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Making the Move to Assisted Living: A Guide for Anxious Seniors » assisted living brochure page 1

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  1. 4:12 pm

    This cracks me up! My parents would even enjoy it! I am going to email it to them.
    I love that you set it up as a brochure~
    BTW – My husband is a super fan and shares your posts at work! I think you have gotten a few more subscribers through him..
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Brenda permalink
    2:54 am

    Let me know the instant you make a grouchy old man gift list. My grandfather is a crotchety man who would tell anyone dumb enough to give him an iPod right where to put it! I usually send food, but he’s in the hospital this year and it would seriously piss him off.

  3. 2:21 am

    This is really true and funny. Having worked in some crappy as well as top notch facilites your post cracked me up. One of the facilities.. when you look at their brochure it shows beautiful rooms and a fountain inside the foyer and a beautiful garden ,but the funny thing is the side of the facility that has been remodeled is not even being used there’s no fountain except for the day they took the photo ,and the garden is dying and really disgusting. The so called food , tastes worse than a low budget microwave meal. Thank God for good facilities too.


  1. The Good Funeral Guide – Useful advice for senior citizens – The Good Funeral Guide

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