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God Damned Television-Watching Young People Make Me Furious

The problem with young people today is that they watch too much television.

When I was a boy, television was like a married couple – it only got turned on once a week and when it did it was formulaic, heavily censored and largely comprised of comedic fumbling.  For young people, watching television wasn’t a right, it was a privilege you earned – like allowance, medical care and sleeping indoors.

Televisions had substance in my day. Our first Magnavox weighed 400 pounds, cost a half-years salary and – if the wind was out of the north-east and Venus was in retrograde – could pick up two fuzzy but largely indistinguishable black and white channels.

Half the time you couldn’t tell if you were watching Amos and Andy, the Philco Television Playhouse or a network test pattern but we didn’t care – the primary entertainment of the damned thing was in watching your old dad pound it with his fists, wrestle with the rabbit ears and curse a blue streak over the horizontal hold.

But these young people today, they watch television all the damned time. Every house in the land has 19 of the infernal things and young people aren’t satisfied unless they have access to 6000 channels, super surround sound and a screen the size of Oprah’s forehead.

In my day, we were wary of television and sceptical of its influence but nowadays young people are plugged into the things as soon as they pop out of the womb. They’re plunked in front and left to be raised under the watchful eye of gender ambiguous puppets, anthropomorphised farm animals and an animated explorer who may or may not have her god damned green card.

Television has gone from source of entertainment to occasional child minder to primary caregiver and omnipotent overlord.

And they never turn the wretched thing off. They have it on 24-hours a day. They have them in their washrooms, vehicles, damned hall closets. They eat their meals and move their bowels in front of them.  If I had ever asked to have the television playing during dinner hour my old mom would have broadcast her disdain by smacking me senseless with a gravy ladle and then re-running the beating on Tuesday, Thursday and the following Sunday at noon.

Listen, if we don’t smarten up and pull the plug on the damned idiot box soon we’re going to become nothing but a nation of channel surfing, addle-minded nincompoops who wouldn’t know the world had to an end unless Anderson Cooper reported on it live from the gates of Hell.

They watch too much television. That’s the problem with young people today.

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  1. 12:14 am

    Look…when you were a kid, you couldn’t have had the TV and the stove on at the same time or your fuse box would’ve gotten hot enough to melt the pomade off your dad’s hair. And you’d have the Andy Griffith channel on all day long if someone would make that channel…maybe you could line up a bunch of bran and adult undergarment sponsors?

    • 12:28 am

      Many thanks morethananelectrician,

      Quite true. And god forbid anyone had a taste for toast while a lamp was on. That kind of reckless indulgence would either burn your house down or, more likely, black out the entire county. We made our toast in the dark, with just the light of the toaster’s red filaments to guide us. None of this damned 200 amp service, central air, 6 computers and a half dozen forms of waffle iron for my family.

      And of course I’d watch the Andy Griffith channel. But only in moderation. Matlock wouldn’t have it any other way.

      All the best lad,


  2. 12:19 am

    I’m sorry Don, I was going to comment on some great lines here, but the volume is cranked up on an obscure Lacrosse game between Boston and Chesapeake. Being alone with the laptop means this house is too quiet, so the telly needs to be blasting to kill Sunday loneliness while the family is out. I just heard some announcer mention a “transitional midfielder” and have no idea what he’s talking about. 60 Minutes was very depressing tonight, showing orphans in Haiti and . . . AHHHHHHHH!!! You’re right!!! I’m overdosing with media here, just a tapping idiot with slack and soft muscles going south. I’m not even WATCHING the damn boob tube! I’m going to go outside and throw a ball for the hounds to chase, and get some air. You snapped me out of it, and made me laugh. Thanks, Don — I needed that! My belly’s showing more skin than Oprah’s forehead!

    • 12:44 am

      Many thanks Dan,

      I think in lacrosse a “transitional midfielder” is the guy who has come to the realization that he’s never going to be able to make a living in lacrosse and is trying to decide whether to become a house painter or gym teacher. It’s a shame actually, I’ve always rather enjoyed that particular sport.

      A wise decision to put down the lap top, turn off the idiot box and go play some ball with the dogs. I’d do the same but it’s getting dark and that means the damned young people will be coming out soon to swear at each other, punch one another in the shoulder and repeatedly spit on the sidewalk in front of my house. Besides, me hounds have already called it a night and are snoring up a storm.

      All the best Dan and, as always, thanks for visiting.


  3. 12:23 am

    Don, great minds obviously think alike, as I just did a post on the same subject. Except mine has Hooters, space aliens and real housewives of some city in some state.

    Come to think of it, it’s those damn teenagers who are making those damn shows possible. Forced sterilization, Don. Then we can return to the good old days of Art Linkletter.

    • 12:55 am

      Many thanks Jammer,

      And, as my old teacher Mrs. Milicent Bodsworth would point out, fools seldom differ. I’m quite sure we fall into the former category though.

      Excuse my ignorance Jammer but I thought Hooters and space aliens were the primary cast members of those real housewife shows? I’ll have to pop over for a read. I’m obviously woefully out of touch.

      Thanks for the visit Jammer. Looking forward to reading your post.

      Best regards,


      • 2:19 am

        After so many hours in the wasteland, they all do seem to run together 🙂

  4. 12:24 am

    Mr. Mills, I applaud your assessment. I cannot believe the way those hussies “dance” on Dancing With The Stars, but the young people just lap it up (I hear it’s one of the most popular programs). When FDR called television would become a “vast wasteland”, he didn’t know how right he was going to be. It’s a sad state of affairs when the commercial advertisements are better than most of the programs themselves. Thankfully, we have televised legal experts like Nancy Grace to keep the media’s powers in check.

    The Codger

    • 12:53 pm

      Thank you Codger,

      They certainly do lap it up. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, lapping is one of their most popular dance steps these days.

      I think “vast wasteland” is a perfect description of television programming. “Crapville” also works – but it isn’t nearly as eloquent.

      All the best Codger. Always nice to hear from you.


  5. 12:35 am

    I am not fond of television. I watch movies and certain TV shows, but I never leave the damned thing on for background noise. The voices in my head are enough background noise. My son, however, isn’t complete unless the TV is on while he’s playing a computer game and downloading songs on his ipod.

    This generation hails their ability to multi-task and they insist it makes them smarter. If that’s true, when I send my son to the grocery store for milk and bread he shouldn’t come home with potato chips and grape soda. Multi-tasking my ass.

    • 8:40 am

      Have you tried making potato chip sandwiches? And grape soda mixed with milk makes an excellent enema

    • 12:53 pm

      Very well said yellowcat.

      I’ve always been wary of this notion of multi-tasking. It seems to me that people would be wiser to pay more attention to organizing their time so that they didn’t have to drive, make calls, check emails and shop for on-line undergarments all at the same time. I could bathe and make toast at the same time but it wouldn’t be multi-tasking as much as dangerous stupidity.

      I prefer to do one thing at a time and do it well. And I have a hard enough time doing that.

      Keep on that son of yours. He sounds like a crafty one.

      Best regards,


  6. 12:42 am

    Hello Don,
    The sad fact is that you could take a baseball bat and smash every single televsion set in the entire world and it wouldn’t do any good.Today’s youth are tuned in to youtube,MySpace,Facebook,iphones,ipads,yahoo,youhoo,heyyou,and a gazillion other sites/stations/urls/etc. This is why the Mayans are predicting the end of life as we know it in 2012. At that time, young people will have to revert back to using 2 cans hooked together with a string of wire to communicate. And, it serves them right! Or, Heaven forbid, they might have to actually revert back to WRITING to each other. It’s that damn Al Gore’s fault for inventing the evil internet. He should have left that massage therapist that he was trying to fondle alone and finished the job of making it unaccessable to anyone under 30!
    Just my 2 cents!

    Your friend (and #1 non-threatening stalker)

    • 12:54 pm

      Thank you TrailerParkBarbie,

      And an excellent 2 cents it was. Granted, smashing all those damned televisions may not do a lick of good but it sure would be a decent outing. I think I’d prefer to use a cane though – they’re lighter than a baseball bat but can still pack a decent punch.

      I didn’t realize there was a connection between youtube and the Mayan calendar but I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. Those Mayans are damned clever – and I’ve long maintained that it’s hard to find a more concrete sign that the end is nigh than easy access to videos of people dancing around in their garages pretending to be Jedi Knights.

      All the best TPB and thanks for visiting.


  7. 12:54 am

    My mother is a very smart woman. She wouldn’t allow me to watch “Wheel of Fortune” until my homework and chores were done. I just can’t miss Vanna!

    • 12:54 pm

      Thank you Ahmnodt,

      A very sensible woman indeed. Chores before Vanna has always been my motto.

      Best regards,


  8. 1:25 am

    TV went to Hell the minute Uncle Miltie put on a dress.

    • 1:06 pm

      Interesting notion, bmj2k.

      I was more inclined to blame The Newlywed Game and those damned Monkees but you may be on to something there.

      All the best,


  9. elizabeth3hersh permalink
    1:43 am

    Great post, Don!! I have a different kind of problem in my home: I have to force my girls to watch TV. They flat out won’t watch so I put it on their ‘to do’ list several times a week. They get to choose from programs saved on our DVR (updated monthly). Here is a sample:

    European Journal (European news)
    Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking
    Into the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (cosmology)
    Suze Orman (finance)
    Clark Howard (finance)
    Drugs, Inc (documentary)
    International Dateline (world issues)
    Journal (Deutsche Welle)
    Mosaic (Middle East news)

    They claim they enjoy the programs, but won’t seek them out on their own (hence, the ‘to do’ list). I LOVE TV and it can be a great tool if utilized properly. Super post, Don…you always tell it like it is.

    P.S. I miss shows like the Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver, I Love Lucy and Bonanza.

    • 1:25 pm

      Thank you Elizabeth,

      I have to admit I’m unfamiliar with most of those television shows (except for the one included in your p.s.) but they sound like decent educational programs. I’m not sure about “Drugs Inc.” but I’m hopeful it’s not as scandalous at the title would suggest.

      Please pass my regards on your girls. It’s nice to hear of a family that watches programs together.

      All the best,


  10. 4:32 am

    Dear Mr. Mills,

    I must say that I LOVE Television! What I don’t love are the mindless reality shows. Snooki? J.Woww. I can’t believe I even know their names. I must agree with Ms. 3Hersh on her selection of TV shows for her girls. All highly educational and well worth the TV viewing time. What I DON’T get, are the kids who are now watching movies on the subway on their teeny tiny little iPhone screens. Or the kids that don’t know how to go outside to play.

    Anderson Cooper may be broadcasting from the gates of hell, but our damn kids will be too fat to get through those gates.

    • 1:30 pm

      Now that I think about it….that may be their evil plan all along…. Too fat to get into hell. Hmmmm,

      I’ll have another bucket of fried chicken with the mac and cheese on the side.

    • 1:43 pm

      Thank you Mrs. King,

      Snooki? Sounds like something you’d find in Hundred Acre Wood. Perhaps after I get my tattoo (I think I’ve decided on the barb wired tinged medic alert bracelet) I’ll have to consider giving myself some colorful moniker like “J.Woww.” I’ll have to start working on a short list.

      And good point about the damned fat kids being too large to fit through the gates of Hell. They were likely built back in the day when most nasty teens grew no taller than 5’8” and generally weighed somewhere in the area of 150 lbs.

      Best regards and thanks for stopping in.

      Phat D

  11. 5:30 am

    kids today really do watch much too much tv. parents should turn the set off and make the kids read some sweatpants with words on the ass.

    • 1:49 pm

      Many thanks Nonnie.

      That’s just perfect! I like the way you think young lady.

      A damned sensible suggestion and I appreciate your sharing it.

      All the best,


  12. 6:12 am


    I don’t watch TV that much myself. It prevents me from being bored. Being bored is one of the best things I could experience. It’s like how some people describe drug use, but much slower. The ideas in my head collide and make new ideas as if I were under drug influence, but for that kind of effect it takes a day.

    However, I must watch television, at least a bit. I can’t get new ideas to play with if I don’t watch TV that often. Although I do prefer books.

    Would you comment on “God Damned Headphone-Using Young People”? It should be considered a vice. It blocks out the world. I’ve fallen under it too. You actually have to scream at someone to get their attention.

    Jonathan Ferxist

    • 1:56 pm

      Thank you Jonathan,

      I’m not sure I’d call what you’re experiencing “boredom.” Sounds more like quite contemplation to me. And I’m a firm believer in its value. More people should turn off the buzzing electronics and give it a try once in a while.

      I have to thank you for the suggestion as well. I hadn’t given much consideration to the notion of “God Damned Headphone-Using Young People” but it absolutely is one of the problems with young people today and it drives me crazy.

      I’d be happy to tackle it as an upcoming subject. Thank you for that – I’m always open to suggestions and assistance.

      Best regards, Jonathan.


  13. 8:43 am

    I have a brother who talks to the television and an ex husband who kicks them for fun. Mine is used for covering up a damp patch on the back wall and it’s doing an excellent job.

    • 1:57 pm

      Thank you Nursemyra,

      I also have a brother that talks to the television. He also converses wth squirrels and once had a rather lengthy chat with a pair of slacks. I was concerned at first but then realized that more time he spends talking to trousers the less time he has to be calling me.

      I’ve never kicked one but I have to admit I’ve been sorely tempted. My old dad used to violent with the television but back in those days they were built to withstand the abuse. Nowadays, I’m afraid I’ll break the damned thing if I stare at it too hard.

      Not to interfere but you’ll want to get some young handyman in to take a look at that damp patch of yours Nursemyra. You can’t leave something like that unattended for too long.

      Best regards,


  14. The Celtic Queen permalink
    9:58 am

    Hmm nothing wrong with that family now is there? Don I have to admit that we have a two huge tellies . One in the lounge the other in the family room. We don’t watch TV all the time and neither do our kids when they are around . They all work and have ‘stuff” to do when they come home but it’s good to relax with a comedy the watch the SBS News. There are some good shows on at times so I really look forward to an hour on a Sunday night with whatever I’ve chosen to watch which was Underbelly for the last 10 weeks for one hour. True stories about Australia’s Sydney underworld who have wiped themselves out. I think it’s a great way to unwind and would hate to go back to the days when you had to beg to watch Bewitched instead of Panorama. I understand where you’re coming from but TV is great tool for learning. Nobody I know just sits there all day. Most of the kids I know are all computer geeks or I Pod listeners. The others play Lacrosse or Footy as that’s big in Oz and that takes up evenings for training. That keeps them too busy for telly.

    • 2:32 pm

      Thank you Celtic Queen,

      I don’t object to television in principle – I certainly have a few programs that I watch regularly and enjoy immensely. But it seems to me that most households never turn the damned things off anymore. It gets switched on the moment people get out of bed (if it hasn’t been on all night).

      But now you’ve put me in the mood to try and track down an episode of bewitched. I was always a fan of Agnes Moorehead.

      All the best,


      • The Celtic Queen permalink
        12:08 am

        If only they could make shows like that again Don I’d be sooo happy.
        Endora was a hoot wasn’t she? I’ve never been able to wiggle my quite like Samantha. I also loved the old bithering Aunt Clara.

  15. 10:09 am

    You said it all and you said it right! And not only that, but I firmly believe that the fact that they watch too much television is exactly what is wrong with young people today. And some older folks too, for that matter. My parents decided back when the damn idiot box was invented that it was a communist plot to get people to buy crap and didn’t allow one of the infernal machines in the house until the year Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, which they felt was historically significant enough that it warranted purchase of the thing.

    They thought, silly people that they were, that it was important for their children to actually KNOW how to READ and even back in the 50s they had figured out that if you were given a choice of being spoon fed sweetened pablum or having to chew tough meat, a kid was going to choose pablum every time. Seems like they were right too.

  16. 12:23 pm

    We weren’t allowed to watch television:

    a. Before 5PM
    b. Before our homework was done.

    Well between getting home from school and about 5, I was out with my friends. From 5-8 was homework and dinner. so I only got 3 hours a night…I was deprived.

    • 7:30 pm

      Thank you Bearman.

      Deprived? Sounds like you were mollycoddled to me. Allowed daily access to television and meals? That’s the damned highlife, son. I was lucky if I was allowed 3 hours sleep a night.

      Still, at least you had some structure. Most young people today are free to watch whatever the hell they want, when they want it, and force their old moms to offer up a menu of potential dinners for them to choose from.

      Good to hear from you Bearman. Thanks for visiting.


  17. 1:33 pm

    Don, If you were on the TV, I’d watch.

    • 12:59 pm

      Thank you Greg,

      That’s kind of you to say, lad, but I don’t imagine the networks would be interested in televising a program comprised of some old man shaking his cane and yelling at young people. Besides, I’ve been told I have a face suited perfectly for radio.

      All the best,


  18. Lynn permalink
    6:08 pm

    well done don! my grandpa had a zenith with rabbit ears. he used to wad aluminum foil up and mold the ball onto the tips of the antenna. bravo for your epic line: “a screen the size of oprah’s forehead… “

    • 1:01 pm


      Nice to see you again, lass. I understand you’ve been away for a while (I heard something about a run in with the law but hope there’s no truth to it).

      Take care and thanks for stopping in,



  19. 10:02 pm

    Don –

    As usual, I’m in agreement. Today’s youth should have to earn their chance to watch the television, rather than just assume it’s covered along with room, board and contraceptives.

    We earned out television time back in the day. It was never assumed that we’d spend the evening camped out in front of the 1.5″ screen, hoping to catch a glimpse of amorphous greys that comprised the nightly news roundup and puppet show.

    In fact, for the first several years of TV’s existence, we had to wait until the Albertson’s left town on vacation to catch any shows. They were never fans of the programming, what with it mostly being black and white static, followed by hours of “OFF THE AIR” placards, and used to complain loudly about its presence, decrying the fact that there were “two whole channels and still… nothing to watch!”

    As soon as their sedan had turned the corner on their way to their bi-annual two-week vacation, my brother and I would prise the backdoor lock open and fire up the Philco, washing ourselves in the waves of static and barely visible amoeba-like blobs representing variety show entertainers or maybe some white men who looked like black men.

    Now that I’ve reached this advanced age, I feel I’m free to watch however much television I’d like. In fact, I’ve become so accustomed to the faint tones of a muted “Star Spangled Banner” rendition and the atonal drone of the off-air signal that I can hardly sleep without it. Every time the power goes out, I’m jolted awake but the sudden cessation of calming white noise and low-level radiation.

    Thanks for hitting the nail on the spoiled head, Don. Today’s youth need this sort of direction. Perhaps you could gather up some socks and a felt board and do some sort of education programming, using your handmade puppets and wobbly easel to soften the blow of your verbal onslaught.

    C.L. Tanager

    • 6:50 pm

      Many thanks Clifton,

      Always a pleasure to hear from you. Funny you should mention the educational programming because I’ve always felt you should take a job touring our damned schools and scaring the snot out of young miscreants.

      Your numerous gonorrhea, shrapnel and workplace injury stories are not only educational and cautionary; they likely leave the kind of psychological scars that you just can’t achieve through traditional sock puppetry. I’d say you’re the man for the job.

      All the best, Clifton. Hope you’re keeping well and managing to hold on to your remaining digits.

      Best regards,


  20. 12:44 am

    If it weren’t for Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men, Everybody Loves Raymond and the Golden Girls it probably wouldn’t be on in my house.

  21. 3:53 pm

    I couldn’t agree more, Don!

    Well, I probably could, but probably not without pulling something, if you know what I mean!** LOL!

    Oddly enough, just last night I was watching a television program on this very issue. The host (who looked like a younger, less “jocular” version of you, I might add) was talking about how lately, thanks to television, kids are becoming more socially-inept and reclusive.

    He did say that it was helping with things like lack of adequate child care and constipation, but in the end the negatives definitely outweighed the positives.

    Really, besides the occasional positive reinforcement, I guess the only thing we can do is sit back and cross our fingers that it’s just a fad. I only hope kids take heed to these warnings, because the sooner they get off their gravy ladle-virgin asses and start doing something productive, the sooner TV stations can get lose some of this investigative journalism crap and return to their regularly scheduled programming.

    Yours in regular bowel movements,

    **If you do know what I mean, I’d appreciate it if you’d fill me in.

    • 7:06 pm

      Many thanks Bschooled,

      I think I do know what you mean about pulling something (I tend to injure my hamstring during any form of vigorous walking, shuffling or while putting on socks). I’m not sure, however, if I’m entirely clear on what “gravy ladle-virgin asses” are or how regular bowel movements connect to reclusive socially-inept misfits.

      I’m sure there is a connection in there somewhere but I’m also wondering if the Stampede may be in town? I seem to recall that last year around this time you cautioned me that for a brief week in July your primary sources of nutrition were limited to Vodka and something called Red Bull. If so, I reiterate my caution to please exercise some caution. Those cowboys are all manner of trouble.

      Many thanks for visiting Bschooled. It’s always my pleasure to have you stop in.

      Your friend,


    • 1:57 am

      Well, sounds like somebody’s been taking his Namenda®!

      You’re right, Don, the Stampede is in town once again. It was tough, but somehow I managed to make it back to the Coast without losing (too much of) my dignity.

      Oh, and you’re right about those Cowboys, too. IMHO, few things are more troubling than being charmed by a rustic country boy at the Stampede, only to wake up the next morning in the bed of their porn-style bachelor pad with a bandana in your mouth and your wrists lassoed to the headboard.

      …Or, so I’ve heard.

      ps. I apologize for my excessive use of the word “probably” in the last comment.
      I know you’re not one to hold grudges (ROFL!!), but still.

      It was completely uncalled for and (probably) won’t happen again.

  22. 12:07 am

    You know for having hundreds of channels on twenty four seven there is surprisingly little on. I usually prefer books or a movie. TV movies are often edited, I usually watch movies on my lap top which is like another limb to me. Not muchy else to say I’m kind of late this week because we’re all waiting to see when me sister in law pops the baby out and makes my parents grand parents.

    • 7:07 pm

      Many thanks Rose,

      Books are a fine alternative. Good on you. And all the best on the coming sprog – I’m sure you’ll make a fine aunt.

      Best regards,


      • 7:46 pm

        Weird though, my brother’s a damned idoit. his wife’s okay though. All things considered, between him my self and the oldest brother (also a homosexual) he’s the only likely chance for progeny In the Williamson family.

        That said, his wife is having the kid today. Hope it takes after her and not him.

  23. mediamugshot permalink
    1:54 pm

    Wait a minute … married couples get turned on once a week?!?!

    • 7:10 pm

      Thank you mediamugshot,

      Apparently so. At least according to the excellent 1952 “Guide to American Husbandry.” It’s on page 45, right after the section entitled “Should you let her drive?”

      I’d recommend it highly.

      All the best,


  24. Dr Tim permalink
    10:25 pm

    Dear Don

    In my day we were permitted to watch a single episode of The Virginian each week, on a Friday. That was the limit of our decadence – although Dad always covered our eyes if Trampas spoke to a lady. And I’m a better person for it, I reckon.

    With Very Best Wishes

    Dr Tim

    • 11:57 pm

      Many thanks Dr. Tim.

      Sorry for the lengthy delay in responding but I never miss a British Open at St. Andrews and have been glued to the damned tube for the past four days. Not really a great excuse considering the content of my post but there you go.

      All the best and thanks for visiting.


  25. lookingforsomethingtofind permalink
    8:19 am

    Television has wreaked havoc on my generation, just look at us, how do I know this, reality TV and it’s what the good people on the TV have told me.

    • 11:58 pm

      Thanks lookingforsomethingtofind,

      Sensible logic lad. Sorry for the delay but as I noted above – I tend to disappear during the British Open.

      Best regards,


  26. cleverlittlemiss permalink
    1:38 am

    We didn’t watch a lot of TV growing up because we were always outside playing baseball or some other sport after our chores were completed. We couldn’t wait to get out of the house at that point. I do follow some TV shows or if I’m lucky I’ll catch a Late Night Talk-show once in a while but I can’t stand half the stuff on TV anyway. These reality shows have taken over and I just can’t stand to let my brain turn to mush watching them.

    Great post.

    • 12:00 am

      Many thanks Cleverlittlemiss.

      Good on you. I was the same way when I was a sprog. The moment we were done meals and chores we were right out the door.

      All the best and thanks for visiting.


  27. 6:16 pm

    Telly vizzeeon?


    Never heard of it….sorry.

  28. 8:06 pm

    It’s true! I hate that I’m addicted to TV, but when I get home the first thing I do is turn it on even when I’m not watching…..ahhhhhh!

  29. 11:37 pm

    I was wondering when you get around to the boob tube Don and you’ve done it just in time. Honestly, the only thing worth watching anymore is the Knife Show. Hilarious stuff Don and now back to you in the studio.

  30. Sedate Me permalink
    4:02 pm

    Yeah, the ol’ set finally crapped out and now I find myself with a flat-screen HDTV about the size of a drive-in movie screen. I must say, it does look fantastic! Too bad the quality of the programming isn’t even a fraction as good as the TV’s picture quality.

    I now have well over 600 channels and struggle every night to find one that has something worth watching. I’m not just talking about something really good to watch, I’m talking about something that won’t make me projectile vomit.

    At any given time, half the channels are showing Reality TV shows that are insulting to the intelligence of even the mentally retarded. Half of the of the remaining half are running CSI: Boise , Law and Order: Traffic Violations or shows that are indistinguishably different from them. There is no news is so-called “news” channels. Sports has become soap operas for men. Every movie that airs in America, even a classic like Bedtime For Bonzo is heavily censored, lest the “precious young people” get crazy ideas into their heads about animal welfare, or something. These “precious young minds” they are protecting are too busy downloading videos of guys having sex with goats to worry about censorship of a movie that lasts an hour and a half longer than their attention span.

    In short, aside from a half dozen comedies, a few dramas and some documentaries that are generally available only on expensive premium packages, it’s all insulting, degrading, annoying, repetitive, unoriginal BULLSHIT …and it’s crammed full of ads and product placements to boot. The entire purpose of TV today seems to be to rot your brain and make you want to buy shit you don’t need.

    I miss the beautiful old wooden box. However, while my new TV brings me the same worthless crap the old one did, it does occupy less floorspace. I’m thinking about installing a bookshelf and doing some reading. That’s how bad TV is.

  31. lianamerlo permalink
    11:22 pm

    Oprah does have a rather large forehead, doesn’t she. I never really noticed that before. Old people can be so judgmental.

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