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God Damned Young People Are All High on the Drugs!

The problem with young people today is that they are all high on the drugs.

When I was in short pants we didn’t have drugs. The only pills we popped were aspirin and you only got them if you lost a finger in the combine.

If my old dad had ever caught me sniffing glue or licking the backs of toads he’d have pelted me with rocks and sent me to military school faster than you could say “Reefer Madness.”

But these kids today! They’re all a bunch of glassy-eyed, bong-toting dope fiends. They’re hopped up on crystal methadone, topped up on LSD, puffing on the marijuana and acting like a bunch of marauding half-wits at a village idiot convention.

It’s disgraceful and it makes me furious.

The way I see it these young folks are already dangerously low on the brain cell count and they god damned can’t afford to be frying the few they have left.

In my day, we had common sense. If we wanted to cut loose we had a few drinks and went for a joy ride in the Desoto – safe stuff that never hurt anybody ever.

But these young people today. They say they need to take drugs in order to “escape.”

Escape from what damn it? Their playstations, six figure allowances and designer underpants? It’s a load of malarkey and they damn well know it. They don’t need drugs. What they need is a 16 hour work day, a shot of cod liver oil and a god damned kick in the ass.

And you can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

They’re all on drugs. That’s what’s wrong with young people today.

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  1. 2:49 pm

    Hey Donald,

    Looks to me like you need to find yourself some female companionship and chill. You seem a bit angry at the world in a Langston Hughes kind of way. I believe your frustration with the young people you see hitting the “bud” and whatever maybe the result of what goes on in your neighborhood and does not resemble the rest of the country. (I.E. bad part of town)

    Why don’t you get in the Valiant and visit other areas of our great country.

    • 3:28 pm

      Thanks for the suggestions, lad, but I need to put you right on a couple of fronts.

      First off, I’m always on the chilled side. It’s 75 degrees here today and I’m still wearing a sweater vest, double socks and have the furnace on. Just can’t seem to get warm enough.

      Secondly, my wife Aggie and I had 60 plus years together and I’m not interested in any female companionship. My personal support worker, Hattie, comes in three days a week and I’m pretty sure she’s stealing my rye.

      Fourthly, I drive a 1982 Buick LaSabre. Looked at the Valiant but it didn’t come in maroon.

      And finally, I don’t know this Hughes fellow but if he’s a senior and angry, he’s okay in my book.

      Thanks for stopping in, lad. Always good to hear from you.

      Best Regards,


      • 6:03 pm

        What about “Thirdly”?

        • Buck permalink
          12:55 am

          A forgivable mistake. Old people eventually lose the ability to count.

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) permalink
        3:41 am

        The 1982 Buick LeSabre is a nice car but I’ll take my 1970 Pontiac LeMans ANY day!

        It’s got a 455cc engine and BURNS RUBBER!!! 🙂

      • 8:41 pm

        Well played.

    • 1:56 pm

      did you sleep through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s?

      • 5:21 pm

        Not all of it but a fair portion…a man’s entitled to a god damned nap now and again.

        Nice to see you Ms. Chick

        Best Regards,


  2. 3:04 pm

    and you know the word ‘reefer’ how???

    • 3:40 pm

      I’m pretty sure I heard it used on an episode of “McMillan and Wife.”

    • Sedate Me permalink
      8:48 pm

      The term “reefer” has been in use since at least the mid 1930’s, you slack-jawed, bong sucking, Gamestation junkie!

      What kind of pot smoker doesn’t know about the 1936 classic “Reefer Madness”? It’s shameful how little the young people know, even about their own pastimes, never mind anything worthwhile.

  3. The dope fiend permalink
    4:00 pm

    Yea, your right. We’re all high on drugs, and will never amount to anything.

    Shows you may not know much. Wouldn’t ya think you would, however, with being like 148 years old?

    But on a lighter note…chill old man. The world’s not coming to an end cause some kid out there is smoking pot or eating acid. Hell, you’d be surprised to find out how many adults STILL do it. These are the same adults that, you know, represented us in a little war most people have probably forgot about called…gee what was it again? O yea, the Vietnam War. These adults led productive lives, and didn’t cause the world to blow up with their pot smoking.

    So yea…..wanna get high? lol

    • 6:27 pm

      God Damn,

      Now, I’m not gonna come right out and accuse you of being a drug user, Dopefiend, but there are some subtle clues in your message that would suggest you’re not unacquainted with narcotics.

      First time I’ve ever seen a Vietnam reference used as “a lighter note.” That’s really strange and clue number 1.

      Then you go and guess my age at 148? Not a number I’d pull out of the air – unless the air was polluted with marijuana smoke! That’s number two!

      And finally, you ask me to “get high” and the “lol” you attach is not in capital letters. To me, this suggests you were being less than entirely humorous in your suggestion.

      Thanks for stopping by.


      • The dope fiend permalink
        6:51 pm

        Not a problem buddy… just remember, I’m always here if you need someone to twist one up for you….

  4. 4:26 pm

    Don, you have written yet another jewel. These soft sons-a-bitches and their whiney, teenaged angst need to get over themselves. You don’t have problems that require chemical crutches until you’re twenty-five. Until then, there is nothing so bad in your life that binge drinking can’t cure!

  5. 4:49 pm


    it would appear you have stumbled on some sort of new code word . I think that “chill ” has nothing to do with the weather but a cleverly disguised way of saying “smoke this ” then come dancing with us in your underwear (don’t forget to bring a flashlight and a pacifier )!……..~Dave

  6. 4:51 pm

    Donald, forget all these comments saying that you don’t know what your talking about or that you need to “chill”. I’m 17 and I agree with you 100%. I know tons of kids who do drugs and none of them are at their full potential, either mentally or physically. It’s so easy to see, yet they refuse to accept it.

    I’ve promised myself that I will never do drugs or drink alcohol in my life. I hope that one day more kids will understand the dangers that come along with them (alcohol probably less than [other] drugs).

    The problem is that many people cannot understand the concept of death, and are thus not afraid of shortening their lives with drugs. As for “escaping,” I call them weak. I can deal with my problems without drugs, and so can everyone else.

    Keep posting, I love your stuff!

    • 9:13 pm

      Thanks Gerard. Nice to hear from a sensible lad. Keep up the good fight.

      Appreciate the kind words.


    • Daisy permalink
      4:56 pm

      I declare! That fellow doesn’t know his tail end from a hole in a bong, does he? He thinks alcohol is safer than the Mary Jane weed?

      I know it’s a fact that none of the skunk growers around these parts has been killed, but there’s all kinds of shootin’ going on when it comes to moonshine.

      It’s worth it though. Nothin’ beats a Mason jar of likker with sliced peaches in it. But it is extra good after a nice long toke.

      • 10:00 pm

        Now first off – don’t be taking pot shots at young Gerard. It’s rare to find a young lad with a good head on his shoulders.

        And second, barefeet? Would it kill a young person to put on a pair of socks before they go out in the world? Honestly.

        Thanks for stopping in Daisy

        • 10:21 pm

          Well, one would think that WordPress would be so kind as to remove a person’s usual avatar when she logs out to pass herself off as someone else. Hmph.

        • Sedate Me permalink
          8:56 pm


          I fear this poster may be one of those perverted young people who engage in the deviant practice of “toe sucking” and that the avatar is a way of communicating that fact to other deviants.

          • 9:11 pm

            Thank you for alterting me to this, Sedate me.

            I had no idea that such perversions even existed. Damned disgraceful and Un-American if you ask me.

            I appreciate the help.

            All the best,


  7. Friar permalink
    5:21 pm


    Your blog seems to rile up so many of the young folks. I don’t understand why there are so many people who just don’t “get it” ?

    Probably because their brains are cooked by drugs, like that egg frying in a pan from that commercial from 25 years ago.

    Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe they need to show that commercial again.

    (Never hurts to have a refresher course, I always say).

    • 9:28 pm

      Yeah, the youngsters get riled but, as you point out, it’s likely the drugs talking.

      That was a damned good ad. Eggs always get people’s attention.

      Good to see you lad. Say hi to your Mom for me.

    • 6:12 pm

      My friend.
      Some are addicted to Extasy and you probably to Cheese Burger.
      Maybe you should stop.
      And theres study that prooves that Liquor affect brains and increse stupidity.
      Are you the one that drinks a 2liter per day?
      You should consult.

      • 8:40 pm

        Jesus Marius, you’re everywhere! I thought you had refused to come back?

        Leave a comment on the current post for a change lad – I’m having trouble tracking you down!

        Anyway, nice to see you again. Now I know you like straight answers so I’ll respond to your questions without any “gear shifting.”

        1) I am not addicted to cheese burgers. I has some tuna casserole issues back in the 1970s but those days are behind me now and I’m living life clean.

        2) I do not drink two litres of alcohol a day. There are times I’d like to (now being one of those times) but I try to keep it at one rye after dinner and a little nip before bed.

        I trust my answers will meet with your approval Marius.

        Many thanks for stopping in to visit.

        Donald Mills

  8. downcastmysoul permalink
    6:03 pm

    I don’t know what’s wrong with kids today. 9 cups of coffee and 2 pounds of candy will take all your stress away, really….those damn meth cookers make it impossible for me to buy allergy pills. One day I’ll have to go to the drug cookers to get them as the stores will be out or only sell me 3 pills with an ID, a blood sample, and a polygraph test.

    • 9:24 pm

      That’s a damned disgrace. And you, a Doctor no less. I’m gonna write a hell of a letter to someone about this.

  9. 8:57 pm

    Well Don,

    It seems as tough you have hit a nerve here and these young’ins and pot heads do not realize that it is a slippery slope from pot to crack. And in the end being a homeless, disease infested, unemployed drag on our nations economy.

    They deserve what they get, me I’m sticking with a six pack of Budweiser. At least it’s legal and taxed thus contributing to our governments ability to care for these potheads.

    How are you coming with the “rye” investigation?

  10. 9:23 pm

    Thanks for popping back in Russ.

    Slow progress on the Rye investigation. I tried marking the bottle but I think she’s watering it down when I’m asleep. I’ve noticed some socks are missing too. My blue ones.

    Can’t trust anyone nowadays.


  11. 12:17 am

    Yer darn tootin’, Don!

  12. Jenny permalink
    5:02 am

    If you want to see a bunch of druggies then you should try serving. On my first day of training the guy giving me my “menu quiz” told me to not keep my cash in my bag because it will be stolen. He then went on to explain to me that a lot of servers work in restaurants because you leave with cash every night so it’s easy to buy drugs. I’m actually drug free myself but I’m definitely the minority. The interesting thing in your post is that the most commonly abuse drug in my workplace isn’t even mentioned. Xanax is the drug of choice at my O’Charleys and it is a very strong anti-anxiety medicine. It either chills them out or makes them hyper-paranoid. I just don’t understand the appeal of it, myself.

  13. Sweet_Nightingale permalink
    11:33 am

    Hey Don,

    You are right on this one, my generation are a complete bunch of idiots, whatever happened to hitting the books and trying to make something of themselves…Today it’s all eating disorders, celebrities and whining that they don’t have prada so they take drugs…please. The people I went to high school with half of them have babies and are still on drugs (I’m only 20 and so are they) I must admit you hit the nail on the head with this one. Pot heads…


  14. 12:22 pm

    Well said Mr. Mills! Everyone could use some cod liver oil. It does the body good.

    • 10:03 pm

      Thank you Scriber’s Web. Not a lot of people nowadays understand the value of good old fashioned cod liver oil. Nice to see I’m not the only one.

      Many thanks and, please, call me Don.


  15. 1:31 pm

    If Hattie continues with her thieving ways, may I suggest a spot of respite care at the Gimcrack?

    • 10:07 pm

      I appreciate the offer Nursemyra but I’m a damned independent sort. (Plus I’ve seen what goes on at the Gimcrack and, frankly, it frightens me more than a little.)

      All the best Nurse,


  16. 10:11 pm


    It may be necessary to lose a little rye in order to protect the rest.

    Try liberally lacing an already opened bottle with some powerful laxative (‘colon-clens’ comes well recommended).

    That should keep Hattie on her toes – or some other part of her anatomy.

    Just (whatever you do…) don’t get the bottle mixed up with your stock of proper stuff.

    • 1:34 am

      An excellent suggestion Nobby. I can always count on you to come up with a cunning plan. I’ve already filled the bottle and set the trap!

      Cheers, Don

  17. Hitmouse permalink
    8:01 am

    Too many of your (sic) “droppers by” can’t seem to use grammar. You’re (sic) either too lenient on them or you just don’t notice that they can’t tell the difference between “You are” (or “you’re”) and “your”.
    That’s the trouble with crabby old farts today – they just don’t know how to write good english.

    • 6:02 pm

      …or even use a capital letter where one is required by convention.

      As the saying has it, “People in glass houses shouldn’t gather no moss”

    • 6:58 pm

      I think we could all work harder to “write good english.”

      Thanks Hitmouse. Always nice to hear from you lad.


  18. 2:01 pm

    Hi Donald,

    I stumbled across your site and just had to say that your articles rock !!

    You made my day, I have bookmarked this site for future visits.


  19. 2:07 pm

    Me? I prefer a cup o hot chocolate with marshmallows and watch Casablanca!

    I know a bunch of dopers… never held them in high esteem, never will.

    But you can’t deny that there are a bunch of no-good weed smoking old pervs who roam the shopping mall / train station to cop a feel… Brrrr!

    • Regina permalink
      3:25 pm

      Oh, you like Casablanca also, who is your favorite character?

  20. Allison permalink
    3:51 pm

    I was just wondering your opinion on the fact that more young people today are finishing high school continuing their education with some form of college or vocational school? I am currently a junior at a university and do not smoke pot, but I am able to tell you that my friends that do enjoy a relaxing smoke every now and then seem to be doing just as well as the people who do not smoke. I smoked in high school (a lot) and it did not seem to ruin my life, I actually have plans to go and get my MBA after I complete my undergrad. Maybe I simply have liberal and relaxed views on pot being born and raised in Ann Arbor, where marijuana is barely illegal, but I simply do not see it dooming my generation to a live of poverty and becoming unmotivated menaces to society. After all, it will not be long until the bright minds of my generation are going to be running the companies, working in the government and even protecting your streets from the young people of today you find so vile.

    Just a thought.

    • 7:53 pm

      Hi Allison,

      ‘MBA’ – is that short form for Marijuana Blaze Away?

    • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) permalink
      3:21 am

      Allison, the reason you don’t recognize the terrible damage that Marijuana is doing to you and your fellow kiddies is because your brain has become riddled with delusional thinking patterns by your reefer use! And I can prove it too! Notice your poor grammar in the above post: You omitted a coma between “pot” and “being born”. You said “live of poverty” instead of “life of poverty”. You said “wonder your opinion” instead of “wondering about your opinion”. Need I say more?! Proof! You brain has been riddled with delusional thinking patterns. Please reconsider your self destructive patterns and join us old people in the pure enjoyment of life (with booze, Ambien, Benadryl, melatonin and propranalol!)

  21. 8:08 pm

    Ye Gods, is this: “it will not be long until the bright minds of my generation are going to be running the companies, working in the government and even protecting your streets…”
    The world’s going to hell in a handcart, and it’s being driven by a teenager whacked off his nuts on disco biscuits. When I want to get high, I walk up a hill.

  22. Eloise permalink
    8:53 pm

    I like pretending I’m old too, it’s really funny.

    • 10:15 pm


      Pretending your old is fun????

      I guess that’s why I see so many kids out on the street playing “nursing home” and “walker tag” and “artificial hip-hopscotch.”

      I don’t know a lot, lass, but I know two things – I’m old and you are not.

      Thanks for visiting.


  23. bcurletta permalink
    11:13 pm

    Ah yes what happened to the good old days of having a few drinks then going for a joy ride? Oh yeah, that ended up killing more people than all the other [illegal] drugs combined. Now I’m not a doper, but I’ll be damned if someone tries to tell me that getting drunk is more healthy than having a joint with the doobie brothers. What ever happened to those Doobie Brothers anyhow?

    • 11:56 pm


      Nice to see you again lad. Thanks for stopping in.

      Good old days they were, son, and I stand by everything I said.

      And I don’t know the Doobie Brothers. Went to school with the Dooley brothers (Iain and Shane by name) but they were no dope fiends, lad. They weren’t overly bright, but they were no dope fiends.

      Thanks for visiting and don’t be a stranger.

      Don Mills

      p.s. If you see that young upstart Randy Bush in your travels tell him to drop by and see me. That boy cracked me up.


  24. tessa permalink
    2:51 am

    I have to hope that this is a clever ruse.

    I think the biggest problem with kids today is the state the world was left in by the generations that came before.

    • Buck permalink
      1:07 am

      Its a bit too clever. Don has got to be the oldest troll I’ve ever encountered. He’s good though. He should be teaching his skills to the youngsters at the community college.

      • Buck permalink
        1:09 am

        Another way to think about this … There are lots of mean, nasty young people out there. Its not like they stop being mean and nasty when they grow old. I have to believe that Don has always been like this. I can cope with that.

  25. 3:00 am

    Ok papy.
    First. you cant say that young people are all on drug has a statement.
    I dont take any and i’m young.
    Second. Sometimes I can understand what people of your generation feels.
    I’m not from my time and I’m, sometimes, really sick about our new habits of life.
    But each time I hear this type of things from older person my question is the same : From where these young people coming from?
    It’s easy to blame all young people but hey, I dont know if you remember how to do it, but all these kids come from your generation.
    They are the fruit of what you build. A stupid world. A stupid world where you create everything to do it easier. A stupid world where priorities are completly out of the track. A stupid world where by the time you were an adult, you had some good work with good money without great education, and you kept it for yourself. You ruined everything, even the basic of life itself. And I’m not sure that our future will be great like you had. We will need to clean it all first.
    Dont ask yourself why youngest generation need things like drug to get away.
    It’s easy to blame but please look at you.
    Each time i’m asking this, answer is the same : No, not me, my child are perfect.
    Yeah right. Every child are perfect and all the younger are punk.
    Thank you sir, thank you for your ego and my future.


    • 2:03 pm

      Res ipsa loquitur.

      • 6:53 pm

        That’s some damn sexy johnny foreigner lingo you’ve got there BKT!

        I’m off for a cold shower.

        • 7:07 pm

          Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes.

          Thanks for the compliment, NobblySan. 😉 I’ll have to pull out the old Latin more often.

    • 6:30 pm

      Thanks for your comments Marius. Always enjoy hearing from the young folks.

      You seem like a decent enough kid but there are few things we need to clear up.

      First off, I’m not your “pappy.”

      But I think you should have a talk with your old dad because I suspect he’s the one to answer your question “From where these young people coming from?” Frankly, Marius, I would have hoped that you’d have already had that conversation but I don’t like to judge.

      Secondly, you say that you are not from your time. That scares me lad. I’m hoping this is a language barrier and not you being all hopped up on the heroin. If you’re not from your own time, I’d be interested in knowing what time you might be from. And if you’re from the future I’d sure like to know if they ever invented those flying cars. I always fancied one of those

      And finally, I’m damned sorry if you think I’ve ruined the basics of life and your future. It wasn’t intentional, lad.

      All the best, lad and good luck with the clean up.


      • 9:13 pm

        First pappy.
        Pappy was a way to react to your own statement.
        Second, english is not my first language so sorry if you did not understand exactly what i mean.
        Third, you had nothing to say. Instead of argue to my arguments you decide to bash with a really really easy way. This is my last message because I think that youre not enough bright to have a good conversation. You got trapped and decide to play on the words instead of the sens because you cant even think about the sens. Exaclty what i found pityfull to our young generation, their living on what they see and doesnt really think about it. Finally your the same, except that younger people are not such idiot because they can see the difference between they and you.
        You lost. your weak and i suggest you, since you cant even play to your own game correctly to try to be place where all odler people living for rest of their life peacefully instead of saying non-sens things and shit in your pants.

        Sorry for you.
        I’m smarter then you with probably 100 years less.

        Last thing. you should try to evoluate for the few next year that you have. you seems exaclty like people in high school, bad words, non-sens.


      • 9:36 pm

        Oh and I forgot.
        Tonight I will pray and thanks the Lord.
        I will thank him to have made that human cannot reproduct (even fuck when im talking to you) themself after a certain age.
        I will thank him that you cannot have children anymore
        1- because has a redneck child they will have a big integration problem and will probably be another serial killer
        2- because he will be so stupid that he will probably be fucked all the time, just like you (look in your past for physical fucking, dont be angry about that and try to forget it or just read my comments) and he will be another sad child.

        God bless us.

        • 10:02 pm

          Bless you, Marius.

          or ‘Gesundheit’

          or whatever…

        • 11:26 pm

          I find it fascinating that the term “redneck” has filtered into other languages. Simply delightful.

          Also, I think I will try to work the word “evoluate” into my every day speech. Kind of like evolving, but in an appraising kind of way. I like.

          Such a shame that satire doesn’t translate well. Mario, no one really meant any harm, least of all Don. At least, I’m pretty sure.

        • 1:07 am

          Holy Hannah Marius,

          Calm down lad, you’ll do yourself an injury. You have to let go of your anger, Marius. Don’t let it eat you up. Seriously. It will kill you lad.

          Those were some harsh words, Marius, damned harsh words. I expected better of you, lad, and I’m disappointed that you had to resort to profanity and pant crapping references. An apology might not got amiss.

          All the best lad and good luck,


          Donald Mills

          • Friar permalink
            1:24 am

            Oh boy, Don.

            You sure do get them all wound up! And what’s funny, is they just keep coming back for more.

            I dunno what’s up with that. Maybe youngsters just LIKE to argue.

            (Hey, maybe that could be a topic for one of your posts! )

          • 3:18 pm

            You could be a good political men Don.
            Each time youre in hot water and have to give a explanation you change gears.
            Lets recapitulate : You used bad sens with good form, I told it to you, then you bashed with on my bad form without reference to te sens, then I told you that I rarely using english (with a small e, thanks for telling me but Im doing it again) and bashed you the same way that you did with bad words and finally you continue with the form and treat me like if i’m your buddy.
            It told in my last message that I will not come back, but finally it seems that I have supporter and that youre lack in imagination.
            You say nothing on the SENS yet and I pretty like to feel your weaknest. Be sure it’s not that I’m angry, i’m not the one that create a blog to spit on the other, I’ts just that I like it.
            I will give you the opportunity to come back on my form again don because that time again, if you think about the fact that i’m not a english speaker and that youre not a perfect writer (maybe you could for selling Kotex and things like that you believe without really thinking) you will push yourself in another stage of ridiculous.
            Do it yourself small don.

            • 8:32 pm


              Nice to see you back lad but I didn’t see an apology in there anywhere. Just a reference to “kotex” that I didn’t quite understand.

              And before you go ballistic on me, lad, I’m not knocking your English. Anyone that learns a second language is okay in my books. Seems most young people today have trouble mastering one.

              Why don’t we leave it here before this “debate” turns into something ridiculous.

              All the best.


          • 4:52 pm

            I reckon that Marius is better at this ‘satire’ mallarkey than he’s getting credit for.

            Go for it Marius!

  26. Guernican permalink
    9:02 am


    You young people aren’t much for satire, eh?

    • Sander permalink
      7:58 pm

      I think that most of the people who call these posts generalizations notice that they are in fact based on reality, which hits a nerve. There are also those of us who recognize it as satire, but I think we mostly just enjoy it instead of posting A4-sized comments.

  27. James permalink
    11:17 am

    Donald. I am 27 years of age and I agree with you. Most of the young adults now a days, are stupid. I really do not understand on why get high? It just doesn’t make any sense. Donald, keep up the great work

    • The dope fiend permalink
      6:47 pm

      Why get drunk then?

      A buzz is a buzz…..whether it’s legal or not.

      So, if you think alcohol is o.k., but not marijuana…then maybe you need to re-evaluate yourself.

      Ever jaywalked? How about speeding? If it’s a legal issue your worrying about, I suggest you look at all the illegal things one does everyday without even noticing.


  28. Hitmouse permalink
    1:49 pm

    If Nobblysan is referring to “English” I have to own up – I AM English.

    And I am unconventional too.

    • 10:00 pm

      What ho, Hitmouse!

      It’s good to see the return of the ‘E’ in English.

      Let’s not give these transatlantic, ex-colonial chaps any excuse to claim superior usage of our language, eh?

      After all, who invented the bloody language!

      (Oh, alright… I know it was a combination of the Normans, Angles, Saxons, Celts, Norsemen and probably a few early-day Italians as well.)

  29. sgzsg permalink
    11:12 pm

    I hope you’re a troll, i knew old people were out of touch with society, but not this much.

    • 1:19 am

      Sorry sgzsg but I’m getting a little frustrated with the comments tonight.

      A troll? This is the second time I’ve been called that. I had to look it up since I assumed you weren’t using it in the classical sense.

      Look, I’m not trying to be controversial or inflammatory….what the hell is controversial about saying that young people mumble and have bad haircuts??? It’s beyond me, it really is…

      Again, sorry to spout off.

      All the best


      • 1:59 am

        well old boy I was quite happy when I thought you were a troll ……..flipping burgers is over rated and I figured if you were collecting money for each person who wished to cross the bridge , at least those damn pot holes would get fixed in a jiffy…..~Dave

      • Regina permalink
        3:31 pm

        The term troll is used to refer to a person who writes things online with the intent to anger people for thier own amusement, and who does not actualy care about the topic.

  30. Sophie permalink
    12:14 pm

    I disagree with this statement i have never touched drugs in my life. I am sorry Donald but you really need to learn what proper children are like. I can write many scenteces and i may not dress like a fool with trousers so high they couldn’t be higher but least i have individuality unlike you. Also what is your problem do you know how not to say ‘god damned’.

    Now you know what LOL means LOL you have a combover!!

  31. Sophie permalink
    12:17 pm

    Sorry i spelt sentences wrong, and by the way i am 13 years old, fashions change get a “god damned” grip and consider what you are saying. it really hurts that you think we are all the same (:()

  32. Dave permalink
    5:04 pm

    Did you know Barack Obama has smoked marijuana?
    How about Richard Branson?
    Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Do you know the effects of marijuana? I doubt it. Real knowledge comes from experience.

    Drop dead 🙂

  33. Regina permalink
    3:32 pm

    First I would like to preface this by saying that I in know way intent to insult or belittle you.

    However I disagree with a large portion of what you ay, but intend to do so respectfully.
    Drugs such as Marijuana , cocaine, heroin opium and other drugs were only made illegal in the nineteen thirties during the prohibition on alcohol . I do not intend to defend anything, aside from light use of Marijuana and alcohol, the former which I do not use, because of I live in my parents house and they would not approve., and the latter which I do, because it helps my tense muscles relax and helps keep my jaw from locking into place, and above all it is time honored social way to relax.

    Marijuana after various test studies has been proven to be less addictive than caffeine, the active ingredient in coffee which makes one stay awake. It is less dangerous to one’s health than cigarettes, as even the American cancer society admits that it does not cause cancer, and may even have anti-oxidants, which help keep one healthy and cancer free. (Let us all pause and notice the beautiful irony.) Any danger to breathing comes from smoking it, one cane how ever put it in baked goods, in tea or, eat it straight, though the latter is not particularly appetizing. Marijuana by it’s self , by this I mean not laced with any thing such as P.C.P or as it is colloquially know, Angel dust. Alcohol on the other hand is frequently over dosed on, and can kill or even put one into a coma, though only when used in excess.

    For the aforementioned reasons, and because I think that an adult should be in charge of his*1 life I think that the age for purchasing Marijuana and using it should be eighteen, as should the age for alcohol. If the government insists on baby sitting their people the people will act like children and not become responsible adults, and I believe, good Sir, that you feel the sting of this problem. I also think that if Marijuana was legal it could be taxed which would stimulate the economy.

    Finally, I think people getting very high, like getting drunk, is bad because people should be in control of them selves, as we are men*2, not beasts.


    1. “He” can be the masculine or the neuter personal pronoun. Any one who accuses me of being sexist for not using the deplorable he/she which is ugly and unnecessary may be hit with a copy of “
    Elements Of Style” By Strunk and White.

    2.Men refers to the species, man kind. By that I mean the Latin word Homo, which means human. If I intent to mean male, man, or the Latin word Vir, you will be able to tell from context. This is proper English, if you think it is sexist, be silenced by the aforementioned threat of violence and bodily harm.

  34. michael permalink
    11:07 pm

    Since you’re so keen on correcting people, you mean “crystal methamphetamine,” not “crystal methadone.”

    • 11:40 pm

      Thanks, Michael, for pointing that out. It’s such an obvious mistake…don’t know how I missed that.

      How are things at Harvard?


  35. Tim permalink
    7:04 pm

    Sir I just wanted to let you know that this blog is all the drugs I need. Keep up the good work sir and I will continue to read.


  36. lacrosse girl permalink
    12:28 am

    Mr. Mills
    I think you are right about how some of teenagers do drugs these days. But teenagers who are driven by things like sports and academics won’t go near the things unless it would literally save their life, so I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss my generation. I’m sure your generation did something that the generation before you thought was bad/crazy. We are working off of the generations before us.

  37. Cole permalink
    9:00 am

    Im sorry but what is it with you older people ranting on and on about how bad kids are these days! There are about 1000 students in my high school and we are pretty much a drug free school! And just because some kid dresses a certain way does not mean he is unfriendly! Don’t judge a book by its cover. And im 15.

  38. lookingforsomethingtofind permalink
    11:07 pm

    I have to agree with Don here, I’ve known people who have done drugs, and it has made their life worse not better. Having a few beers, and watching the ball game on TV, doesn’t do the same amount of damage to some ones life as doing narcotics. If you want to escape life, do something, fun, or travel.

  39. ImaDumbTeen! permalink
    1:43 am

    I’m only 20, but I’ve heard that when the whole hippie movement came out, everyone believed the world was going to hell. It’s traditional that the older generation thinks the newer young kids are going to lead the nation into despair. College attendance trends are still healthy, and many from my high school are now attending top universities. Here are some reasons to have faith in the future our generation will write:
    1) We are the most technologically savvy generation. More kids today are excited about electronics and computers, driving them to seek to be scientists and engineers as adults. Computer engineering is one of the fastest growing departments in Universities.
    2) We are the most politically involved generation in a while. Just type in “Millenials and politics” into google and you’ll find tons of articles praising our political involvement.
    3) Patriotism. We have lived in war our whole lives. This doesn’t mean we like war, but many young men and women I know are joining the military. So many in fact, ROTC programs have turned down more applicants because the number of qualified individuals is on the rise. It’s a well known fact the military produces disciplined and professional workers; these same workers will take over private businesses and lead the nation as politicians, bureaucrats, company executives, scientists and engineers, teachers, etc.
    Okay, so we were pampered as kids, obesity is rising, and kids are getting free rides on their rich parents. While this is a problem, there’s no denying the large volume of kids who will live up to change the world. It’s plain ignorance to denounce everything in our generation as negative while advocating “back in my day everything was better” as if your generation was perfect. Your parents probably thought you were spoiled because back in their days, jobs were hard do get, people lost their homes, and you ate anything you could get your hands on. In fact, it’s your kid’s who have brought up our generation wrong, leading to some of the problems you describe today. Never fear Don, things like tattoos, peircings, and rap music aren’t the prophecy of a doomed society, it’s just a culture change, one that you haven’t grown accustomed to. Great articles though.

    • 4:20 pm

      Many thanks ImaDumbTeen,

      I don’t entirely agree with you but I do thank you for your very articulate and well stated rebuttal. I enjoyed reading your essay a great deal and appreciate your sharing it with me.

      All the best and thanks for visiting,


      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) permalink
        3:51 am


        You could have at least asked ImaDumbTeen if he (she?) knows what a paragraph is!


  40. pot head permalink
    1:44 pm

    first off no not all teenagers are high all the time. just a lucky few of us haha. whats your problem anywas. your generation is the one that screwed shit up. and as for all of us having designer cloths and all that shit, its not true. why dont you go and actually research this shit before you start making judgements. and i think your the one that has lost brain cells old man. because you obviously dont know what your talking about cuz if you did you would have never posted this little rave of yours. have a good rest of your day

    • 2:42 pm

      Thank you kindly pot head.

      Why is it that young people accuse me of making generalizations about them and then, in the same breath, state their belief that my generation has ruined the world? Is it that damned irony you young people are so fond of?

      Anyway, I stand by my research lad. I have a vast reference library of old Readers Digest magazines at my disposal and I use them regularly. I can provide footnotes in future if you think it might help.

      I appreciate you sharing your views, pot head. It’s always good to hear an opposing point of view.

      Best regards and enjoy the rest of your day as well.


      • Buck permalink
        1:02 am

        You think you are being funny, but its not. Your generation has fucked us. The world is fucked. Thank you for your contribution. We young people take things too seriously. I’m sure you can tell by the way we can’t take a joke.

  41. pot head permalink
    1:50 pm

    but see im still one up on you. all you have to go by is old readers digests. Do you have any first hand experience? naa didnt think so. i have seen both ends of the spectrum. i used to think about drugs the same way you did. but now its totally different. i see that there not what everyone thinks they are. and until you do have first hand experience youll never really know what your talking about. this is what makes me mad. when people start stating facts about drugs and back themselves up with some magazine or book. they will never see what its all really about. you’ve been brain washed into thinking that all these things are bad. you have been told this all your life. what if we did the same thing with computers. lets tell the next generation that computers are all bad and evil and if you use them you will die. we could brain wash them into thinking that computers and evil and wrong when in reality its a good thing to have. You have bought into the lie that society has told you. If it was really bad and evil, would god have even put it on this earth? if he knew all along that it was going to harm us and be a bad thing he never would have created it. so there must be a reason that these things are here right? im not talking about the man made shit. but the natural herbs like weed. He says in the bible to use these things which he has given us!! so im sure as hell going to do what he says. so go ahead and believe all your old readers digests and have fun believing the lies that the government wants you to believe. i on the other hand will not.

    • 2:28 pm

      Pot head! Good to hear from you lad. Nice to see you were able to take a break from hitting the old bong and stop in for a chat.

      I have to take issue with your brusque dismissal of the Reader’s Digest. Their 1957 article linking reefer to communism “Mary Jane Goes to Leningrad” is still cited by many as the one of the most incisive insights into drug use ever produced. I have it laminated and stuck to the fridge. So, trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

      I’m also concerned about your belief that I’ve been brainwashed and that the government is controlling my mind. I suspect pothead, that this viewpoint of yours might actually be marijuana-induced paranoia. I’ve heard that’s a side effect. And a dangerous one too. I’d strongly urge you to take a break from the drugs, son, and see if that restores some perspective. You seem like a decent enough young man and I’d hate to see you end up dead or selling your body in order to get your next puff of dope.

      All the best and many thanks for visiting with me.


      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) permalink
        2:33 am

        You have a laminated page from Reader’s Digest from 1957! Cool! That’s three years before I was born (though my big bro was born in 1957). Wow! And I thought *I* was old! YOU GO ….. uh …… GUY!!

        The older I get the more I love old people. I love it when all those Indians at work treat me with such respect because I’m the “old man” at the office. Of course the drug addled Americans can’t be bothered with showing respect but the Indians are great.

        I can’t quite figure out why they’re all so quiet when I come up and spew forth my superior wisdom and then go back to talking amongst themselves in whispers when I leave though. hmmmmm. Kind of odd behavior. I guess it’s a different culture. *sigh* (<—- That's the "old" method of showing our emotions online ….. before they came up with those silly impossible to figure out "emoticons").

  42. Anonymous permalink
    9:03 pm

    ha thats funny because the people back in the 1950’s didnt know what they were talking about. i guess if you believe what they say you fall into that same catagory. Back then they thought that everything was linked to communism. even hollywood and the movies. and im not saying that you have been brain washed but just that you buy into everything anybody tells you! in your mind, you think that if its in readers digest, well then it must be true because fuck i mean its readers digest and their always true. wrong mindset to have old man. make some judgements for yourself once in a while and maybe youll see the light.

    • 10:13 pm

      Pot head? Is that you lad? Have you really become anonymous? It looks like my worst fears have been realized and that damned gunji you smoke has completely stripped you of your identity. Next you’ll be signing on as Comrade Hemp and selling mimeographed propaganda on street corners! I’ll say an extra prayer for you tonight, lad, you can count on that.

      Now I should tell you, son, I don’t automatically believe everything anybody tells me. I think you’re full of crap (no offence meant) so I’d say i’m doing just fine.

      I’ll have you know that I graduated Sumo Pa Capra from Clifton Tanager University. And belittle the Readers Digest if you must but please remember it was Readers Digest that blew the lid off Watergate, exposed the truth about cold fusion and which first showcased pictures of the surface of the moon. Ben Franklin himself was a contributing editor. Show the RD some damned respect.

      Thanks for showing me the light anonymous pot head. I could chat with you all damned day.

      All the best,


  43. pothead permalink
    2:55 am

    yeah that was me im sorry i made a mistake. i looked up Sumo Pa Capra and Clifton Tanager University and got nothing for both of them on google so all that is telling me is that your making up fake things to make yourself sound good. have fun with that. im not bashing readers digest here im simply saying that you shouldn’t believe everything they say. Oh and some news for you: Ben Franklin had a Cannabis garden in his back yard. And just for the record here is a quote from Abe Lincoln, the 16th president of the US. ” One of my favorite things to do is sit on my porch and smoke a pipe of some sweet hemp”. Do what you want old man but i think ill follow in the footsteps of our fore fathers.

    stick that in your pipe and smoke it

    • 1:19 pm

      Many thanks pot head,

      No need to apologize, lad. We all make mistakes. And I have to say that I admire your stick-to-itiveness. I may not agree with your point of view but I give you full marks for defending it with vigor and research. Well done.

      I’m not surprised you weren’t able to find a reference to CTU – it closed back in 1957 after their Director of Animal Husbandry ran into some problems with the Federal Department of Agriculture. He was convinced that if he could cross a Jersey Giant with a Guinea Hog he could come up with an animal that would produce both bacon and eggs. I believe he called it a piggin. It was a damned stupid idea and destined to fail but he was a man who liked to take risks. Anyway, it was a small school – not one of those fancy pants Universities like Harvard or Yale – but it had a decent reputation and turned out more than a few good graduates.

      And I appreciate the information about Ben Franklin and Abe Lincoln. I was wondered about honest Abe. Have you ever taken a close look at his picture on the $5 bill? Is it just me or do his pupils seem dilated? Now I understand why. It’s a damned shame but politics will do that to a man I suppose.

      Anyway, pot head, I think we’ll just need to agree to disagree on this issue. I’ve enjoyed our chats, though, and thank you for visiting.


  44. 3:57 pm

    A+ I agree. I have taken drugs in the past and it is something that can not be changed. Obviously it is something that one needs to get over by self motivation and realization. I am shocked at times how much time and money was wasted but I guess you could call me special ed, but don’t hate me for it. I respect everybody to the best of my ability and I have devoted much time into making an example of myself. Good Read.

  45. jeremy permalink
    1:25 pm

    im going to do your mom

    • 4:07 pm

      Thank you Jeremy,

      I’m a bit disappointed lad. This taunt was a relic when I was in short pants. Use your imagination son – and be your own man.

      Still, I would point out that my dad is stronger than your dad.

      All the best,


  46. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) permalink
    2:20 am

    YEAH!!!! YOU GO ….. uh …. GUY! 😀

    Them damn kids and their social havoc wreaking drugs!!

    I work 17 hours a day and the only drugs I take are to help me sleep!! (6 to 8 shots of gin, 10 mg of Ambien, a double dose of benadryl, 20 times the recommended dose of malatonin and propranalol to top it off!)

  47. 8:55 pm


    Good call. My grandpa fondly remembers the days where drugs were consumed quietly and without fanfare in a man’s own home. Of course, you could beat up your kids and wife(ves) back then too, but at least it didn’t become everyone’s business. Not like kids nowadays driving around high and listening to the Rap music.

    Not sure where else to post this, but I thought you might like to hear my dad’s take on old people. His plan is simple and focuses on easing societal burdens and realizing economic gains:

    1. All people 65 years old or older take a yearly (or every 2 year) test to determine that they can still be productive in society and do not constitute a net loss in our country’s resources (i.e. nursing home fees, hospital fees, etc.). Otherwise you are “offed.” (not sure what he means by this, but I would recommend pill overdose)

    2. Once you hit 75 you have to file for a special waiver to continue living in America. You must pass written and verbal tests demonstrating your mental cognizance and ability to not drain society. Again, if you cost more than you produce you are “offed.”

    3. After 85 you are dropped off in a remote forest with a leatherman and a bottle of whiskey. If you make it out alive (surprise you’re actually in Denmark!) then you get to go on as long as you want, otherwise: don’t ask don’t tell.

    I used to think this sounded…. harsh, but after he ran some numbers by me I think that our society would gain not only by incredible health care savings but also by motivating our elderly to remain productive.

    Yes, we would have to define “offed.” Yes, we would have to define “productive.” And no, we certainly don’t need to ask Denmark’s permission (losers). Still; we went to the moon, right?

    If this is offensive I hope that you would take into consideration the fact that, if I was your case worker, I would consider you fit for living and grant you your waiver. But come on- you know the types we’re talking about here.

    Just saying.

    PS your responses to commenter-s (especially irate ones) are spot on and hilarious. And, also time consuming I would guess. Well done!

    Thanks for letting me post!


  48. Chloe permalink
    3:14 am

    Hahaha, my goodness! I’m having a ball! This is so true (for most teens today).

    Don you’ve made my day!

    I’ve never tried illegal drugs or substances and I remember when I was in high school (9 years ago), all the popular kids would try to convince me to smoke or sniff something. I told them to piss off. It wasn’t the “cool” thing to do by declining, but why on earth would I want to be like them?

    They were dumb, they lacked common sense, had yellow fingernails and teeth from smoking, lacked motivation because of smoking pot, couldn’t function normally in relationships and some were petty criminals. Everyday, they’d show up at school resembling the zombie extras for Resident Evil (minus the blood). I didn’t want to end up looking or acting like those idiots, so I stayed away from drugs.

    Where are they today? Some ended up being teenage moms, some ended up in dead-end shit kicking jobs, some have no jobs and one became a whore – without being paid.

    Whereas I ended up starting my own businesses, making six figure income, bought my mom a house, paid off my brother’s college fees, now engaged to a fine young man and going to travel to Europe soon.

    Teenagers don’t see it but it’s far cooler in the long term to stay away from drugs. You get so much more out of life as well as yourself.

  49. your worst nightmare permalink
    9:45 pm

    Sorry but I think you are sorely mistaken for saying that drugs, especially pot cause any danger. In fact I’ll quote some obscenely dumb things you have said considering that alcohol is one of the most dangerous toxicants a person can consume willingly when used to get drunk. It is a poison.

    “In my day, we had common sense. If we wanted to cut loose we had a few drinks and went for a joy ride in the Desoto – safe stuff that never hurt anybody ever.”

    Wait so drunk driving is a completely safe activity thats never hurt anyone ever? Wait so how have countless people lost their lives to alcohol due to drunk driving? So safe stuff is endangering not only your life but the lives of others through drunk driving? Damn so me and my friends hanging out at home watching movies high is endangering the world more than you drunk driving? Sorry but you obviously killed some brain cells with your drinking.
    If your common sense was drunk driving it didn’t have very much sense, much more stupidity.

    “but these young people today. They say they need to take drugs in order to “escape.” ”
    So wait you don’t drink to escape? You’ll probably just phrase it differently because you like to take the “edge off”. Same thing. Drinking is more often used to escape. Often on a drug like weed or even more intense hallucinogens like LSD it does quite the opposite, often making you face reality and your demons. Alcohol is an escapist drug. Regardless of whether or not you believe it to be.

    “there is nothing so bad in your life that binge drinking can’t cure!”
    While you didn’t say this you agreed with this. The only thing binge drinking can cure is if you have to many brain cells. Binge drinking is just as bad as taking a drug like ecstacy there is the same loss in neural function. The amount of times someone from your era would drink as the dangers were not fully known leads me to believe you’ve lost your fair share of brain cells more than any these youngsters.

    “2) I do not drink two litres of alcohol a day. There are times I’d like to (now being one of those times) but I try to keep it at one rye after dinner and a little nip before bed.”

    Pointing out your third stupidity. Addiction. You posting obviously proves you are an alcoholic. I don’t have a problem with that but you saying a drug like marijuana is dangerous is pure stupidity. There is no addiction risk unlike your bout of alcoholism. But your not addicted right? You don’t need your two glasses a day do you old man?

    While I’m not trying to argue pot or alcohol is good for you I’m trying to point out that you are a hypocritical old man. Trying to make alcohol look better than weed is pure stupidity. Sure some people don’t go anywhere after smoking, but lots more people don’t go anywhere after drinking. Drinking is far worse and for you to entirely degrade a lesser entity due to propaganda from your time period is stupidity. If you want to argue this your welcome to but there is literally no way for you to prove alcohol is safer, its a scientific fact that alcohol is a poisonous substance. That’s why its used medically.

    I’d also like to mention most of the “young kids” are drinking themselves to failure. I know plenty of highschool potheads who go onto schools like UC Berkely, Santa Cruz USC UCLA Claremont Mckenna and get great success. So how about you look at what you promote before you criticize a nearly harmless intoxicant like weed.

    Obviously due to your flaws in logic old age doesn’t equal intelligence

  50. 10:32 am

    I could almost hear you talk while I was reading this Mr. Mills.

  51. 10:36 pm

    Dear Mr. Mills,

    I’ll thank you to know that designer underpants are really quite tight. If you knew what we went through, you would understand our need for a little “escape.”


  52. 8:30 pm

    They really are, Mr. Mills! I know you have a tendency for hyperbole, but I’d say that at this point in my life, 50% of the people I know smoke weed. I don’t get it – I don’t think I attract the degenerate type of friend – I guess it’s just that more people do drugs these days. It’s deplorable. I like remembering my fun.

    PS: Even though I wholeheartedly agree with you, I have to play devil’s advocate and say that folks back in your day did some drugs too – they were just legal back then. Might want to check out what all used to be in those aspirins you popped!

  53. 5:37 pm

    Don, you have written some great stuff. As a tenager, i completely agree. I hate all these kids in my school, wearing their pants down below their butts. I never abbreviate, it drives me up a wall. My dad being 61, and being 14, my dad has really knocked some sense in to me. Im probably one of the only teenagers that is almost none of these. Anyway, I hope ou continue to write, for this is comedic gold and the truth.

  54. 1:45 am

    Reefer Madness was absolutely hilarious. I especially like the man who looked like Conan O’Brien and smoked odd, purple-smoked marijuana. The comedic geniuses of RiffTrax (who were responsible for Mystery Science Theater) riffed Reefer Madness. It was extremely entertaining.

    Also, as I’m not clear whether you are exaggerating for comedic effect, uninformed or just stereotyping, I’d like to point out that not all young people are on drugs, or are interested in them. In fact, I can honestly say I know more people who are older adults–at least 30–who do drugs than I know people my age and younger that do. I think its important to point out that generalizing is, in itself, dangerous ground. If I judged all “old” people on their inability to drive, their determination to spend 15 minutes at a cash register or drive thru counting down correct change, and their annoying habit of feeling it is somehow appropriate to give complete strangers critiques on parenting their small children, then…well, lets just say there would be a whole lot of “senior bashing” going on.

    Judging a group of people based on the people who stand out in that group is morally objectionable and reprehensible. Hate is hate.

  55. lessthanthree permalink
    12:34 pm

    Hey Don!
    i recently discovered your blog and fell in love with it.
    It’s just bloody brilliant.
    And i have been reading these comments…
    isn’t the comment section supposed to be the place where people respond to the post ?
    ‘cos this doesn’t seem like that place, there is a god damned blown up debate going on here, with nerds writing paragraphs on paragraphs of stupid shit nobody cares about.
    Just shove it tell us you liked the post.


  56. William permalink
    7:07 pm

    I’m not sure what the last known date is on this site. I’m using a school computer and half of the stuff, like profile pictures and certain punctuations, are either empty squares or empty squares with little X’s inside of them. Just to have the whole post about ‘all these young teenagers being on the drugs’ come back, though don’t mean to blow anyone’s gasket about it, but I’m just making a slight correction. Marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells, it just numbs them. I’ve smoked weed since I was fourteen, but I don’t do a quarter of the stuff these other TRUE druggies do; robbing stores, mugging people, hustling, pimping, yadayadayada. I will admit I’ve snorted a loratabb, and I tell you this; it. Freaking. Burns. I’d rather snort crushed Smarites than try that again; being hyper for five minutes at the cost of a sore, burning nose? Not worth it. I’m just going to stick to having numb brain cells.

  57. hannah permalink
    9:35 pm

    I honestly respect your point of view. I’m twenty years old and I’m certainly not on any from of drugs. Not all young people are the same, some are and they’re very sad cases.

  58. LYK permalink
    5:39 pm

    I’m not on drugs! Who could suggest such a thing! I’m 11 by the way.

  59. 8:44 am

    Vacuum cleaners often perform the work of a broom without raising up a dust cloud.
    Do not let the looks deceive you however; some of these vacuums are tough machines.

    Other features include a headlight and a lifetime belt.

  60. Anonymous permalink
    2:13 pm

    I stay high till i day, cry all you want old man


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