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God Damned Teenagers and Their Pierced Noses Make Me Crazy!

The problem with young people today is that they all have piercings.

When I was a lad, we didn’t pierce our ears, tongues, nipples or anything else.

If we wanted to mutilate ourselves we took a job in the sawmill and let nature take its course. We punched a hole in a time card not in our face damn it.

But these young people today, they perforate any orifice they can stick a safety pin through. Their faces are covered in zippers, bolts, studs, hoops and all manner of reclaimed scrap metal. They look like rejected prototypes from the lab of Doctor Frankenstein. It’s horrifying and scares the bejeepers out of us old people.

They say piercing is about “freedom of expression” and “being unique” but if that’s the case why is it that they all have them? If 600 million young people have a pierced eyebrow it’s not freedom of expression, it’s part of a standard-issue uniform. If you really want to be unique I’d suggest pulling your pants up, getting a job and tossing your nipple rings into the nearest recycling bin.

It galls me, it really does. I don’t think Jesus had nails driven through the palms of his hands in order that you could drive a spike through your tongue and dingle a chain from your belly button. It’s disrespectful and goes against nature.

If I had ever come home with a ring though my nose my old dad would have pierced my skull with a three hole punch and then used my head as a bowling ball.

And what will happen when all of these young people realize that getting an extra 23 holes in their noggins wasn’t such a brilliant idea? They’ll all be left walking around with gaping sinkholes in their ears, noses and tongues. Eventually the rot will set in and their heads will collapse entirely…leaving us a generation of headless former hipsters collecting disability cheques and contributing nothing to society other than being a cautionary tale on the dangers of being a no-account dumbass.

They all have piercings. That’s the problem with young people today.

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  1. 7:08 pm

    My older daughter’s teacher is young and has piercings, but she is such a good teacher that all the kids are saying now that the nicest teachers have piercings!

    • 7:16 pm

      Thanks Lillian,

      It strikes me as odd but I’ll take your word for it. I just can’t picture my old grade school teacher, Mrs. Higgins, with any kind of piercings. She was a fierce old gal and not one for fancy dress or excessive jewellery.

      She had a truckload of moles, false teeth and nasty backhand but no nose ring that I can recall. Granted, though, she was likely 74 at the time and it was a few decades back.

      Thanks for visiting.


      • Anonymous permalink
        7:06 pm

        Donald I think your a grumpy old man who never had a fucking life! A person should have FREEDOM remember this is America land of the free and although I may not understand the ones who get ALL the piercings available I don’t think your in the right state of mind by comparing the lip piercings to DRILLING FUCKING HOLES IN THE HEAD LIKE YOU SAID FOR A BOWLING BALL you need to chill out and realize it is a jewelry thing to most and yea they may have a hole in the end if too long but it does close up eventually. You are not appropriate to even give an opinion on this and DON’T FUCKING DAMNED WHEN THEY ARE NOT DAMNED THEY CAN BE MORE GODLY THEN YOUR OLD ASS AND BE CLOSER TO GOD THEN YOU BUT STILL HAVE THE PIERCINGS STILL!!! YOU PISS PEOPLE OFF WITH YOUR STUPIDITY AND CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOUR OBIT “GRUMPY ASS MAN TRIED TO BE GOD AND DAMNED ALL THE TEENAGERS AND PEOPLE WHO GOT FACIAL PIERCINGS! BURN IN HELL FOR YOUR JUDGING THEM ONLY GOD CAN BE THE REAL JUDGE AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPIDITY YOU WANNA SAY YOUR TOO FUCKING OLD FOR THIS TOPIC!!!

        • Anonymous permalink
          11:21 pm

          Hipster idiot you don’t make any sense at all and putting all caps doesn’t make you sound serious or angry it makes you look like a retard and now go back to smoking your weed and trying to be a wise person but I would prefer it if you dropped dead

        • Anonymous permalink
          11:14 pm

          You’re an idiot. If you don’t like what he has to write, then don’t visit his site. Keep it up Don, I think you’re great.

        • Anonymous permalink
          1:04 pm

          The old man was right fucktard

  2. 7:41 pm

    I’ve always wondered if they automatically acquire a lisp when they get their tongues pierced. I couldn’t imagine being able to speak clearly with a metal ball in the middle of my mouth.

    • 7:53 pm

      Nice to see you Yorksnbeans,

      Not sure if they acquire a lisp or not. Young people with tongue piercings and I don’t spend a lot of time chatting. Shame, I’m sure we’d have scads in common.

      My personal support worker, Hattie, told me this afternoon that getting your tongue pierced is a “sex thing.” Seems like more of “stupid” thing to me but, as I’ve said before, apparently I’m a relic. (Makes me wonder about Hattie though and what she might be getting up to on her off hours!)

      Maybe I should go out and get my nose, brow, lip and ears pierced so that young people can get a good look at how dignified it will look on them when they get to be 80.

      Thanks for visiting.


      • Joey permalink
        5:34 pm

        Sorry don, but you are absolutely wrong. And for you to say someone is damned because of piercings? You definitely have something wrong with you. It’s stated clearly in the Bible not to judge people, and literally that’s all your article was about , judging people and their freedom to do what they want. Sorry you had a bad life brother , but don’t you think you should spend more time trying to understand young people opposed to sitting on the internet and making people feel bad about themselves? Just a thought….

    • Anonymous permalink
      6:54 am

      Yes the lisp is automatic and awful embarassing…. But it goes away quickly. One amazing part of being human is our natural ability to adapt..

  3. Gerard permalink
    8:20 pm

    Yet another post that I agree with, Don! You’re on a roll, haha. I absolutely hate piercings. I can tolerate ear piercings on girls’ earlobes, but anything more than that is, in my opinion, stupid. I decided a long time ago that I would never get a piercing, tattoo, dye my hair, get plastic surgery, etc. I disagree with all of it.


    • 10:16 pm

      That’s two in a row, Gerard. You’re turning into an old curmudgeon before your time!

      But I won’t start counting my chickens yet. You’re a smart lad but I’m pretty sure we’re bound to disagree again sooner or later.

      Thanks for visiting with me again. Always good to hear from you.


    • some pissed off guy mark permalink
      2:57 am

      next you’ll be telling people they can’t be gay or buy this or do that or think this or think that.
      you’re all dictators in waiting, fuck you

      • 11:34 am

        Thanks for the comment some pissed off guy mark,

        You’re absolutely correct, we old people have a terrible need to be dictators.

        And while we are on the subject, you can buy this but not that. And think that but not this.

        The world will be a better place if you follow my commands to the letter.


        • Anonymous permalink
          11:59 pm

          you are stupid. piercings, tattoos, etc. is an art, a way to express yourself. you’re probably one of those old people that are against everything that people do today. mind your own business

  4. dogette permalink
    10:05 pm

    Don, once again you’ve nailed it. (sorry) I think of tackleboxes when I see a face full of piercings. And then I think, “Does it set off the metal detector in the airport and hold up the line?”

    Then I start wondering if it’s all going to limit them in the job market. Sure, maybe not now, but at some point before their lives are over, I’m betting that they might want to try for a job doing something other than making espressos or taking movie tickets and an interviewer is gonna to be transfixed — in a bad way — by the big ole sagging 3-inch-diameter holes in their earlobes that REFUSE TO CLOSE even years later, or why there when they sip water it dribbles through a little hole in their lower lip. Not to mention the scar tissue even IF the markings eventually DID close back up. In a few years we’ll start seeing some “old” people who did all this stuff as young people, and we’ll have our answers.

    I guess my point is that when I see all the piercings I can’t think about anything except all the negative aspects, so whatever cool thing it’s supposed to do for the viewer is hopelessly lost on me.

    • 10:23 pm

      That’s a great comment, Dogette.

      I was struggling with how to describe a face full of piercings but “tacklebox” is the perfect answer. It sure paints a picture.

      And I agree, it’s all fun now while your smoking grass, living in your parent’s basement and too drunk to see your own reflection in a mirror, but it will be a whole different story when it comes time to grow up and actually find a job.

      Thanks again Doggette.

      (And I’ll be on the lookout for that leaking lower lip. It cracks me up, it really does).

      Best Regards,


    • Jorden permalink
      5:59 pm

      Although it painted a hilarious mental picture for me, I had my lip pierced when I was younger, and I can assure you, the hole doesn’t (nor did it ever) leak water and closed up within a few months.

  5. Friar permalink
    10:07 pm

    …though one may argue, there are great careers where it actually HELPS to get your face pierced.

    I think it’s mandatory, for example, for employees in 2nd-rate CD stores.

    It also helps if you’re a stripper, a crack addict, or an unemployed tortured intellectual.

    But aside from those jobs, I don’t really see the point.

    • 10:29 pm

      Good points, Friar.

      And let’s not discount the need for carnival freaks, career students, hemp farmers, and the people who sell stereos speakers out of the back of vans.

      Nice to see you again. Thanks for stopping in.


      • Mary permalink
        12:49 am

        You gentlemen forgot to mention tatoo artists and the people who actually work piercing other people. I walked past a piercing place this last weekend and here in El Salvador they cost two dollars and fifty cents. It’s so cheap it is scary.
        I’m 25 years old and only have piercings in my ears, but a friend of mine got one in her tongue and in a few days she had this nasty green slime all over her tongue, she developed a lisp of course, took it out and let it heal; the most alarming part of this case is that she lived with her parents but they never noticed her getting the piercing, nor her pronounced lisp caused by swelling and infection.

        Nice to meet you all.
        Love this Blog.

      • cyberfrance permalink
        5:50 pm

        I totally agree. If you have enough body “art” you are guaranteed a job at Blockbuster, any cd store, pet stores and flipping burgers in the back of fast food restaurants. You can’t work up front, however. It’s like having to wear a hairnet.And, even carnival freaks are probably pissed off. After all, look at all the wannabees impersonating them now! Not fair at all.

        • Anonymous permalink
          9:18 pm

          i’m covered in tattoos and have a few piercings, yet i have a good job doing research and development. If you work hard you can get a good job. the problem with most people with excessive body art is they dont try very hard. it also has the added benefit of people not bothering me, because i dont really enjoy the company of strangers. just pray i never fuck any of your daughters

    • BlueShift permalink
      12:30 am

      In my opinion your points are quite ignorant and based off of the assumption that all visual signals you observe are absolute in their psychological reliance within an individual. Allow me to give you some information which will hopefully show you that low lives are low lives because of life choices that have nothing to do with how they want to appear.

      I am 20 years old and a modified individual. I have zero gauge tunnels in both ears, the bridge (horizontal bar through the skin of the nose between the eyes), a labret stud (just below the lip in the center), and three microdermal anchors in a line down the center of my forehead (small flat plates that rest just under the epidermal layers with a small internally threaded post that rises up and sits flush with the surface of the skin, you can screw various tops into them. I myself have three flat black titanium disks)

      This being said, I am an intellectual and well balanced person. I study physics in college and I have maintained a 3.8 gpa for all my college career thus far. I work as a physics and math tutor during school and during the summers I am either involved in paid student research, or I am a counselor at my aunts day camp where I am responsible for 10-15 children between the ages of 6-8. No one’s parents have a problem with my appearance, the children find me very interesting and unique and they are often stimulated to ask insightful questions about why I choose to appear the way I do.

      My modifications stem from my beliefs which are deeply influenced by eastern philosophy and through my academic studies of the structure and workings of the universe. My physical training and meditation has lead me to believe strongly in the presence of the chakras, and for me I am most profoundly connected to the traits and feelings governed by Ajna, located on the forehead and transmitted through the blue wavelengths of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Ajna is mostly responsible for your intuition and allows you to connect to an even higher chakra, Saharsara which is where the body transmits and receives the energies carrying communication between forces beyond the body such as the observed presence of God.

      I do not drink alcohol, I occasionally vaporize marijuana for spiritual reasons and I much less frequently take part in the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms for further spiritual and enlightening experiences. These substances are not used in a party atmosphere, they are used either in solitude and meditation or in the company of a small number of like minded individuals to aid in the exploration of each others feelings and ideas.

      Now, many kids are truly stupid. And I certainly agree with you that while many attempt to declare their modifications as a form of self expression they all simply get the same things done, thus creating another niche in which they now fail to be unique within. This is not because of their piercings. You can surely view things more existentially I hope.

      People in general are incapable of being unique. Regardless of how they display themselves they are in some way feeding off of themes they gather from other sources. Their piercings are not infections, they are not manifestations of their social depravity. They are simply things they do to look the way they want to look. There are dirtbags that come from all walks of life and there are truly wonderful people from all walks of life.

      Please, I hope you can try and understand what I mean when I say that the true core of a human being cannot reside on their skin. Childishly executed displays of disdain towards modified individuals does not display that you know the way. It just shows that you think your ideal state of being is true and righteous when it is in fact every bit as flawed and weak as the groups you shun. You may see them as drones, but you are still a drone yourself in a different system.

      I feel sorry for people my age who do not take it upon themselves to be what they truly want to be, and to take charge of their lives by crafting their bodies and their minds. I feel sorry for people my age who do not strive to be educated and capable of being free. They are not free because they pierce their eyebrows, they are only free when they have formed themselves into something that no facet of society can hold down.

      Thank you.

      • 12:51 am

        Sorry Blueshift but I didn’t understand one damned word you said. Guess you’re too much of a damned intellectual for me. Either that or all of the sense poured out of those holes in your head.

        A “modified individual?” What in the love of God does that mean? Sounds like you’re part of a cult. Or a robot or something. The daleks!

        And I apologize but things like “all visual signals you observe are absolute in their psychological reliance within an individual” just gives me a damned headache. I like to think I’m a reasonably smart man but jesus christ, Blueshift, plain language has its merits.

        Now look, you seem like a decent lad. My advice would be to drop the prententious egghead BS, pull a few rings out of your face and stop being so damned serious.

        Thanks for visiting.


        • Lily permalink
          9:25 am

          Dear Mr Blueshitt,

          I nearly had an aneurism reading that. And that was after the first sentence.

          My advice is stay away from those funny mushrooms, stop polishing your chakras and get a life.

          Yours Sincerely

          Lily Fossil

      • TheFuture permalink
        7:34 pm

        I understand everything you said… it wasn’t hard. i graduated high school.

        • 10:52 pm

          Damned cutting remarks.

          A young Oscar Wilde in the making I suspect.

          I like you’re name too. “The Future.” It’s arrogant, brash and full of unwarranted self-importance. I have no doubt that you are the future, lad.

          Good luck with that.

          All the best,


          • 4:46 am

            I think your confusion about the previous post by BlueShift was the direct result of either sheer ignorance or mental disability. Either way, I’m 15 years old and understood and contemplated every word. Why can’t you? Maybe, you need a few piercings to “open your mind” literally. Perhaps I should tell you about myself too, and give BlueShift some strength in numbers, and you another ringing reminder of your ignorance. I am a fifteen year old girl, a sophomore at a catholic highschool, I am in all honors classes. I have been attending catholic school my entire life. I am an active and participating member of my parish. I am involved in multiple school activities such as Chorus, Theater, Respect Life Club, Community Service Corps, School Pride Club, Creative Writing Club, and Altar Serving. I never smoke, drink, or do any kind of drugs, not even for medicinal purposes unless it is life threatening not to. I am waiting for marriage to have sex, too. I’m a very good person and have been merited for my service and good citizenship. My ear lobes are stretched. Not obnoxiously, but noticeably. I have a total of seven holes between both my ears. I plan to get more. I plan to get my tongue pierced, along with my monroe(top part of lip), eyebrow, and dermal anchors on my chest. I think I was born an empty canvas.. similar to millions of other babies.. Born without significant features to distinguish me. Born as a piece of clay, and as my soul develops, I try to likewise develop my body to be more form fitting to my soul. I am becoming more myself with every modification I endure… I will not die with the same frame of mind I was born with. I will, likewise, not die with the same body. Your choice to stay hole-free is absolutely fine with me! If that is how you so chose to be, I embrace you! That is YOUR choice. Life is full of choices, and being pierced is one I’ve made. I would never say, “Wow, you’re an idiot because you don’t want to be pierced.” And you have no right to insult my decision, either. As for BlueShift- you inspire me, truly. I love the way you write with such knowledge and clarity of what you’re writing about. Thank you.

            • 1:19 pm

              Yes, dear, you understand everything except gentle sarcasm. For that shortcoming you shall suffer greatly in your life, pierced or factory-sealed.

              Oh, and anyone has the right to say whatever. (They really do, dear. You can google it like all the really cool kids.) However, if you find it personally insulting then you are the one picking up the insult where it lays, and it says far more about you than you might think. And it appears to me that you may as well get used to it.

              • 4:33 pm

                Joan, everyone has a right to an opinion. He can say he doesn’t like piercings. He doesn’t have to insult everyone with him. By the way, could you please not talk to me like I’m some kind of idiot? I think I made it clear enough in my description you can talk to me like a big girl now :] &Sarcasm is not the issue, just ignorance. Perhaps you should talk like a little kid to your friend Don, since he’s about as deep as a tea cup.

                • 6:13 pm

                  Thanks for sharing your opinions SPTG but let’s leave it here shall we?

                  “Born without significant features to distinguish me. Born as a piece of clay, and as my soul develops, I try to likewise develop my body to be more form fitting to my soul. I am becoming more myself with every modification I endure… I will not die with the same frame of mind I was born with. I will, likewise, not die with the same body.”

                  I can honestly say that you young people never fail to amaze me. Good luck with that – it sounds like serious business.

                  Best regards,


          • The Twilight permalink
            3:26 pm

            wow… it makes me wonder how an old codger like you even learned how to type on a computer. Try opening your mind a bit. I mean, seriously. I have one tattoo and two piercings on my left ear. I plan to get more tattoos. I also am an NYPD officer. My goal in life is to help people. I am also an emt. You can sit there and think that all people who have tattoos are derelics, but then you might want to give your computer to somebody from this century. Honestly, this is why i hate old people.. they group all people under one umbrella category, and they think they’re always right.

            • 8:12 pm

              Many thanks Ms Twilight.

              I’ve always suspected that EMT workers hate old people – they certainly don’t care for me. I think it’s because I tend to call 911 at least three times a week. There’s nothing wrong with me; I just like to keep the emergency medical lads are on their toes and make sure they know the way to my house. After all, when my real heart attack comes, I don’t want them having to stop at the Piggly Wiggly to get directions.

              Sorry too if old folks tend to lump people under the same umbrella. Given that, it’s no wonder that a sensible lass like yourself hates each and every single one of us.

              All the best, lass. If I’m ever in New York perhaps I’ll give you a call.


      • 7:50 pm

        okayy, look im 17 & i rad into this tuff alot.
        only because i have i few “holes” myself.
        i like seeing other peoples views on
        what if desided to do to my body.
        my mother and father do not l;ike them but i do.
        thats only my opinion. everyone has one as you see!
        and we aare intitled to that as human beings.
        but you say all this mean stuff about peolpe with piercings isnt very nice, your views are your views.
        my only point is that if i walked into a room without my piercings and you talked to me and loved my personality and such , im the same well mannored teenage with them all in.
        oh and this talk about a lisp or whateverr?
        UMM, NO ive had mine for a while now and i dont have one!
        i talk the same ive always talked. you only develope a lisp if it is pierced incorrectly. you reminded me alot of my grandfather. i enjoyed reading your opinion on this matter!

        Thank You , sir !

        Miss K.Lauren

      • cyberfrance permalink
        5:51 pm

        If it doesn’t work out, you can always find work at Coney Island.

      • NightOwl permalink
        12:40 am

        Well put! Seems as though they didn’t concentrate much on vocabulary in one-roomed schoolhouses…

      • Age permalink
        3:22 am

        Mr. Bullshitt, you stated “Please, I hope you can try and understand what I mean when I say that the true core of a human being cannot reside on their skin.” Then why all the body mods? Why the emphasis on your appearance?

  6. Frankelstache permalink
    10:08 pm

    Which is exactly why my next invention will be the 1st ever “Magnet-stache Gun”
    A gun that’ll shoot magnets on these pierced hipsters and combine their vaginal six-gage with their underdeveloped face.

    Yes Donald, yet again you’ve managed to hit the nail with your astute words.

    Keep on Keeping on,

    P.S. The stache part in the naming of my invention is purely narcissistic, I’m well aware.

    • 11:36 pm

      Thanks Frankelstache,

      While I really like the idea of shooting them with magnets, I have to confess that I have no idea what a “vaginal six-gage” is. (Sorry, guessing it’s a young person thing).

      Still, it sounds painful so it gets my vote whatever the Hell it is.

      Thanks and nice to see you again.


      • Frankelstache permalink
        12:02 am

        6-gage is the size of the needle / hole. Have you seen those pseudo-emo kids that have a button that expands their earlobe? You know, the one that makes it look like they just walked out of a bad episode of Star Trek?

        As for Vaginal, well, I’m not sure if you have any offspring (I hope so, cause I can tell a good DNA when I read one), but a Vagina is that triangle that’s located on the other side of her Poop Box. It is also used for delivering babies, urinating, and the occasional gang-bang.

        Feel free to contact me with further questions.

        yours truly,

        • Frankelstache permalink
          12:04 am

          I apologize. It’s not used for urinating, I got carried away.

        • 12:09 am

          Holy Hannah…

          Think I preferred it when I had no clue. They don’t teach you this stuff on Wheel of Fortune. Jesus, I’m going to lie down for a bit…

          Thanks for the clarification.

    • 9:24 pm

      Magnets wouldn’t work… peircings are made of stainless steel which is non-ferrous.


      • The Twilight permalink
        3:33 pm

        Ohhh.. i think you better give him some ointment for that sweet burn!

  7. Lenna permalink
    10:23 pm


    I can not even begin to tell how disgusting I think those piercings are. I have no idea how people manage not to get nose and tounge piercings infected all the time. It looks gross and it’s honestly not as attractive or as cool as people think it is.

    Thanks for bringing this up. Again, another brilliant topic.


    • 11:40 pm

      Many thanks Lenna,

      Glad to know that there are still a few sensible young people out there.

      Appreciate your stopping by to visit.


  8. 12:40 am

    I had my ears pierced for about a week once. My family had a crises meltdown and that was the end of that.

    • 1:49 am

      Thanks Eric. Glad to learn you came to your senses.

      All the best


      • Kate permalink
        6:20 pm

        you really are a bastard aren’t you?

        having piercings has nothing to do with being a smart person or sensible or whatever you want to call it.

        if the piercing’s are correctly performed, and properly cleaned there shouldn’t really be much of a problem

        and besides if a piercing does get infected Proper cleaning will soon sort that out

        I’m 14 years old and have ten piercings:
        lobes x 3 (in both ears)
        scaffold (bar through two points in my cartilage)
        another cartilage piercing
        and my naval, which is actually rejecting, but is being re-pierced deeper, which should reduce the chance of it happening again

        • The Celtic Queen permalink
          3:03 am

          Never mind what kind of piercings you’ve got, I was wondering more along the line of “what kind of parents you’ve got”.

          • Sedate Me permalink
            8:57 pm

            Ones with huge credit card balances, I’m sure.

  9. 1:24 am

    but just think how handy they will be if the world’s supply of strainers and colanders disappears. we’ll still be able to enjoy spaghetti after pouring pots of it over their faces.

    • 1:57 am

      Thanks Nonnie9999 and welcome. Nice of you to stop in.

      I had no idea that the strainer and colander supply was in peril. That’s damned serious if it’s true. Lack of skilled tradespeople is likely to blame. Or communists. A shame either way. I like well drained food.

      Anyway, that’s a good plan you have there. It’s reasonable and has the added bonus of hopefully scolding some sense into them young people.

      Now I’m off to check on my colander. You got me worried.

      Best Regards Nonnie.


  10. downcastmysoul permalink
    2:00 am

    I want a tongue piercing so I can just click the earring against my remaining teeth. Click click click.

    • 4:48 pm

      Goodness me, downcastmysoul.

      I thought you were a Doctor? No offense, but if you have three teeth and a tongue piercing I’m going to have to rescind my offer to show you my rash. Too bad, I swear it’s starting to look like a profile of Lyle Waggoner and it itches like all get out.

      Anyway, hope you’re well, dcms. Don’t be a stranger.


      • downcastmysoul permalink
        1:38 am

        You were gonna show me your RASH? (Gasp). Now I feel as if my life is not worth living. 😦

  11. 2:09 am

    It also seems that the more physically repulsive one is without piercings, the more likely that person is to make things worse by getting them.

    • 4:50 pm

      Makes sense to me. Jamming a knitting needle through your nose sure as Hell isn’t going to “pretty” anyone up.

      Thanks for visiting omawarisan. Hope to see you back soon.

      All the best


      • Kate permalink
        6:29 pm

        people don’t use knitting needle’s for piercings you moron….-.-

        professional needles, that are hollow, so as to make a clean incision, rather than tearing through tissue, are used

        and to be honest, how can you criticize piercings when you clearly know jack shit about it?

        and i’d also like to inform you, that piercing, by any means, is certainly not a new thing, and has been around for centuries

        • Anonymous permalink
          4:14 am

          As a person that once thought the way you do, I can honestly say that a few more years of experience and wisdom will show you just exactly what a moronic and childish attitude you have. Good luck with the whole “growing up” thing.

  12. 2:51 am

    I think everyone knows a girl who had her ears pierced, then snagged an earring on something and ripped the hole all the way down the lobe. Painful experience I’m sure.

    I always imagine that on a lip. Or a nipple.. or genitalia.


    • 4:54 pm

      Sounds painful indeed, Claire. But I suspect there is a reason for that.

      It’s like sticking your hand into the blades of a lawn mower. Painful indeed but generally a good reminder that it was a pretty stupid thing to consider doing in the first place.

      Nice to see you again and thanks for the comment.


  13. lily permalink
    4:30 am

    Dear Mr Mills,

    Golly gosh….I’m feeling awfully squeamish now……particularly as I made the big mistake of Googling “Body Piercings Gone Horribly Wrong” … the graphic images should serve to put anyone off mutilating their bodies.
    Still, I strongly recommend anyone contemplating such procedures (and also their parents) to do the research to find out what can and DOES go horribly wrong. WARNING: the images are somewhat gruesome.

    Of course I’m not against a subtle ear piercing for a dainty jewel, but stretching the earlobe so far that the ear gets ripped off from the head and needs $2000 worth of plastic surgery to stitch it back on? I think not.

    Excuse me Mr Mills, but I need a good lie down too….

    • 5:06 pm

      Thank you Lily,

      Hope you don’t object but I’d like to compliment you on your picture. It’s nice to see a woman who still knows how to dress properly when she’s going out.

      My dear departed Aggie was partial to hats. She had one for every occasion.

      Anyway, I wouldn’t dare use Google to get pictures of anything other than wingback chairs, sensible cardigans and discount prescription drugs (and even then, I had my personal support worker, Hattie, set my computer filters to “puritan”).

      I think you’re right though and that anyone contemplating a piercing should take a look at what they’re letting themselves in for. It would likely smarten up at least of few of them.

      Hope having a wee rest helped. I find it does me a world of good.

      All the best


    • Kate permalink
      6:31 pm

      ears cannot be ripped from the head due to stretching.

  14. Friar permalink
    4:53 am

    Today’s kids will have kids of their own one day. What will THEY do to shock THEIR parents?

    Start amputating parts of their face, I suppose.

    Or maybe piercing their entire head, with a giant safety pin right through the ears.

    I hope I live long enough to see that…

    • lily permalink
      6:45 am

      Interesting to speculate , Friar, what the next generation of young people will do to shock their parents?

      Then again, they might just react and be NORMAL and not do the body piercing, self mutilation, emo rubbish.

      So that might be worth sticking around to see.

    • 4:52 am

      You realize body modification is not new? In fact – it has been around since the dawn of time. Long before you or I. Get your facts straight, thanks.

  15. 5:53 am

    If it were only the noses and tongues, that will be fine. That are other places like piercing of sexual reproduction organs which I cannot fathom either. The media plays a part too.

    I mean if you are a fan of Adam Lambert, it is easy to want to follow his style, right down to his clothing, piercings, and whatever.

    In any case, it will be wrong to say that teenagers who have piercings don’t contribute meaningfully to the society. Some of them are very creative and talented.

    Piercings are just a matter of identity, self-expression for them.

    • 6:07 pm

      Thanks for the comment James.

      This whole notion of piercing sexual reproductive organs has put me off my lunch (and likely my dinner as well).

      And as for Adam Lambert….well, all I will say about that is if some young person wants to follow his lead that’s fine by me. But rather then just ape his piercings, why don’t they actually copy his ambition and try to become successful at something instead?

      It’s like saying I admire the values of John Quincy Adams so I’ve decided to wear a powdered wig. It’s a stupid tribute, makes me look foolish and doesn’t improve my chances of getting elected into public office.

      (Sorry, there James, my tuna sandwich isn’t agreeing with me and I’m a tad on the cranky side. I’m off for an antacid)

      Appreciate you sharing your views, lad.


  16. Sandy permalink
    7:47 am

    I love it when you say you have to lie down for a little bit or get you another ‘Rye’
    you do have quite the sense of humor.

    I have a granddaughter that is exactly like all these teenagers you are describing. When I saw her profile on “MySpace” I about threw up with all the cuss words, and then one day she was talking about having sex with her boyfriend. Why don’t they just ban MySpace? It’s the devil, I tell ya.

    Anyway I emailed her about it and she told me to mind my own business and that she never wanted to see me again and couldn’t care less about what I thought, and then proceeded to tell me to never contact her again. I was shocked and hurt. I would have went and talked to her in person but she lives 1,000 miles away from me. She also accused me of being a “creeper”, and then had pictures on her site that she took while visiting me, and typed below them: “these were taken at my Gramma’s house, “The Creeper”. Needless to say I was shocked and hurt again. I also caught her “sexting”, which just about made me sick. She was sending pictures of her boobs to God knows who and what they will do with them. Probably pass them around to more people.

    Also what is it with girls sleeping with other girls? And still having boyfriends?

    She has just gotten a huge tattoo on her upper arm and also some piercings. I just don’t know her anymore and don’t know what to do about it or how to get through to her. Should I tell her how I really feel or just leave her alone? I believe I am taking her out of my will.

    Also I love, love love your site, but it highly offends me when you take God’s name in vain. I don’t know, it’s just the way I was raised, and was always told “God will get you for that” Is there anyway you can change the way you start all your posts of “G** D***” to maybe just Damned? Or even G – Dammed?


    • Nakia permalink
      4:20 pm

      I’m appalled that anyone can treat another human being in such a manner, much less to their own family. It grieves me to read of such disgusting emotional abuse from a child to her grandmother.

      I was self-centered like any other kid at that age but I still CARED about what my family thought and I cared about not hurting them, at least not deliberately. I am glad I grew up in a world where there were no computers and games, that I needed to get out and run and ride my bike in order to entertain myself. That I had chores to do every day, had a bedtime and needed to ask permission to call long distance on our rotary dial phone. I will be turning 35 this year and I cannot believe how much the world has changed.

      I very much enjoy this blog and its humor. I personally would hate to see it change in any way. It would somehow lose its power in delivery to have words partially bleeped out. No disrespect intended of course to those who are troubled at some of the words used.

      • Sandy permalink
        5:41 pm


        Thank You so much for these words of wisdom! It made me feel better.

        You said it all when you wrote: “I was self-centered like any other kid at that age but I still CARED about what my family thought and I cared about not hurting them, at least not deliberately…”

        I don’t understand what is making kids so disrespectful. Maybe it’s because they weren’t brought to Church by their parents like I was raised. My granddaughter hurt me deeply and I don’t think we will ever be the same.

        Again, thank you for your kind words.

        Think I’ll go have a “Rye” now.

        huggs to Mr. Mills too and a kiss on the cheek (as long as his dear Aggie looking down wouldn’t mind :O)

        • Nakia permalink
          8:24 pm


          I’m glad that anything I said might have helped you feel a bit better. I am sure that the wounds of your granddaughter’s words will stay there. I am deeply sensitive myself and easily wounded by others.

          One of the things I think contributes to people caring less about what effect their words will have on someone is the age of the Internet and the anonymity it provides. When I was younger and got angry or down or frustrated, I had to show restraint or face the consequences. Now kids often get on the net and curse and blast other people over the net and don’t have to pay any consequences. They enjoy the power and the anonymity of it. They don’t have to witness the pain and tears of the person they are hurting behind their screens and text. They can log off and forget about it while the person they have damaged is left to deal with the ‘scars.’ It fosters even greater self-centeredness and disregard for the consequences of their words. It is much easier to insult someone you don’t have to face in person.

          There are a lot of problems, really, as Mr. Mills so eloquently points out. It may be done in a venue of humor, but is thought-provoking all the same.

          Thank you so much, Mr. Mills, for a thoroughly enjoyable and humorous blog!

        • The Twilight permalink
          3:49 pm

          I love how people blame everything on the lack of church, belief in god, or whatever. I could go on a 20 minute rant about how man created religion, therefore, it is flawed. Now, i believe in some sort of higher power, but i don’t need church to tell me how to live. I jdo have many friends who are religious, however, one of which who is part of the church of latter day saints (sorry if i misspelled) and he says that the paint is to live life like jesus. The last time i checked, jesus didn’t go to church either. Also, i’ld rather spend my time helping people (i’m an emt) than waste a couple hours of my week giving time to a place that is less than perfect itself.

    • 6:30 pm

      That’s an extremely upsetting tale, Sandy, and my heart goes out to. I do hope that in time your granddaughter will come to her senses and that an opportunity may present itself for some sort of reconciliation.

      And to my language, I do apologize. I get a fair bit of grief for my use of “God Damned” and apologize for any offence. I’m afraid it is the one bad habit I’m left with and it’s a tough one for me to shake.

      Thanks for visiting, good luck and enjoy your “rye.” Sounds like you’ve earned one.


      p.s. Thanks to you, Nakai, for your very thoughtful response. Well said.

    • 1:16 am

      Dear Sandy….bless your heart (that’s whay my Mama taught me to say when I feel bad for someone else).
      I certainly hope that you have given some thought to your will and have taken the time to remove your ungrateful, thoughtless grand daughter’s name from it. And, no more Christmas gifts to that selfish young’in til she stops with the nasty comments about you on MyFace (and the rest of the body, too).

      Thoughtless, selfish, ungrateful, and inconsiderate are words too mild to describe her actions!

      • Sandy permalink
        5:09 am

        Thank you Barbie, My you really could use a bit of make-up hahah. Yes won’t she be surprised when Christmas rolls around and that’s the only reason she would be nice to me, to get a nice present. At least she won’t be buying anymore piercings or getting a tatto or a bag of pot with money I used to send her.
        If you only knew how she has disrespected me, it would make your hair curl. And I might add, that I’m a very nice person! (Hey if I don’t say it, my granddaughter certainly wouldn’t and I would have done anything in this world for her) As for right now, I’m just staying away from her and hope someday that she will love and remember me as we much as I loved my grandparents. But I doubt it.

        I’m on my way over to visit with you!

    • Liliana permalink
      11:38 pm

      Which brings me to Sandy’s case- I must say, I’m terribly sorry for the way your granddaughter has treated you. But I have to say, I don’t believe the body modification she has done inspired her callousness. Don’t be so quick to petition the ban for MySpace –the website is not responsible for any disrespect formed from any keyboards. There are plenty of polite members, and I’m sorry you have not met any. Perhaps I should send you a friend request some time. I certainly don’t post about having sex with my boyfriend. I don’t think that is something one should discuss with all of cyberspace. People like you could be reading. And people quite unlike you; perverts who could potentially harm her. She doesn’t seem to put her posts through any self-discretion, which means she could be a victim of STALKERS, who could follow her into the real world. Maybe, when she cools down, you could kindly warn her about this. You didn’t describe what your message to your granddaughter was at all, either. If it was accusatory, or scornful, it probably offended her just as much as she offended you. Teenagers are quick to defend themselves, especially against their elders. Sadly, most are not informed on how to do so respectfully. But this is no surprise, considering your granddaughters lack of censorship is a sign of a lack of self-respect. The sexting is an obvious cry for attention. This girl is in need of some love and acceptance, pronto. In addtion to respect. But teenagers these days are not naive in the same way they used to be –they don’t give without getting. And she won’t give respect without getting some. Someone somewhere is giving her a tough time, and it won’t help if you give her more of it. I’m sorry she had to lash out on you like that, though. Taking her to church probably isn’t the best thing to do, considering she has rebelled against preaching. Empathy is the way to go. I know it’s probably hard to empathisize when she’s acting like a brat, but to love is to understand. Good luck on your quest to atonement!

      PS: It may offend you when Mr. Mills says “God” in vain, but he’s not exactly being respectful and understanding in his blog, so this may not be the place to read if you’re shaken by the G-word in interesting places.

    • Kate permalink
      6:36 pm

      i don’t quite understand how you don’t like words that take Gods name in vain, but then you’ll judge people for the way they look

      hasn’t it ever entered your head that people might judge you for your stupid, old fashioned views
      this is the 21 century….
      it’s pretty much a free country
      so quit whining

      • The Twilight permalink
        3:53 pm

        I agree kate. Thank you for eloquently discribing my feelings (i posted above similar to this).

    • NightOwl permalink
      12:54 am

      Hi Sandy. I’m sorry about your granddaughter’s hurtful words and actions. One can only hope that as she grows, she learns that you are family and you are her elder who she needs to respect. I’m an 18-year-old female and many of those things you mentioned made me balk. That is not the puercings or tattoos, that is her Piss poor attitude and lack of discipline. I’m not down taking your family at all, but if that were my child she would not get away with half of that junk. But in any case, I apologize for how she treated you as I feel it could easily have an effect on how you view all teenage girls. I hope things get better and she learns how nasty she has been.

  17. 11:08 am

    I got a free lip piercing once … entirely unintentional … compliments of my parrot Charlie!

    I visited with my oldest son a few months ago, he had an eyebrow ring in .. I told him if he ever wanted to see his mother again, he’d better remove it … he did!

  18. 12:54 pm

    So, just exactly how do those tackle-box-faced kids gargle and swarsh without looking like a Water Wiggle?

    • 12:39 am

      No idea, Joan of Argghh, no idea. But that’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing.

      Always a pleasure to hear from you.

      • Anonymous permalink
        11:52 pm

        Not to be rude. But I have piercings 3 on my ears (each) and my nose and I’m 15. I go to church every Sunday and I’ve been on 2 mission trips. I’m not a bad person but I have piercings. Im not trying to be mean but just because some people have piercings and they act bad that doesn’t mean all do. Some people with piercings can be really good. I know you have your own opinion but I just hope you understand that some people are good. It’s not all of us with piercings that cuss and party and everything.

  19. 4:50 pm

    Hey Don,

    In India, it’s a tradition to have women pierce their nose and ears. I have both my ears pierced but my mother spared me the agony of the nose.

    I have a friend who has his eyebrows, toungue and neck pierced(8 piercings on the base of his neck. Goes all the way around). We take turns in placing bets on him.

    Will Lyndon’s head get stuck to a giant magnet?

    You want in on the bet?

    • 4:56 pm

      Hey Archie,

      Is this betting open to all? I’m always looking for new ways to make a quick buck …. 😉

    • 12:41 am

      Thanks Archie.

      Sounds like you have some “interesting friends.” You always seem to have a story to tell!

      And I’ll take a piece of that action. It’s bound to happen, just a matter of time.



      • 12:50 pm

        Julie, Open house!

        Don, Lolz… My job warrants interaction with a lot of young kids and you’ll have to tie me to a drain pipe and beat me senseless with a wrought iron rolling pin before you make me stop sharing stories…

  20. 7:30 pm

    “Recycling bin”? You’re going soft, Don.

    • 12:43 am

      You got me there CLT! Guess I am getting soft.

      Wasn’t that long ago I was burying cans of lead paint in the backyard.

  21. lily permalink
    10:53 pm

    Dear Mr Mills,

    Thankyou so much for the kind compliment on my photo and no of course I don’t mind, silly man. What woman doesn’t mind a compliment? I hope it brings back good memories of your dearly departed Aggie.

    As for the hats; never underestimate the value of a good hat, I say.

    I, too, was upset to read Sandy’s story about her granddaughter on MyFace and I agree unreservedly with Nakia’s words of wisdom about the Internet and Video Games being the root of all evil for today’s young people. MyFace and Spacebook (social networking sites , my foot! ….anti-social networking more like it!)

    Video games turn young people into aggressive, unsympathetic, mindless blockheads. Don’t get me started.

    Nakia hit the nail on the head…. the Internet provides anonymity for young people (so they foolishly think) and they assume they can say whatever they like … they don’t care how vicious and nasty they are to others, because they foolishly think there are no repercussions. So they vent their venomous vitriol at anyone and anything.

    But I believe there are serious ramifications for society at large, in that the Internet is breeding a generation of voyeuristic, egotistical, narcissistic, sociopathic young people who can’t discern between what is nasty and what isn’t and what’s even worse, they don’t care. And any parent who is willfully ignorant of what their offspring is getting up to online, in chat rooms, in “forums” , with all their twittering, their blogs, their instant messaging, their YouPubes, iPlods, etc etc etc…. needs to seriously look at their parenting skills and ask themselves how much their ignorance is playing in the downfall of our civilization.

    I’m sorry Mr Mills; I’m ranting and going off on a tangent here, but it makes my blood boil. It really does.

    I need a nice hot cup of tea and a lie down.

    yours truly,

    Lily Fossil

    • 12:53 am

      Always a pleasure to hear from you Mrs. Fossil.

      And no need to apologize. I could read your comments on young people around the clock. You’re a woman of considerale talent and remarkable insight, Mrs. Fossil.

      All the best,


  22. 2:31 am

    Hello Don,

    My oldest son got his tongue pierced. (over 21 at the time) He only wore a stud for a few months and then he took it out. He said the hole in his tongue closed up. He’s 28 now and completely respectable. I have pretty strange kids actually. Except for the tongue piercing experiment neither one of them has ever cared about being fashionable or following the crowd.

  23. lily permalink
    10:05 am

    Golly gosh, Mr Mills, I’m blushing! Thank you very much for those lovely accolades.

    I can assure you I could wax lyrical on the topic of god damned crazy young people till the proverbial cows come home.

    I realize I may look like a god fearing woman, but truth be known, I am an atheist, so saying “god damned” is water off a duck’s back as far as I am concerned.

    Besides, that’s nothing, (as you and i both fully aware) compared to what spews forth from the mouths of young people today.

    Keep up the good fight

    Lily Fossil

    (P.S It’s not Mrs Fossil, by the way. My ex husband left me 17 years ago for some young trollop he met on the god damned Internet. So please, do call me Lily.)

  24. 2:06 pm

    I agree with you on the piercings. The closest thing I ever had to a piercing was when I stepped on a nail that was sticking out. When I see somebody with a bunch of piercings, I feel like whipping out an electronic magnet. That will teach them.

    • 1:09 am

      Thanks Ahmnodt,

      Nice to hear from you, lad.

      If you get a lead on any pocket sized electromagnets capable of removing facial jewelry let me know. I’d like one and I’m sure the other members of my bridge group would be interested too.


    • The Twilight permalink
      3:58 pm

      (see above posts about piercings being made of stainless steel which is a non-ferrous metal) If thats too complicated for you, i can dumb it dumb it down for you. THEY DON’T ATTRACT MAGNETS!!!

  25. 12:14 am

    Thank goodness my daughter was happy to just get her ears pierced. A pierced tongue or nose would have been the end of me. You make a good point about all these kids trying to be unique yet they all are starting to look alike. Gives the word unique a new meaning. Great post as always.

  26. 12:32 am

    hey Donald. you are one funny fella

    i put a link to my blog on guest commentary so others can see your fierceness and humor online

    thanks for saying hi. You Rock!!!

    NOW…I’m waiting on the Diversity Dance Troupe (teenaged dance group) critique from you
    and how they totally robbed the lovely Susan Boyle of her much deserved Crown in
    that rigged Britain’s Got Talent show…

    can you write a column on that… please. 🙂

    Make us laugh some more. And thank you Mr Mills!

    • 1:15 am

      Many thanks Horiwood, I appreciate the kind words.

      I’m afraid I don’t know much about Susan Boyle and have never heard of the Diversity Dance Troupe. I’ll ask Hattie, my personal support worker, to fill me in. She loves those programs. Me, I watch Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Larry King. I used to watch Murder, She Wrote but that was mainly because I have a long standing interest in Angela Landsbury.

      Anyway, I’m prattling on like an old lady.

      Thanks again for visiting and the link. Hope to see you again.


      • 1:47 am

        u r too quaint and funny

        we live your work

        i’d like a cuppa tea

        with you one of

        these days


  27. 1:00 am


    Very funny reply to my site ahahhahaha….love your site..young folks are I dont know not brought up the same way ….when I was comin up.(I being 38) you got an ass whippin when you ran afoul of my old man…i turned out okay…Zman sends

  28. 1:00 am

    I am seriously laughing so hard that I can barely breathe. Thankfully, I don’t have any extra holes in me or I wouldn’t be able to keep enough air in my lungs and therefore, pass out.

    This is truly one of the best blogs that I have ever read. I’m so glad that you came by my blog which in turn made me curious enough to come by here.

    Don, you are COOL enough without putting anymore holes in your noggin.

    Thanks for the best laugh that I’ve had in quiet a while. And, due to that fact alone, I have now added you as one of my NEW BEST FRIENDS on my blog.

    • 1:23 am

      Thank you Trailerparkbarbie,

      That’s a damned nice comment you left and I’m grateful for the kind words. Thank you.

      I appreciate the status of “new best friend” too. You’ve made an old man’s night. (I can honestly say I haven’t ever been called “cool” before.)

      All the best, Trailerparkbarbie, I look forward to getting to know you better.


  29. 3:13 am

    To use a modern young people term, young people suck in general, holed or not.

  30. 12:33 pm

    They say piercing is about “freedom of expression” and “being unique” but if that’s the case why is it that they all have them?

    Well said.

    Reminds me of this scene from the film Life of Brian…

  31. 8:36 pm

    I personally have always thought that if you had to have multiple piercings, then you may as well make them work for you.

    For example, two eyebrow rings linked up to the ol’ Prince Albert piercing by a long chain. You know, wink when you wank, wank when you wink.


    I’ve taken it too far, haven’t I? I’ll go away now.

  32. Laura permalink
    3:14 am

    I have many piercings and many tattoos, but I’m a very respectable woman. I’m the lead network technician of a highly-known company. I do my job very well, so no one cares what I look like. And on the note of the tongue piercing lisp- it goes completely away in about a week.

  33. Liliana permalink
    11:21 pm

    I won’t deny that I want a navel piercing (post-diet, of course), because they’re so friggin’ cute, in my opinion. I like the idea of having a gem in my belly. I think a piercing, especially one that is on public display somewhere like a face, is an aesthetic way to show how tough one is, for some. Shoving a needle through your face takes a lot of guts. One also must be absolutely positive that they want a piercing, as it requires a lot of care (many holes must be cleaned three times daily!) and patience for it to heal. Therefore, I don’t neccessarily think it is a reflection of any form of carelessness. It’s just fashion. I don’t see how it is disrespectful, though. It may grind your gears to see a giant plastic circle in a seventeen-year-old’s ear lobe, but it doesn’t make him or her a horrible person, and it doesn’t guarantee that he or she will/would be rude to an elder. And yes, piercing does go against nature, but so does bruising your children for misdeeds, so nobody’s perfect (no pun intended). You’ll also find that many ANCIENT cultures liked to pierce themselves; sometimes for protection against evil, but sometimes because they thought it looked good. Some other form of mutilation that goes farther back than today’s youth is the corset. For centuries, women molded their bodies into the ideal hourglass shape using this undergarment. And while piercings can get caught and ripped, or infected, the chances of either of those happening are very small, as long as the holes and jewels inside them are tended to. The damage of a corset, however, was much worse. It was not uncommon at all for women to faint all over the place because of how tightly laced they were (literally). This tight lacing also lead to the damaging of ribs and organs. Yet, corsets were still popular for a very long time. And not because it was a movement of free expression, or a display of cultural taste, but to warp themselves into what men thought they should be. So, yes, Mr. Mills, there are plenty of problems with today’s youth, but jewellry through the skin is not one of them.

  34. Mystsong permalink
    11:05 pm

    I find most piercings, especially excessive amounts of them, quite unattractive. If I wanted to have a relationship with bits of metal I’d date m y car, damnit!

    I also don’t see the appeal in poking holes in things you actually kind of need, like your tongue or nose or reproductive bits. Besides, having pokes holes through muscle by accident (the incident involved a staple gun) I cannot understand why anyone would want to do such a thing intentionally. Poking holes through flaps of skin, fine. I don’t want to see most of them though.

    I do have my ears pierced twice, but I only wear one pair when I want to look respectable. I’ve been thinking about maybe getting my eyebrow done at one point, but that will have to wait until I have a secure job and can get away with being a crazy young person once in a while.

  35. Katlyn permalink
    8:13 pm

    Why do you have such A prromblem with it ? it’s not your body so its not you with the holes . I think its just fine to have piecings i have my ears , cartlidge ,nose ,bellybutton picerd and theres nothing wrong with that if you dont like it then dont look . Thank y0u its 2009 not 1980 !

    • TheFuture permalink
      7:26 pm

      Katlyn, in your last sentence you recognized the problem. I am going to have to guess that 80% of the people here that are commenting in the negative are over 30. Times are changing and that is something that some people can’t handle. I couldn’t live without my cell phone, computer, energy drinks or fast import cars. Could you imagine ne one in the 70’s saying that? Once these old farts die off it won’t be as big a deal. to each his own. You have one life to live, do what you want with it. I am not trying to shock nor impress anyone in anything that i do. If you are shocked by what you see, i raise the question of what you did to your parents to shock them. Its the general course of things.

      • 11:21 pm

        Hello again Mr. Future.

        You’re quite the amusing young lad, Mr. Future, and sharp as a tack too. Thank you for confirming for Katlyn and the rest of us that it is no longer 1980. There was some lingering doubt.

        And you needn’t worry about shocking or impressing anyone. Personally, I don’t see that in your future, lad.

        Be well and stay serious.


        • Shafali permalink
          9:11 am

          Dear Mr. Mills,

          Did you draw your own caricature?

          (Just curious – you look just the way you sound:-))

          I’ve spent about an hour on your blog…and I can confirm that it has the stickiest content that I’ve ever seen on the web.

          Best wishes!

          • 3:20 pm

            Hello Shafali,

            The illustration was done by a nice young man named “bearman.” He is a blogger and was kind enought to draw it for me based oo the photograph that I formerly used as an Avatar.

            Thank you for taking the time to read some of my older posts. I hope “stickiest” means “groovy” or “hep” or whatever the current lingo for “not too bad” is.

            All the best, Shafali,


  36. Thomas Kemper permalink
    5:10 am

    TheFuture… you can in fact live without you cell phone, computer, energy drinks, and fast import cars.
    Enlightening eh?

  37. callie permalink
    8:31 am

    I’m gonna start it off with saying I’m not gonna get mad or upset or disrespectful.. I’m 18 I have 12 piercings 5 in each ear my nose and my monroe NONE have hoops they are all small diamond studded piercing quality jewelry I’m not dumb about it I go to professional places iv had at some points up to 20 different piercings in.. Iv never had a problem with the holes closing. And I don’t “stretch” any of them because I’m to big of a baby I never have more the 2 small facial piercings. I find your comments disrespectful and rude and maybe if you didn’t treat pierced kids like you do they wouldn’t have a problem with you. And I graduated high school at 17 iv had a job since 16 I am responsible for myself and I go to college I am not a “drain” on society.. Don’t judge the “group” unless you know them ALL personally please.

    • 12:09 am

      Thank you Callie.

      Unfortunately, I am personally acquainted with every damned young person alive. It was a Hell of tour (56 cities in 32 days and that was just the month of April). I’m sure we met during my 3 day tour of Chicago.

      Anyway, I remember at the time thinking that you seemed like a decent kid. And your comment certainly confirms it.

      Thanks for visiting. I hope college is progressing well for you and I wish you all the best.



    • Kate permalink
      6:39 pm

      I totally agree with you 🙂

      • 6:40 pm

        Thank you Kate, i appreciate your support. These damned young people can be infuriating.

        All the best,


  38. piercedBABY permalink
    8:11 am

    okay, im fifteen years old, i have my earlobes, my top ear, my tongue and my lip. and im about to get to cheek pierced. so TAKE THAT.

    dont judge kids with piercings, we are no different than other kids without them.

    • 12:04 am

      Thank you piercedBABY,

      I agree. Young people with piercings are no different than those without. They’re all damned annoying.

      Take that? Good grief.


    • The Celtic Queen permalink
      9:06 am

      Pierced Baby, when you graduate and apply for a job with the company I work for I’m going to consider all the grads of your age who have also applied and I’m going to interview all the of them for the position that you so desperately want. The money is excellent and you can now see yourself in a great apartment wearing designer clothes but, I pull the rug out form under you. You have the talent, the ability to do the job just as well as anyone but you have a face full of piercings. I can’t select you because you look freaky and I’m not allowed to discriminate so I give the reason for not choosing you as simply that the other candidate had more to offer. That I can do. I do choose another candidate because they also can do the job that you so badly wanted and they don’t have a head full of metal.
      Sadly a letter goes out to you telling you that you have been unsuccessful. We also wish you luck in your endeavour to find employment. That probably won’t happen because we’re not dead yet and as long as there are people out there who think like me you will remain on the that long list of the unemployed.
      So before you get another piercing think about it unless you want to work in some fast food joint earning next to nothing.

      You see it’s not just old people who don’t like body piercing, it’s right across the board.
      It’s not about expressing who you are because you all look the same. It’s a fad that hasn’t quite come to the end of the road and from what I can see the majority who have them are well, let’s just say, not going to work for me. Please don’t put yourself in that category.
      This is what I do when I’m selecting a candidate.
      I don’t think I’m gong to very impressed with your application either. Can you work out why?

  39. jessica permalink
    10:53 pm

    i think your wrong u old people dont have a clue on wats goin on with our young lives we have to make an impression on this world to let every one know that we were here and if we didnt we would just be forgoten like u will be.oh and its a way of life we choose for our selves and no one can change it not even you.soo haha i win adn u cant change that!!!!

    have a nice day!!^_^

    • 12:02 am

      Thank you Jessica.

      You make a damned convincing arguement. Well said. In fact, I was so overwhelmed that at first I wondered if perhaps you had cribbed this from a scholarly text or research paper. I prefer to give you the benefit of the doubt, however, and will assume that these thoughts are singularly yours.

      Best regards and have a nice day too. (that’s a period by the way. Punctuation can be used for more than drawing faces on computers.)


  40. Big Bear permalink
    9:35 pm

    Dear old dad had piercings, except he called them shrapnel wounds, and he had a Purple Heart for each one.

  41. Casey permalink
    11:36 pm

    Well, for one, I have my nose pierced and my lower lip with twelve piercings in my ears. And often, nobody notices them. You’re obviously ignorant and close-minded. And not everyone who has any types of piercings besides their ears works at a shitty, low end job. In fact, I just graduated with my Bachelors degree in Ultrasound Sonography and Radiography. As well as got a position at George Washington Hospital in D.C. And my boyfriend, he has his ears gauged and graduated our college with a 4.0. Do not judge people base off appearance, it makes you look like more of an ass than you probably already are.

    You’re an absolute idiot, piercings are nothing new.

    • 12:15 am

      Many thanks Casey,

      I’m still waiting for “two.” Perhaps another time?

      A bachelors degree in Ultrasound Sonography and Radiology? Damned impressive, Casey, congratulations. You obviously have a sharp mind – it’s clear that you’ve given this article a careful read and were able to “see through” my bluster and right to my ass.

      Honestly, sometimes you young people are thicker than two short planks.

      All the best Casey and good luck with the sonography. But try to remember, sometimes things aren’t always what they appear.


      p.s. Remind me to steer clear of George Washington hospital.

      • Lily Fossil permalink
        2:05 am

        Duly noted: Beware of said hospital. One wonders how those peircings go with all that radiation?

        • 3:02 am

          Evening Lily (or morning for you I suppose).

          I wondered about that as well. It has all the makings of one of those 1950’s monster movies. After a hard night of young person monkey business, a haggard Casey falls asleep at the switch and blows up the radiology department. In the chaos that ensures, she is inadvertently exposed to massive amounts of radioactivity. Her 8 pounds of piercings melt into her cranium transforming her into:

          “The Sonographic Multi-Pierced Mutant from the basement of the George Washington Hospital Department of Ultrasound Sonography and Radiography, in D.C.” (A shorter title may be in order).

          Casey, the horrifying pierced monster, staggers through D.C. snaring pregnant women in her lip hoop and, using her ultrasound eyes, advises them of their unborn baby’s sex whether they want to know or not.

          Obviously, it needs more fleshing out but I think there is a reasonable premise there.

          All the best Lily,


          • Lily Fossil permalink
            3:38 am

            Dear Donald,

            One also wonders how Casey “reads” sonographs and x-rays… considering the difficulty she has reading and comprehending your blog. Goodness only knows how she would interpret written directives. One could very well imagine a termination letter from her employer saying she was fired and she would interpret it as a Valentine message.

            warm regards


          • The Celtic Queen permalink
            7:46 am

            Donald that is soooo funny. I’ve been laughing here for about 10 minutes Oh dear, your sense of humour cracks me up it really does.
            I bet you they both glow in the dark.

  42. Lily Fossil permalink
    2:13 am

    ** piercings**

    I suspect Casey and her boyfriend work as janitors in said Dept.

  43. Shafali permalink
    9:00 am

    The Pierced Ones are now on my caricature hit list!


  44. Shafali permalink
    6:09 am

    Dear Mr. Mills,

    The caricature of the pierced, the tattooed, and the dermal implanted one is now up:) Thanks to this inspiring post.

    Here’s the link to the caricature.

    Warm Regards,

  45. Ben Wilson permalink
    12:50 pm

    Don, I do not see what problem this is causing amount young people. I believe it’s a bigger problem that there are people that are just looking at a teenager and thinking there is a problem just based on the look they decided to have.
    The idea of thinking somebody is wrong based on looks is just wrong.

    I completely understand that it is something strange to you, and that it bothers you, but to suggest that that is the problem with youth is not true.
    I believe that a stronger problem exists everywhere in the world, the idea that its acceptable to just prejudge someone in this fashion.

    For the record, I know many people with piercings that are great people, one of which even started a bible study and wants to be a pastor.

  46. Mooshie permalink
    2:09 pm

    I feel I can stand as a representative for the Young Menaces And Threats To Society Foundation. This was set up by supposed ‘free thinking’ adults, conning young people into thinking that they are using ‘freedom of expression’ when they punch holes through their bodies. The real reason is that every piercing gun in the land has been laced with a serum, soon the pierced rebelious young people will sucumb to mind control and lapse into a zombified state. The unrebellious can be used for cheap labor. So you see this is all for your own good Don… your own good… embrace the hole ridden youths (not literally, many young people seem to feel that metal through their skin compensates for good hygiene… disgusting habit and a suspect few appear to carry body lice) soon many of them will be sweeping your paths, washing your cars, changing your diapers and generally being a damn sight more useful than they currently are! It’s all for the greater good.
    (I am 15 and currently possess an active immagination… I also have 7 ear piercings and are planning many more so please don’t be alarmed… soon me and my cyborg ears will nolonger capable of normal speech, and probably be changing your diapers)
    Love the blog it’s awesome 🙂

  47. 4:25 pm

    5 Points on how young people cause problems in the society

  48. pot head permalink
    1:59 pm

    the problem with old people today is they all feel the need to change the generation after them.

    old people all feel that the youth of american has gone down the drain just because we dont act exactly the fucking same as they do. like jesus christ whats wrong with you guys. ever heard of change? yeah its a good thing. if we still acted like you did when you were are age we would still be fighting WW2 for christ sake.

    why dont you go crawl in a hole and die. save the rest of us normal young people from your bullshit.

    thanks and have a nice day sir

    • 2:33 pm

      Many thanks pot head,

      Why so angry son? Got hold of the wrong end of a doobie? I thought that damned grass of yours was supposed to “mellow” you young folks out, not get your underwear all bunched up.

      I appreciate your taking the time to share your views. And I can assure you that I’ve heard of change – I just don’t care for it a great deal.

      All the best lad and thanks for visiting.


  49. dontrealycare permalink
    9:56 am

    i love how you, Don, is supposed to be this really strict conservative, republican type, but yet you lower yourself in order to insult a kid who is just stating his point of view. I blv that a person can do whatever he wants to him/herself, why should it matter to you? Thats the problem with this world ppl are always trying to govern others, but not themselves. I accept your right to voice your opinion, but with all due respect, i dont think the kids your talking about care at all what your saying. They’re going to continue to get peircings as wells as tattoos..This is American, and ppl have the right to do whatever they choose.

    • Sedate Me permalink
      2:21 pm

      Thats the problem with this world ppl are always trying to govern others, but not themselves.

      You think people with Private Pilot Licences (PPL) are trying to set up a parallel government? What kind of conspiracy nutjob are you? Maybe the tattoo on your face of two squirrels having sex has leaked toxic ink into your brain.

      But you’re right when you say people should always govern themselves, keep themselves in check. They should keep their bullshit “self expressions” to themselves or take a God damned art class and put it on a real canvas. People with tattoos like to think they’re artists using their bodies as a canvas to express themselves. Sorry, dumbasses. If anybody is the artist, it’s the tattoo guy. You’re nothing but one of his canvases.

      And, if you want to turn yourself into a walking work of art, you should expect to get some art critics casting judgments upon you wherever you go. If you have the right of self expression, so do they.

      but with all due respect, i dont think the kids your talking about care at all what your saying. They’re going to continue to get peircings as wells as tattoos…”

      A young person talking about respecting young people’s right to be disrespectful? That’s rich!

      But again, you’re right. These stupid young people don’t care what Mr Mills has to say. That’s because they’re stupid young people! If they were smart, they’d listen to him because he’s right.

      This is American, and ppl have the right to do whatever they choose

      Whether or not they are part of this Private Pilot Licence Conspiracy (PPL) you keep talking about, (You really should start taking your meds.) nobody has the right to do whatever they choose. That’s the problem with stupid young people, they all think they can do anything they feel like. If I had the right to do whatever I felt like, there’d be a hell of a lot more stupid, young, corpses out there.

      By the way, this is not “American”, this is on the Internet. For all you know, everybody posting here is from Canada, where we have no rights…and like it that way.

  50. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) permalink
    3:50 am

    Well, I’m not sure if it’s better to stick a piece of jewelry in your cheek or your tongue in your cheek! 😉

  51. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) permalink
    3:52 am

    Oh, and BTW, I’ll take that brownie with your best “big bud” please (since I quit smoking) 😉

  52. xPOTMx Death permalink
    6:05 pm

    I find it funny how older generations complain about how younger generations have piercings and tattoos, when yet their generation raised our generation. Did you ever think to look back and say “Wow, maybe we messed up?” Younger generations learn from older generations, so if you don’t like it then be mad at yourself. Not us for being different, and for you saying “well if they all have piercings, how is it different?” It’s different because not everyone get their lip or eyebrow pierced for the same reason, and did you know that piercings and tattoos are a right of passage in other cultures? Probably not since you’re old and closed minded. So I’m glad that I scare the “bejeepers” out if you, just because I’m different from you when you we’re my age, times change and you can’t control it.

    • 7:06 pm

      Many thanks xPOTMx Death ,

      I appreciate your stopping in. I think I can say in all honesty that I’ve never thought to look back and say “Wow, maybe we messed up.” I’m actually quite certain about that because to the best of my knowledge the word “wow” had never come out of my mouth. I’ve looked back and said “I sure miss the Lindy” or “I can’t believe I paid $8000 for my home” but I’ve never said “maybe we messed up.” Because we didn’t. It’s you damned young people that have made a dog’s breakfast of everything.

      To your comment that not everyone gets their lips pierced or faces tattooed for the same reason I say “Bah.” (and you can take that Bah in both the dismissive disagreement sense and in the bleating sheep sense of the word). The Readers Digest, in conjunction with the Clifton Tanager University recently conducted a study that showed the top 5 reasons young people got piercings.

      1. Because their friends had one
      2. Because their freinds had two
      3. Because they didn’t want to be the only kid at school without one
      4. Because everyone else has them
      5. To raise awareness of environmental issues

      Not an impressive list.

      And finally, I’m glad you’re glad that you scare the bejeepers out of me. I only wish you understood why.

      Kind regards and thanks for visiting.


  53. Megii permalink
    5:07 pm

    I agree that some pierces are disgusting.

    I’m an 18 year old, i have a decent job, i have my nose and my lip pierced, with a tiny stud that isnt noticable unless you are up close and in my face, which i dont see why anyone would need to be. i also have my ears done but you cant see them behind my hair and i barely wear earrings.
    I thought about stretching them, but thought it best not as if have huge holes in my ears when i got fed up with it.

    I think if someone has a piercing then it is up to them, its something they obviously want done and feel okay with. i do believe that a few piercings is okay, i mean i would love to have the otherside of my lip pierced so that it matches, plus it fits in with the ‘style’ i fit into.

    however i think if someone has lots and lots of piercings and piercings in strange places, like i few i have read in these comments then it is a bit extreme.
    but im not going to judge anyone who has them done as it is there choice at the end of the day.

    I would like to add that my sister has her tongue done and its the most irratating thing when she plays with it along her teeth… and pokes it through her mouth. lol

  54. Megii permalink
    5:12 pm

    Sorry for spelling peircing wrong lol. i always get confused with it.

  55. SureShot permalink
    12:56 am

    Well… its just not the young people who have piercings. Duh. I agree with BlueShift, if we were being serious, but I have a feeling that this blog is far from serious, in that case… rock on Don! I think that its pretty sick that you take time to be connected with the world through the internet. And you’re one of the few “old people” I have come across with a sense of humour. Kudos!

    By the way, to each his own, lets remember that.

  56. janice permalink
    1:18 am

    i think you should just save your comments everyone is free to do what they like

    • Sedate Me permalink
      2:57 pm

      Free to do what they want? Like making the comments you are saying he shouldn’t make? Perhaps you should stow your comments, hypocrite. (Look it up.) I’d really like to be more specific, but out respect for Mr Mills, I won’t.

  57. oldgoat permalink
    12:00 pm

    Too many more holes in their goddamned empty heads will make a shrill whistling noise when the wind blows. Very distracting to us older folks who, as a rule, already hear too much inspid noises coming from their ignorant pieholes. Damned hooligans.

  58. Zoe permalink
    7:03 pm

    Hi, I’m a young person and in all honesty I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  59. Paulie permalink
    3:06 pm

    I’m 37 now and got my septum (nose) pierced when I was 36 for Father’s Day. I think people need to quit judging others because of appearance. A person has the right to express themselves in any way they choose providing it doesn’t hurt others or physical harm to themselves. I also have numerous tattoos and have a great job as a plumber. I come in contact with all types of people and do not get a negative response. Well and if I did I really don’t care.

    • Sedate Me permalink
      7:57 pm

      Hey, Bone Through The Nose.

      The purpose of Father’s Day is for your sprogs to give you gifts to try to make up for the torture they put you through. You mistakenly think it’s a day when the father is supposed to torture himself for a change. If I can’t judge you for your appearance, can I at least judge you for that?

      Jesus, man. You’re a 37 year old father! The only hole that’s understandable for you to be considering putting in your head is the kind that appears with the help of a gun.

  60. 9:57 pm

    Dear Mr. Mills, I am 16 and agree with you 100%. I go to a public school and many kids have over 10 piercings. I often wonder how many of these kids will get a job. I asked my dad who is an executive for a investment firm, and he said he would never hire one. Its unappealing to any customer. And they get them for the stupidest reasons. To be an individual. That is so cliche any more. However, many of the kids in my neighborhood are respectable and would never do such a thing. Or their parents are against it. But, I am guilty in a way, some of my friends do have earrings. But I can over look those kind. Its the lips, eyebrows, and noses thar look

  61. 10:04 pm

    that look bad. Sorry for misspelled words, I’m doing this on my phone. Which I noticed is an issue with Mr. Mills, oh the irony of it. Any way, I’d like to see these kids when they are 70. I think guys get earrings because many “leaders” have them. At least that’s my friends excuse.

  62. Me~ permalink
    2:46 am

    Gosh, it seems your just reinforcing the used that all older people instantly dislike teenagers due to silly things like this. I myself am a teenager and thinking about getting a piercing. I have a job. And i consistently get As and Bs in school.
    Maybe instead of complaining like everyone else, you could try making people aware of the risks.
    So some teenagers listen to screamo and hardcore metal. So they feel like they want to express thenselves through piercings or tattoos. Your parents may have been a lot different when compared to you and the next generation will probably be different as well.
    Not all teenagers a rude, wanna be hipsters, or jobless; some of us have manners and a good head on our shoulders.

  63. caity permalink
    12:51 pm

    I don’t really think it’s a matter of “young” people and “old” people. There are ignorant people in every generation. However, regardless of the fact that I am 16 and have my tongue, nose, ears and lip pierced (twice), this blog makes me laugh. I enjoy your sense of humor, Don, even if the veiws may be different.
    Honestly, I wonder why people get so worked up over what others have to say over the internet. It’s the internet. Any idiot can use it.

  64. cyberfrance permalink
    10:15 pm

    Well, the way I see it, it just makes looking at snapshots better. Imagine when these freaks take a walk down memory lane and realize what asses they were as they “body art-ed” their way through life. How funny will it be as they try to explain what was going on in their lives the day they decided on adding 5 new holes in their eyebrows, a tattoo of a Chicken McNugget and a expander in their ear large enough to hold a can of Bud. All of these significant life experiences captured forever all over their wrinkled up bodies. Hell, if they’d waited long enough, they’d have enough varicose veins and age spots to certainly look like dragons and skulls. Oh well. I suppose its part of God’s plan to give us all something to look forward to.

  65. OnePiercedGirl permalink
    8:55 am

    I personally disagree with this.
    I have quite a few piercings, including a double tongue piercing. And for those wondering, no I don’t have a lisp and talking feels like normal.
    The young people of today use piercing as a way of expression, it’s about changing how you look. Yes you might find a lot of people have one type of piercing but the reason behind it is always different.
    A piercing is no different from putting on makeup or changing hair colour, it’s a form of modification. When you decide you don’t want it you can take the piercing out and it will heal over. For example a tongue piercing can be taken out even after its healed and it will heal over in a matter of weeks and there is no sign it was ever there.
    There’s nothing wrong with piercings. It’s not a problem, people make it a problem by being prejudice.

  66. 6:37 pm

    I’m not writing a response to change someones point of view, but to just give information about myself and my piercings. I am 21 years old, and am studying Special Ed. with a minor in teaching english as a second language. I just returned to the states from spending 2 1/2 months in Brasil volunteering at an orphanage.I have 2 ear piercings, my belly button pierced, and my nose. I got my belly pierced to celebrate the fact that I lost 95 pounds. My dad bought my nose piercing. Ears aren’t taboo anymore. I understand some people don’t agree with piercings, and that is okay. I got them because I wanted them, and if I change my mind I can take them out. Hope this info was useful, if not interesting.


  67. Ashley permalink
    2:08 am

    Mr. Don Mills I’m a very respectable, young mom, democrat, love OBAMA and I’m gonna wow the fuck out of you, I actually have a nose piercing and ear piercings as well. At first right after I had my nose piercing, I called my Mom, told her and she was furious…. I was so upset, but then we talked and she later saw me and person and agreed, that it looked nice on me. To be honest I think a lot of piercings even though my nose is pierced, are gross. By the way I refuse to wear a ring in my nose only studs in my nose as well as my ears even. Just think anything else would be overboard, my nose being pierced is definitely enough. I feel a lot of older people might not understand, but I have no tattoos, I am a honest person, and I don’t want to only seek negative attention. My nose piercing really is just me. Yeah millions of others got nose piercings too, but they will never wear there’s like me. I have evn taken it out on job interviews and asked if if is accaeptable to normally wear when I got the job. I just think that whether it’s a haircut, a hairdye job, a tattoo or whatever, it alll still has a lot to d with how you rep yourself to others.(By the way I hate tongue piercings, eyebrow, private parts,etc….. don’t go to far. As long as your sublte and you can take it out and still show your natural beauty overall even with a piercing it is one’s perrogative. Of copurse older generations may have a hard understanding of that because this is the same older people who if had their choice we would all be seperate, and everyone would be surronded by someone just like them…….not a dis to my elders I love you all, just a truth.

  68. Jorden permalink
    6:13 pm

    While I respect that this is your opinion, and you are entitled to it, I think that you are spending a little too much time judging people. I know a few people with piercings that are very smart, successful and mature people. I also know people who have no piercings that are lazy, uneducated and doomed to live in their mothers basement for all eternity. That being said, I have my ears pierced, and at one point, I had my tongue and lip pierced. I have an education, a career and a good life. And I have all of that to go along with my earrings.

  69. Anonymous permalink
    3:31 am

    Not sure how old this is or if you still reply however i think that you are simply being stereotypical here.

  70. scott permalink
    3:38 am

    Not sure if you still reply, however i fail to see how piercings are an issue, yes i agree there are a lot of people my age (20) who are useless wasters but its kind of unfair to claim anyone with piercings is automatically part of that group. I personally have two lip rings and i have them not to “be an individual” but because i like them and since it isn’t exactly hurting anyone i fail to see the issue. If it matters i am currently studying environmental geoscience at one of the top university’s in my country.

  71. Brandy permalink
    6:33 am

    Actually, in Genisis 24:22, (which is in the Holy Bible); it tells of Abraham sending out his servant to find him a wife. When this servant found a suitable woman, he gave her two bracelets and a nose ring to signify her betrothal to Abraham. Based on your MISuse of our Lords’ name, and judgemental attitude… I am not surprised that you obviously didn’t know that. Using any reference about why Jesus was not crucified, in such a way is immoral at best. So until you sit down, pick a copy of the “Good Book”, and educate yourself; don’t go around “thumping” your opinions on others. Whereas I doubt God will send me to hell for having piercings, (multiple) and tattoos, (again multiple); I am willing to bet He will send you there for using his name in vain! I go to church with my nose ring in full sight…the question I have is, do you go to church? And if so, do you open your fowl mouth and speak in Gods house the way you do on here?

  72. Teddi Ann permalink
    10:00 pm

    Hello there,
    I found your blog somehow. I actually don’t remember what I was doing before I found it and read all your posts (so it must not have been important.)
    It makes me laugh to think that I’m half the things you complain about. I’m 19 with gauged ears and a bizarre (but very cute) haircut. I act a little androgynous and, hell, my name is Teddi. I’m dating a boy named Mackenzie, which we both found bitterly humorous. I’m an Atheist city girl.
    On the other hand, I am currently working towards my Master’s. I work in a movie theater and pay all my bills and rent for the apartment I just got approved for. I pay for this without the help of my wonderful parents who are stretched quite thin enough with the 8 of us. All in all, I feel that I am a respectable, kind, and professional person.

    But that wasn’t why I was commenting.

    I noticed a slew of juvenile comments full of profanity and CAPS lock and exclamation
    points galore. It can, of course, only be assumed that they came from “young people” (whose lack of grammar and basic punctuation use saddens me, as an English major.) I just wanted to acknowledge them and say, wow, they’re all making the rest of us look bad. I understand that this is a frivolous blog meant for satire and light-hearted humor. It just kills me to watch them shoot themselves in the feet, knowing they’re prowling the Internet representing my age range.
    Don’t write all of us off and stay cool, Sir.

    All the best,

    • NightOwl permalink
      12:37 am

      Thank you for helping me make a case by more intelligent representation! Haha good for you guys that’s pretty cool 🙂

  73. kira permalink
    9:24 pm

    Call it a preference, it’s no ones “problem” but yours and anyone else who feels that another persons body is their business.

  74. NightOwl permalink
    12:33 am

    I’d just like to (more respectfully than some) put my two cents into the ashtray. I am an 18 year old female student currently going on a fast track into the medical field. I graduated a year early and was accepted to Penn State’s premed program as a 17 year old… And I also have 17 piercings. I think you certainly have a right to your own opinion, and this is your post. I realize that I was not strapped down and forced to read this. However, it bothers me how you express your view on piercings in such a closed-minded manner. I have utmost respect for my elders, but they need to have faith and respect towards the younger population. After all, WE are the ones who hold your future. And WE will be around longer than you. Whether you like it or not, piercings and body modifications are a thing of the past, present and future. Do you have bones to pick with eastern civilizations who have piercings for religious purposes? Most likely not. Well piercings are a way for people globally to not only express themselves, but also for them to make a statement about decorating their temple as they darn well please. If even religious piercings irk you sir, then you are hopelessly lost in your own ways. My religion is individuality and reverence for others and their differences, maybe you could try it. I thought with age came wisdom, but it saddens me to see that this doesn’t seem to apply to social differences. I grew up in a home with conservative, old-fashioned parents who had great skills when it came to raising me, but I was a judgmental person until I opened my eyes and stopped judging people by their images. You don’t see me posting unnecessarily harsh rants about old people who drive their Buicks and Cadillacs dangerously slow. That is not the way to be a productive, united culture and quite frankly I was raised better. And that’s coming from a young person with pleanty of your loathed piercings all over my body. You should be ashamed. If you want teens and young adults to respect you and look up to you, treat us like the equals we are so we can have something that is worth idolizing.

  75. Sergio permalink
    8:28 am

    I can assure that not every teenager has piercings. I’m 15 and will never pierce my face. I find it unanitractive(spell check) Don’t get me wrong, I believe that everyone has the right to screw their face in what ever way they want, I just wanted to correct you. Cheers.

  76. Anonymous permalink
    5:28 pm

    Hello Mr. Mills,

    It has been refreshing and frightening to read all of the posts on your site.
    I am an over-40 yr.-old, married mother of two teenagers. My husband and I are raising our son and daughter to think for themselves, and treat themselves and others with respect–which includes their elders! Neither of our kids think these piercings or tattoos are “cool,” and they’re not alone.

    Still, they have seen the spread of this bizarre pierced/tattooed practice in unexpected places in our society, including their middle and high schools (some teachers, too!). No longer is the nose-stud or face tattoo limited to coffee house or hipster hair salon employees; now these defiant,”in-your-face” individuals can be found in education, medicine, business, government–practically anywhere. And everyone else. . .shall we say, the “non-look-at-me” folks, have to pretend not to notice how stupid and freakish they look.

    This country has become so unbelievably politically correct, that if anyone were to comment on, disagree with, or even question WHY they’ve done it, that person is immediately attacked and vilified (usually by ignorant, illiterate morons).

    It seems that we no longer have civil conversations in this country, and sadly a majority of good folks are keeping silent about this and many other important issues.

    For our family, we are holding the line in values, manners, and respect. This includes the impression we make out in public–both in personal appearance and behavior.

    Finally, Freedom of Speech must extend to ALL Americans: if you choose to put all of that
    garbage on your face, thus forcing me to look at you, I should be allowed to tell you how repulsive you look, without being attacked or sued.

    Just my thoughts. . .

    American Irish Girl

  77. Wayne permalink
    5:10 am

    Narrow minded people like you are what make this world shit to be In. Narrow mind’s are small minds.

  78. HopeBunny permalink
    11:13 pm

    I completely respect your opinion towards other’s decisions. And I am very happy that you are not one of the many people that have gotten physical with heavily modified people; some have actually been physically assaulted just because of the way they look, which I find going WAY too far. And I respect you for that 🙂
    I am actually quite a modified girl myself. A pierced eyebrow, a septum piercing (it’s like a bullring), a vertical labret piercing (a vertical piercing going through the center of your bottom lip), 1in stretched lobes, several ear piercings, along with silly colored hair shaved into a mohawk, and many tattoos. I don’t smoke, or drink, or do any sort of drugs. Hell, I don’t even drink soda!
    Sure, many have actually come up to me and have told me how “stupid” I look, or that “I’m going to be unemployed for the rest of my life”. It doesn’t bother me too much really. I graduated high school early, graduated from my state college, and am currently a computer software engineer making 75+k a year; along with being a piercer on the weekends because I love seeing other people become confident with the way they look. I am only 23yrs old.
    It’s all about self expression. I completely respect your opinion in every way, and if I were to actually see you on the streets, I would probably give you a high five or something. But to the ones that actually become violent about it, a good kick to the face would do them well haha 😛
    Bonne journée! (Good day!)
    And God bless! 🙂

  79. A. Kalen permalink
    3:27 am

    I actually very much enjoyed your opinion on piercings. I don’t mind piercings, I enjoy some common ones, myself, but some do look rather atrocious, in my opinion. I leave it be, but you can’t help but to think on it… I can’t agree with the fact you believe all pierced people must lack intelligence, but I can completely agree that it can hinder getting a job in the future. I plan on taking out my nose ring and my earrings that could be problematic after I can get a job in the field I wish to head into after college (thankfully for me, I’ve seen that ones like a nose ring can snap right shut and leave no trace).

    Thank you, I am enjoying your blog.

  80. Michael permalink
    9:47 pm

    This is brilliant you my friend are the voice I have been waiting to hear! I am 17 and it highschool very religious and piercings and tattoos make me sick especially those slutty belly rings and ugly eye brow rings oh my goodness! I hope god is seing all the people my age making these stupid mistakes I would never do that to my body it will stay the way it is especially will be kept in the image of how god wants us to be. Unlike those sinners I’m going to heaven thank you so mutch again !

    • Sairah Peters permalink
      4:50 am

      Hi I would like to inform you that I am religious, and I happen to have 12 piercings. Perhaps you are short on your studies of the Bible, but it doesn’t say anywhere how many holes you can put in your face, but it does say something about being unkind. The words slutty and ugly aren’t welcome in heaven my friend, and you would do well to become less ignorant about this.

  81. garfield permalink
    5:12 am

    your a normal elderly person, I don’t mind piercings and tattoos and stuff like that.
    when im an old man I will not be a hater.
    and I will love and respect every one even young people who do something completely weird to there face.
    you will one day die as an old man who is hating a lot of things.
    I will die as an happy old man who is not disgusted by anything and I will respect the younger and the stupid.

    a wise man once said….. to be old and wise you must first be young and stupid.

    and for that reason im going to be be as stupid and as weird and happy as I can.

    • Captain permalink
      1:05 am

      I have to to disagree with you. I know a man in his early twenties who has several piercings and is studying neuroscience at Oxford University. He is one of three on the course. He is very intelligent, charismatic and a very well rounded young man. He volunteers in hospital and has been chosen to work by several companies despite his piercings. He has job offers lined up for when he graduates, some companies offering to fund his masters degree. You’re wrong about piercings holding people back. You shouldn’t let it bother you so much, didn’t your mother ever tell you “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? I pity you. You sure know how to make a drama out I things, don’t you?

    • KEAKA-2 permalink
      9:56 pm

      Opinions are like recta — most everyone has at least one.

  82. blayse dextrazr permalink
    8:24 pm

    The problem with all people today is that we’re so judge mental. I have piercings and people have told me im the nicest person you could ever meet. I have stopped people from killing themselves and I domt judge, I know a woman with no piercings who calls her own daughter stupid and fat. That woman also said that I shuld lose weight or no one will ever fall in love with me, but the thing is she has commit adultery and sh is verbally abusive to everyone. Piercings are for style and just because I have piercings doesn’t mean I am a bad person or commit crimes and is rude; no it simply means I wanted metal in my face and that doesn’t affect you.

  83. younge&damned_ permalink
    2:25 pm

    I’m sorry but according to this your name is don. Not “god” they may have a hole in their face, ear lip nose, but you sir, have a hole in your heart. You have no right to say any of the horrible things you have said. I don’t think you should even use gods name in a sentence. And for the ones calling people “retarded” who in the world are you to judge that person. He is entitled to his opinion and once again. Not only is this america, but your on the internet people, if you don’t want snotty remarks do not post!

  84. Sarah permalink
    7:57 pm

    I’ve had ear piercings and I have a tattoo but I kept that tattoo someplace hidden where only I can choose to reveal it when I want to….no not a tramp stamp but on my leg. Eventually though I got rid of most of my piercings so now only my lobes are pierced. It’s fun at a young age but eventually when you get older you get sick of it.

  85. Timiarah Camburn permalink
    3:03 pm

    I have one facial piercing, and I like it. If my teen wanted to get a piercing, I would not stop him. In fact, he has one earring. People have a right to do what they like with their bodies, and piercings have nothing to do with who those people are on the inside. We’re both highly intelligent, articulate, religious and hardworking. Interesting blog, however. I see you have many dislikes, lol.

  86. Tania permalink
    2:50 am

    Piercings don’t make a generation worthless and brainless like you think, technology is doing that more than piercings are. And when you take them out they heal over and you would never guess someone had them. I think teenagers and this generation are doomed because we are left will all the shit you adults left us, pollution, global warming, baby boomers and how they are all retiring, political problems involving other countries. You adults have left us crap to deal with and we will have to fix it all or at least try our best. We all know bigger solutions to these problems are going to be coming in the near future, well that’s because of us. The world has bigger issues to handle than an adult who is not happy with their life that has to blame a younger generation.

  87. Sairah Peters permalink
    4:46 am

    I can see how the idea of putting holes in your face can seem odd to people who aren’t around that sort of thing a lot, but I have met a lot of very kind, smart and generous people who have piercings. I am one of these people that has piercings, and I am also very smart and kind, and also very passive. I respect your point of view and opinion on this topic and others should as well, but this can be offensive to some. I am not offended because I can understand your outsiders point of view because I used to be one too. But the way I am now, I feel so much less ignorant to the topic and I am very happy with who I am, how I look, and the number of holes I chose to put in my face. Thank you for your opinion on this, and thank you for understanding mine.

    • Fed Up With Today's Idiots permalink
      6:47 am

      Bill Cosby was a very funny man when he wasn’t drugging and raping women. The point is that just because somebody else has some positive qualities about him it doesn’t discount or illuminate the fact that there are an idiot in other respects. There is no intelligence behind somebody putting a hog ring through their nose or tattooing skulls on their breasts or arms. These are the hallmarks of an idiot. Anybody with a functioning brain would avoid doing something that stupid.
      Please enlighten us, what was going through your mind that made you decide to get up one day and go and pay good money to have somebody stick a needle through your nose or your nipples and stick a chrome stud or ring through it? Why do you see this as something attractive? people with correctly functioning minds avoid pain and discomfort and don’t needlessly mutilate themselves for vague uncertain reasons.
      These people are all just idiots, sheep doing with the other sheep are doing.

  88. Unknown permalink
    8:46 pm

    Who are you to judge you fucking stereotypical twat? I feeel pity for people like you. Just because you cant see further than your own nose and have a problem with todays society of young people doesnt mean you can say horrible untrue things about them just because they pierce holes in their bodies. If thats the way they want to express themselves then so be it. Get over yourself for fucksake. Nobodies going to be listening to prehistoric fucks like you giving off about everything that wasnt the same ‘back in your day’. Times have moved on from 160 years ago love. You see the problem with society today is people like YOU. Goodluck in the future with your set of blind eyes, you’ll need it.

    • Fed Up With Today's Idiots permalink
      6:35 am

      More hippie liberal bullshit! People make judgements everyday,it’s called being discriminating and its a good thing. It means you have intellect and standards and are able to choose between things that have cultural significance and redeeming qualitys and things that are a drag and degenerate influence on decent society.
      The problem with society today is hippie liberal idiots like you. The fools with minds so open their brains have fallen out. We are witnessing the end of civilization brought about by a permissive society that embraces an anything goes mentality

      • Guest permalink
        2:54 pm

        poor baby. parents didn’t hug you enough?

  89. Fed Up With Today's Idiots permalink
    6:29 am

    I know you feel. I have it with today worthless generation to the point where I wish we could exterminate people who have no moral problem with being an idiot and burden to society.
    I went to put gas in my car today and a 20 something piece of crap covered in tattoos,unshaven with a chrome drawer pull through his nose comes up to me and starts harassing me for a handout because he needs gas for his car. I curtly told the guy not to bother me and that I don’t give handouts to bums and he starts walking away muttering and then walks back cursing at me and making threats. Finally I got fed up and I told him he needs to get a shave and a haircut and then look like human beings that maybe he can get a job and support himself. I also asked him if he had daddy issues because they’re obviously some underlying purpose to somebody willfully going out and pay money to have a chrome cock ring stuck through their nose, it seems like a desperate cry for attention to me. These fucking idiots look like circus freaks they walk aimlessly through life uneducated and unable to get a decent job because they look like idiots and never want to grow up.
    I’m sorry but jamming a hog ring through your nose and tattooting your skin so that you look like the bathroom wall at a truck stop isn’t expressing yourself, the only thing that you’re telling the world is how big of an idiot you are and how little respect you have for your own self and the people around you. Tell me how do you expect to hold a decent job anywhere when you show up looking like some fucking bum off the street and at 30 years old your still wearing pink rock shirts and smoking pot and begging people for gas?
    Honestly,there is no defense for any of the idiocy going on in today’s society. People are just stupid,it isn’t about freedom or expression. Back in the old days people presented themselves as human beings and were raised to grow up,carry themselves with a certain degree of dignity and become productive members of society.

  90. Marilyn permalink
    2:28 pm

    Don I agree with you! When I see young people walk around with their butt crack showing, pants sagging down, I am disgusted! We don’t want to see your junk!! It really looks ridiculous! My son is the most handsome boy, however he thinks it looks good to have piercings, He first got “snake bites” then tongue, then nose. I am so upset because he is ruining his beautiful face. It looks awful!! I tried to bring him up well but I must say “you can lead the horse to water but you cant make them drink” When they get a certain age they do what ever they want. I told my son I love you but I cant look look at you with that bull ring in your nose!! sickeningly disgusting!! Its like people who get these piercings are completely delusional! How can anyone in their right mind think this looks good! They make themselves look disgusting!! Most people I see with nose rings dont keep it clean! They have boogers caked on the stud! Gross!! I am a child of the 70s and NO we did not do this crap! Nor did we dye our hair pink or purple

  91. Anonymous permalink
    6:07 pm

    why do you care so much about what other people do? Sounds like your really bored :/

  92. Anonymous permalink
    12:26 am

    I do not agree with you completely. I personally think that getting a piercig (or a tattoo) is a personal choice. Like dying your hair, wearing contacts or dressing the way you do. I agree there are a lot of teenagers and young adults with piercings and tattoos. Some people get piercings because they find them attractive or having a certain piercing makes them feel better in their own skin. Would you hate on a girl that decided to dye her hair blond because it makes her feel better about the way she looks and because she just likes it? There are A LOT of blonde dyed women on this planet. It is a personal choice. Some people get piercings because it is a fetish for them. And people with poercings and tattoos usually are more kind than the rest just because they are more open minded. I do not say that all of them are kind, but not all people without body modifications are kind. And I think that everyone here heard their parents tell them( or any older person): “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It is an old saying. And about jobs, you can get a job having piercings and tattoos if you know how to hide them. Or you can always take your piercings out during work hours. Septum piercings, ear piercings and anything from neck down can be hidden with clothes. You can also hace a full sleeve(tattoos) and put a shirt one and it will be covered. I intend to have tattoos and piercings. I am going to apply to the best tourism agency in Europe and I intend to have my own agency or work in a famous hotelier line. My tattoos will be covered by clothing; after all, you don’t go in a bikini to work, do you? My choice to modify my appearance may be linked to the fact that I like punk rock music, but my family raised and is rising me well, I am not poor or anything, my grades are over 9(10 being the highest) and I am at the best high school in my country. Not all people are the same, no one thinks the same thing. I respect your opinion, I just wanted to show you that people should not be labeled by stereotypes and by how they look.

  93. Pro Pierce permalink
    11:43 pm

    Maybe if you had piercings when you were younger, you wouldn’t be such an upright shit stain (providing this isn’t a sarcastic rant)

  94. 10:11 pm

    You are just amazing, I’m a teenager myself-16 and always depicted as being different or a ‘boring geek’ but I totally agree with everything you’ve just said.

  95. Anon permalink
    1:02 am

    I absolutely agree 100% with you on this

  96. Guest permalink
    2:50 pm

    So let me sum up what I have gathered from your extremely close minded post.
    People are not allowed to take part in any other cultures. We can’t (Shouldn’t) get piercings or tattoos or decorate our skin.
    By that standard are you saying “Young kids” should not be allowed to be openly Gay, bi-sexual or asexual or any other sexuality either? That women still belong in the kitchen? (Fuck that btw. Oh and that means By The Way.)
    Things have changed, and will continue to change. Keep up guys, all of you.

    Does that mean you don’t like any radical forms of music like metal and rock either? If us young kids; the next generation, is frustrating to you to no end, why bitch and complain about us? You do realize that us young people will be responsible for helping your sorry ass when you need meds or medical help. Ha won’t that be a kick in the nuts. Helped by an ’emo’ kid with tattoos and piercings; by a kid that’s just living their life the way they want to. And in my opinion, the most harsh and judgmental people are the ones that go to church every Sunday. Sometimes its the pristine and the polished that’s holding the knife that will be stabbed into your back.

    And If you have such a tough time sleeping at night because us “emo” kids are lurking outside your window because you know we all worship Satan and what not right? Why not just take a bottle sleeping pills, and have all your problems solved? All of you?
    Complaining about the next generation that decided to put a few holes in their body wont fix anything, just piss us off.

    Why take the time to pick and pick at some life choices that are not serious at all, and maybe aim a little higher. Look at the people that deserve the hate,. like killers and rapists.

    You are all so petty.

    Haha, your rant still just makes me laugh to no end. You wanted anger. You get an A+ for making me laugh. I hope everyone stops feeding you the negativity you crave and just laugh it off.

    And btw. My parents support all of my piercings and my stretched ears. Even my grandparents, while they were against it at first, have chosen to accept it instead of bitch. Obviously I have some great grandparents, because they know how to love me even with all my holes.

  97. Anonymous permalink
    10:37 am

    Why do you care what younger people do? The world doesn’t stay the same forever. Things change, society adopts new standards. It’s called moving forward. No one gives a shit what your childhood was like a thousand years ago, that was very far back in the past. Considering the world is much different now standards from back then don’t mean anything. If everything was still the same as it was back then this country would be even more horrible than it already is. The one thing your generation refuses to accept is that closed mindedness, ignorance, and the inability to accept that things will never be the same for anymore than a short amount of time won’t change anything or let you get your way about what other people do. It’s just going to make you angrier.

  98. Francesca permalink
    2:38 am

    Here’s what I think about this whole situation with piercings. Times are changing and if you are relating things like this to when you were young then your not keeping up with the changes. Now I’m not trying to be rude or say that you should do everything that happens but I bet there are things of your generation that you might have done that the older generation didn’t do. So how come the new trend of piercings is so different? It’s just a way for people to express themselves. Monster what type of piercings they get, they can have 50 piercings or only one but that doesn’t change the person. I can give you someone who is rude and disgusting and has no manners who has no piercings, and I can also find someone who has a million piercings yet is the person you trust with your life. So I’m not trying to fully switch your opinions in anyway but just maybe give you something to think about even the slightest.

  99. Emily permalink
    8:29 pm

    Are we forgetting who raised this generation?
    People criticise things they don’t understand, you don’t understand this style and that’s okay. I highly doubt you’re parents understood the music you listened to or the clothes you wore either. The way you’re describing you’re father though no wonder you turned out so judgemental. Anyways, piercings have been around for centuries. They originate from tribes etc. Globalisation, education or what ever you whatever you want to “blame” these cross “contamination” of cultures you seem so disgusted by. Piercings are just another way to decorate yourself I’d advise you find something you like and concentrate on that rathar than this hate.

  100. betsy ross permalink
    1:47 am

    They all look ridiculous and evidently don’t think ahead much. Can’t wait to see them when they are grandparents with holes all over themselves and sagging body tattoos. What happens when they have a cold and snot is hanging from their nose rings. I find it repulsive and freakish. That’s the mememememe generation-look at me. This is the future of our country. How sad.

  101. Ana Rebolledo permalink
    2:38 am

    I have 4 piercings and 5 tattoos, I got my piercings when I was in 8th grade and I got my tattoos when I got out from high school and I don’t care about your opinion and stop judging people

  102. Renee permalink
    7:06 am

    IMHO it’s the last days before Christ returns. Individuals who pierce or tattoo themselves, should move to Africa and become part of a tribe. Because that is what you are labeling yourselves. In a tribe you can belong. Be my guest and live in Africa or any tribal community besides America. It’s sickening with stupidity, ignorance and being selfish (Being #1) no matter what.


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