragraphs, commas, periods and verbs in your comment.

      It makes it much easier for an old man to understand what the hell is going on.

      Nice of you to stop in, son.

  4. sensico permalink
    2:38 pm

    I was walking to class today and saw a girl wear pants with “PINK” written across her ass. The pants weren’t even pink and I’m sure her ass wasn’t either. Talk about false advertising lol.
    Even I agree with the baggy jeans thing, I don’t even want a guy to attempt to ask me out when they have baggy jeans showing parts that aren’t supposed to be shown. Ha! Muffin tops?? Old people aren’t supposed to notice stuff like that, I almost cringed when my Grandma and Grandpa talked about some girl showing her thong

    • 4:44 pm

      It’s a mystery to me. Pink? What the hell does that mean?

      If they need to add wording, I think young people should consider buying pants with the words “back” and “front” on them (or, “note: remember to pull me up over your ass”. )

      I think they could use the help.

      Thanks for coming in Sensico. Always great to see you here.

      • 11:32 am

        I believe that “Pink” is the catchphrase for Victoria’s Secret clothing (or non-clothing…whichever you prefer). I’ve written or vented or raged, if you will, about the lack of sensibility in young people’s clothing as well. It doesn’t change anything, but it felt good to let it off my chest. Although I’m not so old as to not remember my own mother hating my choices of clothing (big, bad bellybottoms, teeny, weeny miniskirts and supertight t-shirts) today’s so-called fashion is way out there. I will continue to vent and hope that someday style makes a comeback. 😀

  5. 3:28 pm

    What about 40ish women having words on the ass of their panties like “Hot Stuff” or “Hottie” or “Slippery When Wet? My wife is 41 and has these words on a lot of her panties. Please note that she is INDEED “hot stuff”, a “hottie” and is quite “slippery when wet” so it’s really not false advertising. These panties are also not exposed for others to see. Most people freak when they guess her age to be 28 and find that she is really 41.

    So I ask you Mr. Mills, is this acceptable?

    As far as baggy pants, funky footwear and EXPOSED underwear, I couldn’t agree more Don! WTF is going on kids? Let’s get with the program and buy some pants that fit right, get yourself a pair of Buster Browns and pull your f’ing underwear down ya dumbass.

    • 4:51 pm

      Thanks Gary,

      Nice to see you again. Now, what goes on between you, your wife and her underpants is really none of my concern but I’d say your on safe ground as long as it stays within the confines of a darkened bedroom on a Sunday evening after the kids are asleep.

      The only thing I ever wrote on my underpants was my name but, apparently, I’m a relic.

  6. 7:15 pm

    This is great and only too true! Teenagers today look like a cheap hooker and the easter bunny collided at full speed.

    What is the deal with the Ugg boots? They are single handedly the ugliest boots I have ever seen, and girls wear them with mini-skirts in the dead of summer!

    They will realize how silly they looked when they grow up one day – if they manage to do that. I’m lucky it was hip to be old-fashioned with I was a teen.

    However, I disagree with one statement of James Renaud, I think long hair on men (if done correctly) can be extremely attractive.

    Keep the good work coming Mr. Mills!

    • 11:22 pm

      Thanks for stopping in Maureen.

      I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Ugg boots but they sound vile enough.

      Hope to see you again soon.

  7. Mach permalink
    7:53 pm

    Greetings sir!
    I agree with everything that you wrote, save one thing: the backwards hat. You see, I (at 34 years of age) have a condition called Allopecia Areata. This has left a sizable bald-spot on the back of my head. Though I shave my head, it is still quite noticable and embarassing. Therefore, when I’m in public, I wear my hat backwards to cover the spot. I don’t do it as a trend; I do it to avoid rude comments and such. Sometimes there is a reason for the things that annoy you.

    • 1:18 am

      God damned but that’s a tough story Mach. I have a touch of the male pattern myself but I can get pretty creative with a comb.

      You get a pass. God Bless and good luck


  8. Kevin H permalink
    9:27 pm

    I understand that hair down below your shoulder (for males), baggy clothes, millions of piercings, etc are down right weird but when you get into popped collars, tight fitting clothing, holy jeans and manufactured stone washed clothing its really pushing it. I wear trendy clothes, extra large sunglasses, pink shirts, holy jeans you name it., and yes im a guy. But that has nothing to do with the 1940’s and the way those yuppies dressed. They don’t sell clothes at Montgomery Ward anymore, shit I don’t even think they make appliances anymore. I find this acceptable because this is what are culture is, that is what your culture was, and this generation will be past up by some other radical clothing. And oh, if someone were to call ME gay for the things I wear, or as much as cracks an insult, that’s where being a corporal in the United fuckin States Marines comes in handy as I do a little “fist meets flesh” scenario. Another point, your an American right? Did you serve in the armed forces of this great country to defend the rights for people to bitch all day about what kids are wearing? Probably not, nor did I expect it from someone that sits on a computer all day bitching about other people. Point being, you dish it and there’s bound to be someone with more moral authority to strike your hand down faster than you say, “Where dem corduroys at, Maud?”

    • 1:23 am


      You strike me as a man who can tell a God damned good story. Or 7. And all in one paragraph.

      Damned impressive. From pink shirts to homophobia to military service to fisting flesh to moral authority…you have it all covered my friend. Well done.

      I like you lad. I can tell you have a lot going on upstairs.



    • Brenda permalink
      4:43 pm

      Thank God for the American Citizens not in the Armed Service. Otherwise we wouldn’t be getting a paycheck!

  9. 11:18 pm

    Love ya sitebanner.

  10. 12:32 am

    What’s funny, is 40 years from now, today’s kids will be going ape-shit at what THEIR kids are wearing.

    Makes you wonder, just how bad are things gonna get?

    • 1:24 am

      Hey Friar, Good to see you.

      Judging by some of the comments rolling in, I’d say we’re in for a hell of a future.

  11. robinaltman permalink
    3:01 am

    Luckily, my kids dress pretty conservatively, so I don’t have to spend too much time mocking them. It can be tiring.

    Once, a teenage patient of mine was in the waiting room, wearing a collar with spikes coming out of it. When I came out to get him I said, “Here, doggie! Nice doggie! Come!” The entire waiting room burst out laughing. God but do I know how to bond with children. . .

    • 3:25 am

      That’s hilarious!

      You’re right robinaltman, it is indeed, very tiring mocking them. But it’s also such fun. Plus, it’s payback for when our parents mocked us. Ah, the circle of life.

  12. 4:11 am

    I totally agree. What the hell is wrong with kids these days? Society is changing though, I guess. And change isn’t always good, But that’s the way life goes. But how much worse can it get? It seems that this is getting worse and worse, and we need to stand and do whatever it takes from seeing this get out of hand even more.

    Check out my website at:

    I have a blog website much like yours, and I would love for you to check it out.

    • 12:39 am

      Thanks Steve. Appears your link is broken. Either that or some teenager is hacking down the internet again. Damned kids.

      Thanks for stopping in.


  13. 7:47 pm

    I rather seem a freak wearing whatever I want to wear, than being a robot with no judgement and wear what other people want me to wear and not what I really like.

    • 12:43 am

      Jesus H. Christ. Are you telling me that there are teenager robots out there? Holy Hannah!!!!!!

      Cause if there are I’m taking my shotgun and my cans of Alphagetti and heading to the basement!

      Thanks for the warning chilipeppera!

  14. Dan permalink
    9:14 am

    I want to start off by saying that I am 19 and I generally avoid the popular fashion of sagged jeans and backwards caps however I don’t believe its a crime. The questions I want to ask you and every other poster who commented about how they agree with you are, “If you took Martin Luther King Jr. and put him in a backwards cap and sagged jeans?, would he be any less of a man?” I find that in our culture we are constantly haphazardly judging individuals based on their appearance and I believe that to be unarguably wrong. If you could go back in time and see man when he first walked the earth you would find that he had no clothes at all. No backwards cap. No saggy jeans. Just plain naked. We began wearing clothing as a source of protection from the cold and to prevent cuts and bruises. However somewhere down the road we decided clothes were a status symbol. The point I am trying to make with all of this is that clothing and to a larger extent “proper” clothing is merely a man made concept and thus it is unfair to say that any one kind of dress is the right kind. Something else to think about is that, in many middle eastern countries women are not allowed to show any skin whatsoever and for them to do so is viewed as vulgar behavior. When they see an American women (even one that you would consider well dressed) they view her as slutty. Very similarly to the way you view young Americans. Yet another point, why is wearing a hat backwards the wrong way to wear a hat? If your argument is that it is impractical I’m afraid you will lose that battle. Correct me if I’m wrong but in the early 1900’s hats were extremely popular and many hats didn’t even have brims. Alright I’ll conclude my rant now. Aside from everything I have talked about the most astonishing thing to me in your posts is the anger you have towards these young people. If you truly wish to change their ways perhaps you should open an open non-judgmental dialogue with them. Hate never leads to change… at least not positive change.

    • 12:53 am

      Thanks Danny. You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into your comment.

      Sorry if I seem cranky. I think I ate a damned bad tuna sandwich or something. I got some pretty serious heartburn and ran out of Mylanta.

      If you take the time, lad, I think you’ll find I’m extremely lovable.


  15. 6:11 pm

    Just b/c your so fucking old school doesn’t mean that you have 2 dis the newer generation… Just think back 2 when u were a kid… Your generation probably changed a hell of alot since your daddy’s…. Generations always change, but no matter…. This site is a discrimination…. How would you feel if we put up a site that talked about u old folks….. Dissing u all the time and shit…. Would u like it…. NO… I DIDNT THINK SO… So FUCK OFF…. This site is discrimating and its bull shit…. Grow up…. Im speaking whats on my mind and probably all the other teens out there 2….. PEACE OUT!

    • Riddler permalink
      11:45 pm

      You could at least be formal enough to spell out “because” and “to”, this isn’t your myspace.

    • 1:06 am

      God Damned I love you kids!

      But I have to call you on a couple of points you raise.

      All other teens? You’re speaking for ALL OTHER TEENS? You’d never catch and older person making sweeping generalizations like that Next Generation (is that the one with the Wookie?). Really, its disgraceful. Stop it.

      And, no offence meant Newt Generation but you ask and answer your own questions. No one likes a one sided conversation. How would I feel is someone put up a site about us old folks? Would I like it? “No” you say.

      Well, god damned it Vext Generation, I might not mind. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d be largely ambivalent.(

      And finally, Nu Generation, swearing louder and yelling louder doesn’t a strong argument make.

      Think on it lad.

      Good luck and God Bless

      Don Mills

      p.s. Peace Out, whatever the hell that means

    • 5:45 pm

      You younguns really need to learn to spell better. Dissing starts with a P not a D.

  16. 6:27 pm

    I totally agree! Especially about the “pants around the ankles” thing. i am only 17, but still…

    PS: Who the h*ck wears caps nowadays? Certainly not Scandinavians.

  17. silentorchestra permalink
    10:47 pm

    Ha. Fabulous post. I completely agree. Words on people’s asses piss me off to no end. Especially, when the pants are too small and instead of ‘Angel’ it reads, ‘Al’. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little… as do muffin tops, exposed thongs, and baggy jeans.

    • 1:09 am

      Thanks Silentorchestra,

      Yeah, Al is never a good look. Off for a Rye and a long nap. It’s been a Hell of a Day

  18. 5:40 pm

    What’s next backwards thing, gnitirw sdrawkcab maybe.
    I really hate how they start every sentence with “Like”
    When I see them looking like fools withtheir pants way down & their underpants out the top I always want to go for a super mega wedgie.
    I love your Blog by the way Donald it is such an accurate depiction of how so many teenagers are today. Thanks for bringing common decency to the fore in this world gone mad.

  19. mynooch permalink
    1:09 pm

    I think your real issues is.. when you see an attractive women.. pry showing off her thong.. you just get pissed cause you realize.. you’ll never get another creepy old man boner again..

  20. Youngn' permalink
    8:14 pm

    I have to address some points to embarrass this old geezer.

    1. You seem to hate everything about young people. If you were really smarter than younger people, you would just make one post about how you hate everything that young people do. But you are dumb, and waste your time making a million too many post.

    2. You are a pedophile. A man as ancient as you shouldn’t be looking at young girls ass’. You are like 100 hundred years older than them! Old people like you are gross.

    3. You gossip too much like old people. That my friend is why old people suck.

  21. Youngn' permalink
    8:16 pm

    And as for Tony… LIKE, you are really stupid. Because I’m sure when you were my age, you did things that people who were the age you are now back then thought was really stupid.

    • 10:58 pm

      Hello there Youngn’

      Now if you were really smart you would have included both of your gripes in one comment. But you are dumb, and waste your time making a million too many comments…

      Sorry, couldn’t resist. You set me up on purpose right? Cause that’s too easy.

      But seriously, youngin’, you put me in my place and embarrassed me well. I’m duly admonished and humbled to be the presence of such a keen mind.

      I see a bright future for you lad. Hope to hear from you soon.


      Donald Mills

  22. Myst permalink
    7:45 pm

    Though not Christian myself, all I can think to say to this is “AMEN.”

    I love my nice, ladylike buttoned blouses and knee length skirts. I want people to treat me with respect when I go out, not wolf whistling and cat calling.

    And the boys at my high school need to pull up their pants and start wearing a belt. I DO NOT want to know what color your boxers are! It is NOT attractive in the least.

  23. 1:32 am

    You know what burns my ass?

    Adults who, at the act of 30 and older dress and act like “Gangstas”.

    Nothing irritates me more than standing in line behind some guy whose ass is hanging out of his oversize pants, with his baseball cap is on sideways, who’s talking on his cellphone to a friend and saying “Yo, Niggah! S’up, Homey!” and making gang hand signs while bobbing and weaving who then turns around and I can see his at least 35…. and white.

    “Yo,! ‘Homey’! You’re white and 35. You look like an idiot.”

  24. 1:32 am

    That should have read “age or 30”. My ass was so burned that I lost my ability to type…

  25. Shafali permalink
    6:05 am

    Those peeping thongs, those dragging pants, and those turned-around caps! They are just perfect! Mr. Mills, I might think of adding a new section to my blog – “Inspired by Don Mills.”


  26. Elmako permalink
    4:06 pm

    In my day, only assclowns and butt pirates walked around with their hats on backwards. Maybe times haven’t changed so much…

    And why the hell do they wear their hats 24/7? Even in Church, when the Flag goes by, while the National Anthem is being sung, in home and in eateries! Dammned Godless athiest commies! They’ve got no respect for social norms and they’ve gone and created their own, but consider the source…

  27. Rob permalink
    10:33 pm

    Great Blog.

    Q) Why do guys wear there hats backwards?

    A) So they can fit more cock in there Mouth!


  28. 3:55 pm

    ha ha ha. You make my day!

  29. Tamara V permalink
    1:06 am

    hello Mr.Mills, I’m a teen and I understand your perspective on teenagers, but just like elderly people, not all teens are the same. I’ll agree that people in this 2010 world have gotten inhumane and disrespectful and just all out unbelievable, and a handful of these people are younger. There aren’t many good people in this world, but there are some great people out there trying to make a difference. And as far as the rant about all these horrible things that teenagers do or are, and look most of these kids are messed up from their parents and the way they have grown up, a lot of the time there’s nothing the kids can do about it. Not everyone has a good life. I’m nowhere near perfect, I have difficulties spelling, trusting people, being social and etc. I’m 17 and my life so far hasn’t quite been a walk in the park. I was abused most of my life and grew up in a bad place and a bad home, yet I try my best to be respectful and good. Despite the fact I had a bad upbringing I don’t do drugs or dress ridiculously I respect everyone especially elderly people, because they have made it a long time in this crazy world. I am nothing like what you thing a teen is! I try hard in school to get good grades and I do get incredibly good grades. I’m not stupid nor a “know it all.” Anyway I’m trying to tell you that not everyone is the same, and not all teens or people in general for that matter are bad. I find the fact that your pointing out stereotypical flaws of bad teens, and naming all teenagers worthless trash because you feel that all teens are bad, offensive.

    thank you for your time,

    Teen Tamara

  30. Anonymous permalink
    11:55 am


  31. Susan permalink
    1:21 am

    How about kids with no sense of H-U-M-O-R?

  32. Pattrish permalink
    8:23 am

    Today’s ladies’ fashions are for the slim and trim. What gets me is that the ordinary younger gal wearing them is not aware (apparently) they’re way too chubby and no Playboy centerfold. So, they walk around with their exposed fat flopping in the wind.

    And, I agree that being pregnant is a beautiful thing and a wonderful experience. However, I don’t want to see this pregnancy in the FLESH along their “outie” or stretchmarks. Back in the dark ages, we were proud, but covered.

    Also want to say…young people should beware of what they say here. Someday, they’ll be old. Time marches on.

    You’re terrific, Don. Keep up the good work!

  33. Anonymous permalink
    9:38 pm

    Why does what other people wear cause that type of a reaction for you?

  34. 5:00 am

    Don, I’m a teenager. If I was caught in any of the aforementioned poor dress styles, my mother would ground me for ages and take away all of my Barnes and Noble gift cards. I don’t even want to think about what my dad would do.
    The sleeves must cover the shoulders, and shorts and skirts must go to the knees. Any top with a front that goes below the collarbone must have an undershirt on under said top. Undershirts also prevent embarrassments when bending over. This is the dress code at my house. You do not break the dress code.

    • 7:17 pm

      I used to wear short skirts back when till age 13.
      But now, am used to covering my whole body.

  35. Madison permalink
    3:29 am

    I don’t know what I hate more: these idiot wannabe-rapper boys wandering around with their pants hanging down their knees, unwashed boxers flapping in the breeze; or the new generation of teenage prostitutes who seem to be “hooking” in Wal-mart. Ew.

  36. 7:55 pm

    Just because you weren’t allowed to have a sense of individuality when you were a kid doesn’t mean that everyone these days should wear the same thing.

    I do however agree with the whole Angel sweatpants thing, especially the bit about false advertising…..

    Either ways, there is a saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so what you think is “dressing like a moron” is what some people actually like wearing and looking at.

    I personally try not to “dress like a moron”. Or at least be an individual. Sadly, the same can’t be said for most of the other teenagers I know, but you can’t account for taste…..

    Besides, clothes are made in a completely different style nowadays. I highly doubt anyone could get outfits like yours even if they wanted to.

    While I do think that a lot of kids clothes these days are stupid and moronic, and agree with an element of this post, just because a lot of teenagers “dress like morons” doesn’t mean we all do. Or that your definition of “dressing like a moron” is correct.

  37. Sam747 permalink
    12:21 am

    Sir, I am an oldman too. I must admit they would never change despite of telling them not to dress here and there, our speaks gone by a thin air. What can we do? We cant fight neither can we join them..what a pity huh?

  38. 3:39 pm

    I tell teenaged boys that there are only two reasons to wear a baseball cap backwards.
    One: You are the catcher in a baseball game.
    B: You are about to give somebody a blow job.
    You’d be amazed at how fast they turn those caps around.

  39. Stacy permalink
    2:55 am

    I completely agree with this, I’m 16 and I find the way young people my age dress absolutely stupid. At least 85% of the guys at my school dress like complete idiots. What with their brightly colored logo stamped t shirts, jeans hanging off their ass, ridiculous baseball caps, and enormous diamond earrings… It’s disgusting! And my fellow girls are no better. Girls these days don’t realize how much they are degrading themselves just with their daily outfits. Thanks for putting this up Mr. Mills; I love this blog. Gotta keep the young folks in line somehow!

  40. Joyee permalink
    12:32 pm

    It was funny. Really.

    But why are people taking it so seriously? (At least some of them)

  41. Brenda permalink
    5:09 pm

    Parents don’t teach children that what they wear puts them into a society. You can dress like a skanky hoe, just don’t be surprised when the McDonalds won’t even hire you. If you wear a suit and tie, you might get the manager position. People do everything they can to “not fit in”. They do it on purpose to show they don’t fit in our society, then piss and moan ….BooHoo … Why don’t they accept me for who I am.

    Stop dressing like you’re homeless, and tuck your thong in.

  42. juan permalink
    7:32 am

    WHAT? you’ve got to be kidding rite? Okay, in the 90s, most of the young just looked liked they woke up and grabbed the first thing they saw on the floor, and the 80 are know as a fashion disaster.

  43. JudyGreenEyes permalink
    3:35 pm

    Don, when I was a kid I had to wear something called hand-me-downs. Most of my clothes came from my cousin and an older friend who lived in New York City (when I say older I mean she was over 30 at the time, while I was 14). My mom had this old Singer treadle sewing machine that she used to alter these clothes, since I weighed only 95 pounds at that time and was less than 5 feet tall. My cousin was a foot and a half taller than me and weighed close to 130, so you can imagine the stuff I had to wear. Still don’t know anything about fashion. I wonder how today’s kids would deal with something like that? We did what we had to back then and managed to live through it. Don’t think the kids today could handle it.

  44. cozz permalink
    10:22 am

    Hey, what’s with these females that show their bra straps. It makes it look like you left the trailer park in a hurry and didn’t have time to dress properly. And as for you guys with the droopy pants having to use one hand to keep them up, well all I can say it gives me something to laugh at.

  45. 8:38 pm

    well fuck you old bastard you are dieing probably but our generation is ruling the world now and after 20 years no one will remember you dead foal teling what is right and wrong !!Fucking idiot!!

    • Pattrish permalink
      12:51 pm

      I’m laughing…you’re a mess, Lubo. You can’t spell worth a damn and it’s evident you don’t have a great vocabulary. And, remember this, one day YOU will be old. It’s unavoidable unless you’d prefer the alternative.

  46. cozz permalink
    1:52 pm

    Pattrish, I don’t think the generation of ridiculous dressers are smart enough to stay alive long enough to get old.

  47. mouthfulofwords permalink
    4:04 pm

    I agree, there was a time, when people dressed with pride, and sometimes, I catch a glimpse of an elderly couple doing their groceries dressed top notch, and I think, “Damn, I wish it was still like that.” I am Canadian, and very proud of that, and few weeks ago I was embarrassed and humiliated by Justin Bieber. He was offered by our Prime Minister one of the highest awards the Queen’s Jubilee medal, and this 18 year old punk ass Bieber received our Prime Minister in overall’s. Little Shit! They want their style, express themselves, fine, but if there ever was a time and a place to be well-dressed, and be proud that was it. My only consolation is that Bieber will eventually be a man, and will never live this down, he will be embarrassed forever because the picture will be forever, but then again I don’t think his mother or father or anybody in his entourage had the brains to explain to him the proper decorum, so he might not have enough brain’s to even realize the ways of his mistake. Too bad he didn’t see the importance of the honour, which makes me question how deserving he really was.

  48. 3:33 pm

    I’m 31. Is it scary we have much in common?

  49. Raymond permalink
    8:50 am

    Sir, a comma should be used after the introductory element of a sentence. You have missed several commas over the course of your post. Please do not join the folk of my generation in the butchery of the English language.

  50. 10:36 pm

    I’m young and I wear a decent white hoodie black dress pants and look like jeff the killer which is a MORDEN style! I’m deeply offended by this site!

  51. porsha permalink
    9:17 am

    Old ppl smell.
    Old ppl wet the bed.
    you defo pee to much.
    all old ppl are on drugs to keep em alive.
    an to quote borat “Im a sexy 19year old an you will never have me lallalalalala”

  52. 8:05 pm

    Very funny blog you have here – but also very pessimistic. Think it is difficult to judge young people by how they dress and you should consider giving them a change to show you who they are as a person underneath the clothes

  53. AnuvaTosh permalink
    1:12 pm

    I know this is all serious stuff, but its just so funny!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  54. Tom permalink
    5:24 am

    You make my day Don! You are hilarious! By the way, not to be rude or anything, but are you still alive? Kind Regards Tom


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