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How to Dress – A Guide for Nitwit Young People » how to dress page 2

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  1. 3:34 am

    Hi Don:

    Wearing a shirt with buttons is not only good for gross motor skills, it’s especially good for fine motor skills.

    • 12:35 pm

      Very true Anne.

      I get my gross and fine skills mixed up all the time. Is was one of my late wife’s ongoing criticisms.

      Many thanks for dropping in and leaving I comment. Lovely to hear from you.

      Best regards,


  2. 2:14 am

    Little note, found a grammar mistake.
    “But how can I express myself?
    By shutting up and doing as YOU’RE told.”

    Great post though!

  3. 12:27 pm

    haha hilarious!

  4. 1:45 pm

    Very funny. I’m pleased to say my new husband passes this test. I never though of him as a “great” dresser. I guess I didn’t know how good I had it!
    Wanna see more from married life?

  5. 7:02 pm

    Minus all the sexism, you are my hero. Not many have the gumption to post something as quick-witted and post-colonial as this.
    I am curious what your educational and professional background is. I will proceed to investigate your blog.
    Thanks for the laughs,

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