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  1. 1:29 pm

    A man of few words, here at least. I respect that!

  2. Vlad Schmutz permalink
    2:36 pm

    We are missing the real point here: it not that the “thumbs & palm generation” (thumbs for texting & palms for a handout) is afflicted with any number of made-up afflictions. Moreover, its the fact that in a couple of years they will be voting!! Worse yet, these hocus pokus afflictions are becoming grounds for disability benefits. Hold on to your wallets. It is a scourge that the US economy cannot sustain! God help us!

  3. Lex Lewis permalink
    8:28 pm

    They are the most self absorbed louts in the last hundred years, perhaps in history. God help us!

  4. Darius permalink
    5:29 am

    There is a dirty old grandpa by tahe name of George Wong, GOD OF WINE MBA, self proclaimed.

    This shameless old fart goes around freeloading indiscrimnatly on any event in Singapore.

    Not only that, he is an oppurtunistic molestor and his signature move is to hang his arm over a girls shoulder as if proclaiming ownership when taking photos.

    Bf’s and husbands, beware if this grandpa molestor, check out his Facebook, GEORGE WONG, GOD OF WINE for evidence.

    At his age it is questionable if he can get it up, and the girls he molests are young enough to be his grandaughter!


  5. Mitica permalink
    1:28 am

    I belong to The Beatles & Rolling Stones generation… Am I an old fart ? 😁

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