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How to Dress – A Guide for Nitwit Young People » how to dress page 1

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  1. ODORICAION permalink
    12:56 am

    UNDE ESTI ????????

  2. 11:52 am

    Oh, how many times since the early 1990’s have I bemoaned the belt going out of favor as a men’s apparel essential. It used to be you would only be treated to gut-wrenching visuals of hairy butt cracks and snippets of skivvies if you insisted on watching the plumber fix the sink. Now it is the exception rather than the rule to see a young man- anywhere- with his shirt neatly tucked into his securely belted-at-the-waist pants.
    Your pictorial guide to where mens’ pants waists should land is absolutely priceless. Now if we can only convince the young women to start covering up and stop going out in public looking like strippers and streetwalkers.

  3. 2:21 pm

    i am writing this as i wear a button down shirt and a university cardigan but it’s my opinion that there are so many instances, like at work or school, when people are restricted to what they can and cannot wear. what they wear on their own time is a personal choice. at best, they should only be made aware of what their sartorial choices say to others. i don’t particularly like certain styles but as long as it isn’t lewd or sexually inappropriate, it really doesn’t bother me. live and let live.

    and also, i think buttoning shirts would go under “fine motor skills” unless people button shirts using feet. if that’s the case, i’ve been doing it incorrectly all my life.

  4. 4:16 am

    Dont care much for old people

  5. 8:29 am

    I love the picture for waist lines. They should hang that in schools. If your pants hang into the red zone, you get to hold your pants up with twine and wear something more sensible the next day. Growing up, I remember a family friend of ours who is a police officer who would remind boys he saw with their pants sagging low that in prison it’s a sign you’re available. They never seemed to happy to hear that.

    For the most part, I think people should feel free to express themselves, but they should think about the setting and try to be tasteful. I’m an army wife I have seen posters hanging on doors around post showing diagrams of things that are unacceptable to wear such as skirts that are far above the knee, inappropriate slogans, clothing that is too tight, clothing that is ragged or dirty, night clothes….etc, etc. etc. and it baffles me that people even have to be told not to dress like that.

  6. 3:22 pm

    I like the steampunk look

  7. 5:41 pm

    If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s t-shirts with ridiculous sayings on them. If you can’t verbally say something because it may offend someone-why put it on a shirt?

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