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Affronts to Old People #5: Student Discounts

Few things grind my gears more than this ridiculous practice of extending “student discounts” to god damned young people.

I get a 15% seniors discount at the three stores I shop at and I’d say I’ve damn well earned it. In addition to paying into the tax system since Herbert Hoover was in short pants, I’m on a fixed income and need every damned penny I’ve managed to tuck away in the old Sealy Posturepedic National Bank. We old folks may horde cheese but contrary to the rumours we’re not all Nelson Rockefellers sitting on a stash of gold bricks and lighting our cigars with treasury bonds.

A seniors discount is the one damned way in which the contributions we old folks have made to this country are acknowledged and it demeans the gesture to pass on similar savings to damned teenagers who haven’t done anything other than have the gross audacity to be young.

I say we should be charging them more – not less. We should add on a “student surcharge” instead of giving them a discount. It’s only common sense and about damned time they did something to help stimulate the economy beyond purchasing second hand bongs on ebay.

I already pay over-inflated prices and it’s due in no small part to the damned young people and their shop lifting, pirating and general lack of regard for the principles of commerce. If they’re driving up the price of salad dressing, ground chuck and argyle socks then I say we should stick them with the bill not cut them a damned deal.

What the hell has some “student” ever done to deserve 15% off on anything? Not a damned thing as far as I can see. All it does is send a dangerous message that immaturity and a lack of income are traits to be rewarded. No wonder every slack-assed young person stays in school until they’re 40 – there are too many damned perks!

If you’re Hell bent on passing on savings, try extending a discount to the man who just lost his job of 10 years, or the young widow working a 12-hour shift and earning minimum wage. Better yet, bump us seniors up to a 25% discount and throw in some free coffee refills and an occasional biscuit. I love biscuits.

Take it from me. Student discounts are a god damned piss-poor practice and they need to stop now. They undermine seniors, the economy and everything this wonderful country stands for.

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  1. 12:26 am

    I totally agree with you. I live in a college town and these kids have tons of money, drive fancier cars than I do. Let’s face it their parents are sporting the bills!
    Good damn post, old man!

    • 11:21 am

      Many thanks Delicate Flower.

      First off, my condolences for living in a college town. That’s just damned unfortunate.

      I’ve written the government on numerous occasions suggesting that they move all of those damend institutes of higher learning to remote desert locations or onto disbanded off-shore oil rigs.

      There are lots of options that would get these damned places out of out of earshot. (Alcatraz is just sitting there doing nothing – it would make a damned fine college and would spare us all the sight of drunken youngsters removing their pants at the Denny’s.)

      Thanks for visiting Delicate Flower. Nice to hear from you.

      Best regards,


      • David permalink
        3:26 pm

        I’ve clearly been going to the wrong Denny’s.

      • 10:47 am

        Mr. Mills, (see how respectful of my elders I can be)
        You are right. The town is awash with youth wearing cellphones attached to their ears and driving erratically. Just the other day I was in fear of my life because of a blonde, driving some burgundy car (idiot!!)driving, holding a cup of coffee-probably a mocha-and talking on her cell phone- balanced between shoulder and ear. She kept drifting into my lane , If I didn’t drive such a nice car I might have ‘let’ her hit me. I was tempted to take her license plate number and call the cops.. but that made me feel like the little old lady on my street in childhood who used to stand on the side of the road and yell at youth in cars while jotting down the number and if I turn into Mrs. Leptwitzch (sp?) I’ll have to buy an old baggy calico dress and a moth-worn cardigan and wear dark beige hose and sensible shoes and then no one will ever want to ‘do me’ and I”ll end my life as a bitter old woman. Damn those college students!

  2. 1:11 am

    Here, here (or hear, hear) Donnie boy!! Even though it’s the parents who are paying for everything, maybe it would cause them to light a hotter fire under those lazy-ass britches to get their kids out of school and land a job so they can be self-sufficient at a respectable age.

    • 11:28 am

      Well said Yorksnbeans,

      The sooner we stop giving these ungrateful young pups a free ride the better. Once they get a taste for discounts, they’re going to start demanding them at every turn. Not only is it un-American, it makes for delays in the check aisle out at Wal-mart.



  3. 1:15 am

    Mr Mills

    Wow I have not seen you this fired up since they discontinued the early Sunday morning Blue Hair Special at Dennys. Hmmm I know student discounts are good for kids in the dorm who only get a small amount of money from a side job. They are used to both stimulate the economy and give back to the local college supporting the town. I 100 Percent agree that the single mom working two jobs should get a huge discount as well as JOE Auto Worker that just lost his job after 15 yrs…he should get a huge discount as well….Srs should get a discount but it should be commensurate with what what everyone else gets….This is a tough subject Sir…i would suggest you sit and relax with some tea and soda crackers fore you overwork your system..dont want you to throw you cane and break that…you might need a discount at the medical equipment needs store…zman sends

    • 11:34 am

      Many thanks Zman,

      Now you’ve put me in the mood for a grand slam breakfast. But the only blue hairs I’ve seen at Denny’s lately are the ones that the mohawk-wearing, nose-ring sporting staff have left in my damned eggs.

      I still think that seniors should get at least an extra 5% on our discounts. It’s just a matter of respect.

      And I’ll take your advice and try to relax, son. I can’t afford to break another cane – discount or not.

      All the best,


    • David permalink
      3:29 pm

      I don’t like the direction this is taking. Pretty soon I’m going to be the only person with no group discount standing in a long like at the market with an expired coupon.

  4. Debbi permalink
    2:27 am

    I think that since everything’s so overpriced to begin with, we all deserve a discount regardless of age.

    But seriously, as for student discounts, perhaps they should be extended only to students who are working their way through college. I was one of them and, believe me, I needed the break almost as much as seniors on a fixed income. (And I would’ve killed for a decent income then, fixed or otherwise.)

    • 11:39 am

      Many thanks Debbi,

      According to my local convenience store manager part of the reason the prices are all hepped up is because of the damned young people and their relentless shoplifting. And while I don’t entirely trust him (he’s a damned shifty character and, I suspect, marking prices up several hundred percent) there may well be some truth to it.

      I suppose I could live with the compromise you suggest but I’d still like to see seniors at the top of the discount food chain.

      All the best and thanks for visiting.


  5. Friar permalink
    2:47 am

    Seniors get discounts. Students get discounts. Hmph.

    Guess who’s left holding the bill? Us middle-aged folks.

    Though, ideally, if I wait 20 more years, I’ll have paid my dues, and I should look forward to getting a senior’s discount myself.

    Though I’m not convinced that the ass-clowns who will be in charge at that time, will somehow change the rules and nobody will get anything.

    Except the Barbarians from the East, who will probably have taken over everything by then.

    • 11:45 am

      Many thanks Friar,

      Nice to see you back.

      I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the assclowns in charge had plans to erode the senior discount. First 15%, then down to 10%, 5% and the next thing you know we’re being charged extra because of the additional time it takes us to get our wallets out of our pants and count out the correct change. We need a powerful pro-senior lobby to fight this.

      Now these barbarians from the East you speak of lad….I’m curious. Who are you referring to? The communists? Huns? If there is a threat lurking on our borders, I need to know about it. A man has to be prepared.

      All the best,


      • 4:41 pm

        Please allow my campaign to help you, Mr. Mills. The only reason why it takes you longer to count the correct change is because you know how to count the correct change. Today’s youth will throw any amount of money on the counter and say “It’s $8.23”. It could be $42.18 or it could be $.67, but it’s probably not $8.23.

  6. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba permalink
    2:51 am

    Another great post, Don my man, and very true, too. I completely agree with it; I saw an ad on iTunes not too long ago about how college students get a free iPod touch with every laptop they buy. I realize this is a marketing tactic, but there are better ways to make a dirty student’s dollar than insulting every senior’s smarts.

    It gives students incentive to fail and retry, if only for the damn discounts. I know I would’ve redid 9th grade a few times if they had been throwing iPods at me for getting a C- in English class.

    You said “this wonderful country” – do you live in America.

    Kep up the great work, Don.

    Dubba Tubba

    • 11:52 am

      Many thanks Dubba Tubba,

      Is there any other “wonderful country” out there? I don’t think so.

      And you’ve nailed the problem perfectly. These discounts are a damned disincentive to actually learning anything and moving on to become a useful, contributing member of society. It’s disgraceful.

      The young pup who sold me my computer didn’t give me anything other than lip sass and a condescending lecture about how I might want to get my “grandson” to show me how to use it. I’m still pissed about that one.

      All the best.


  7. 5:51 am

    not only the discounts, don. what about ‘kids eat free’ and ‘kids fly free’? if they’re going to let kids eat free, they should be given only the food left over by the senior citizens (or at least whatever the seniors forgot to scrape into their purses). if a senior citizen is small enough to sit on someone’s lap, then they should fly for free, too!

    • 11:55 am

      Thanks Nonnie,

      That may be the best comment I’ve seen in weeks. In addition to being “forward thinking” and absolutely true, it gave me a Hell of a laugh.

      Many, many thanks.


    • 7:35 pm

      I think people who bring kids on airplanes should have to pay double for them. AND administer chloroform beforehand.

      • 8:45 pm

        Thanks Sledpress.

        A good point. I fully agree. In fact, they should likely have their own damned planes.


        • 1:26 am

          their own planes? they’re young, let ’em walk! it will be less time they spend sitting around playing video games. and let ’em pick up the trash as they’re walking. they’ll be healthier, and the highways will be cleaner. 2 birds, one stone.

      • zeusiswatching permalink
        10:09 pm

        There is nothing worse than a screaming baby on a red-eye from SF to Washington, DC. It took me three days to recover from that hellish flight. Couldn’t the airlines make space in the cargo section for these little demons?

  8. Nicole permalink
    5:54 am

    Now Mr. Mills, I must preface this by saying that I have been following your blog for awhile now, and I have wholeheartedly agreed with you on most all of your posts. I find that, as a young person, I am usually ashamed of the behaviors and attitudes of “people” (and I do use the term loosely) my age. I have even gone so far as to wish that I could call myself a member of an older, better generation.

    However, I find that I must take issue with your most recent post. The idea that the student discount should be revoked, or is even an affront to the seniors of this country is simply ludicrous. Helping out a student living on a low income, trying to balance work and schooling, is not the same thing as rewarding someone for having “the gross audacity to be young.” In almost every case, a college student ID is required to receive the student discount. The price of college and all the trappings of books, dorms, etc., has increased dramatically since you last packed up your schoolbag or donned your freshman beanie. The student discount is a huge help amid the high cost of attaining a higher education. Remember — the goal is to become useful, tax-paying, elderly-respecting citizens, and that’s all we’re trying to do!

    That said, I still laughed aloud. Keep up the great work!

    • 12:04 pm

      Many thanks for the comment Nicole. It’s nice to hear from you.

      You make a good argument, lass, and state your case well. In addition, you gave me pause to think about my good old freshman beanie. I hadn’t thought of it in years. I loved that beanie – but I damn well paid full price for it and of that you can be sure. (I may just head up to the attic this afternoon and see if I still have it tucked in with my old bathing costumes.)

      Anyway, I’m off track now. I stand by my views, Nicole but I respect yours as well and have to admit that you make a decent case in defence of the discount.

      All the best and thanks for the comment. I hope to hear from you again.

      Best regards,


  9. 6:32 am

    I remember crying the day my International Student Card expired. Who wants to pay full-price at the cinema? Nobody, is who. Nobody. Not even the cinema owners themselves. In fact they probably bought the cinema because it was cheaper than buying two tickets and a medium popcorn on a Saturday night.

    I blame the young people hiding in the boot of cars at drive-ins – thanks to them, they’ve pushed the price of tickets up beyond the average person’s budget for all of us. And they’ve put an end to drive-ins. Stupid young people.

    But if anyone knows where I can get an International Student Card without being a student, uh… could you let me know?

    • 8:53 pm

      Many thanks NDM,

      Of course nobody wants to pay full price for the movies (nor should they with the crap they churn out theses days. It’s a sad state of affairs when your only choices are between an Ashton Damned Kutcher movie or some animated nonsense) but everybody except seniors should.

      Young people should be out climbing trees, playing horseshoes and digging outhouses – not sitting in some damned movie theatre drinking 5 gallon soda drinks.

      It’s bad for their eyes, posture and encourages Hollywood to produce nothing but fast-paced, flashy garbage.

      Lovely to see you again,


  10. 10:11 am

    How much do you like biscuits? We’ve got a carton of Arrowroot that’s past its expiry date. shall I ship it over?

    • 8:54 pm

      Thank you Nursemyra,

      Please, send it on over. Those expiry dates are just suggestions and I enjoy gambling with foodstuffs. Besides, arrowroots are like fine wine and senior men, they get better with age.

      Best regards,


  11. 10:30 am

    I know why these punks get discounts: Who sets these discounts up? Why this last generation of mindless robots who just graduated, took over business ventures, and, by giving this generation of punks unearned discounts, are turning out the next generation of mindless robots. These punks will turn around and keep the same damn thing going on a perpetual road filled with mindless punks. And as soon as I find my teeth, I’m going to get some false ID claiming I’m nineteen and a student. That way, I can get discounts on pretty much everything by showing both IDs. If you cant beat em, join em and take em for all it’s worth.

    • 9:00 pm

      Nicely said Jammer and, I suspect, bang on right!

      And a fine idea on the double dipping. I can only imagine the face of some mathamatically-challenged teen check out staff trying to figure out how to calculate your 15% student discount and you 15% seniors discount at the same time. Her damned head might explode.

      Good thinking. Perhaps in order to make my student discount “legit”, I’ll sign up for a Learning Annex course like”Buying Real Estate with OPM (Other People’s Money)”, “Career Opportunities in Sports”, or the always popular and undoubtedly useless “How to Be a People Magnet — Develop Charisma & Sex Appeal.”

      All the best,


  12. 11:08 am

    I can get a discount? That shouldnt be allowed.

    Mum says i shouldnt get handouts as i need to learn to be more independant and that if i want money, i should ask her and work for it.

    Thats the way it should be!


    • 9:01 pm

      Many thanks young Bob,

      Proof once more that your mother is a damned sensible woman. She’s doing a fine job raising you, lad, and I know you’re grateful for it.

      All the best,


  13. 11:58 am


    Here in Brazil the students get 10% off in a few little things [none of them related to education, I guess] and get 50% off on movies, theaters, concerts and all this sort of events. The bad thing about it is that because that are so many people getting benefited with the discounts, regular/list prices are getting higher which makes non-students to pay the bill.

    Now, if you want to pay half ticket to watch a movie and you are not a student [or older than 65] you can get a discount if you and your girl kiss in front of the box office. I’ve done it myself! Cool, isn’t it?

    Abraço, parceiro!


    • 7:36 pm

      If you scare the horses will they let you in for free?

    • 9:08 pm

      Many thanks Ivan,

      50% off movies and concerts? I don’t get 50% off anything. That hardly seems damned fair. And you’re right, this kind of stupid practice just drives up the cost for the honest working man.

      And I’m not sure I approve of this notion of public sex acts to get a deep discount at the show. Beyond being unfair to horribly ugly men who don’t have a sweetie, it smacks of depravity. Are these box office workers voyeurs of some sort? It sounds like it. I suppose if it were just a peck it might be okay but it still sounds somewhat indecent to me.

      Todo o melhor meu amigo


    • Mystsong permalink
      2:44 am

      Could my girl and I still get a discount like that?

      Or perhaps we could get a bigger one because “Lesbians are hot.” I may have to try this tactic at some point…

      I actually haven’t had much chance to take advantage of my student discount yet. I’ve been helping my mom stain the deck and touch up the trim on the house hen I don’t have class. I did get a little off a bucket of fries when I was getting my little brother dinner the other day, though. But that was with the money I’d been given for the purpose, so it was really my mom getting the discount…

  14. 4:55 pm

    Youngsters should get discounts.

    I suggest that they get a personal grooming discount – say, 20% off the length of their hair.

    Perhaps a discount on medical or dental treatment would also be in order. A 10% discount there, could be financed by not using anaesthetics.

    ,,,or have I got this all wrong?

    • 9:09 pm

      Thanks Nobbly,

      Yes, I think you may have misread things a little but your suggestions are fair nonetheless. In fact, I’d support both suggestions wholeheartedly.

      Many thanks


  15. Frankelstache permalink
    5:09 pm

    Dear Don,

    Your wise words raise a different problem with today’s youngsters: The use of the word ‘Student’ in society.

    “Kobe Bryant is a student of the game”
    “I am a student of the world”

    As you pointed so brilliantly, ‘student’ brings nothing but negative connotations and associations. People should use it more like:

    “Bernard Madoff is a student”

    Say no to Hemp,

    • 9:13 pm

      Well said, young Frankelstache, well said.

      And of course, when everyone is a student, everyone feels entitled to my damned discount. If more people used the word student in the way you so describe (with its historical, traditional negative connotations) the world would be a far better place.

      God damned hemp.

      All the best,


  16. 5:36 pm


    You’re right, the whole student-discount idea is ridiculous. But I have to be honest and say that personally, I have a problem with Senior discounts as well. Let me explain.

    I worked as a cashier at Zellers for a short time (9 years and counting), and once a month we’d have a day where “people” over the age of 65 would get a 15% discount. It was called ‘Seniors Days’…or as my hilarious boss Mr. Mackerel always liked to say, ‘Seniors Daze’.(That man always did know how to poke fun at the English language. God rest his sole)

    Unfortunately there was always a casualty. But most of the victims were us cashiers, not the folks who the Grim Reaper had already called dibs on. In fact, there was one time when a geriatric reached over the counter and hit me with her cane, after I accused her of being underage and using her sister’s ID. (it was pretty obvious, seeing as the lady in the picture had a perm)

    Seriously Don, if you only knew how many fraudulent Seniors are out there, altering their driver’s license and doing “whatever it takes” just to get a measly discount on a box of Depends and an ill-fitting pair of incontinence panties (apparently those issues can start at any age), you might feel differently. Especially since I know that fraud isn’t something you condone.

    Yours overly-sincerely,


    Ps. If it makes you feel any better, I love biscuits too.

    • 11:35 pm

      Many thanks Bschooled,

      I’ve only been to a Zellers once and that was a number of years back when I visiting my sister-in-law in Sudbury and all I really recall was some annoying man in a bear suit who kept telling me that his name was “Zeddy” and that “the lowest price was the law.” You damned Canadians have a very odd legal system and some strange statutes on the books.

      Regardless, while there may be a few mid 50s senior wannabes out there I don’t see why their poor behaviour should affect my ability to get inexpensive pancake mix. I’m deeply sorry you’ve had some bad experiences and appreciate your vigilience in fighting fraud but I’ve earned my discount and I don’t care how many store clerks I need to pummel with my cane in order to get it.

      All the best,

      Your senior friend,


      • 2:49 am

        You are absolutely right, Don.

        Not only is Zeddy extremely annoying (try waking up next to the mascot after one too many celebratory drinks at a Club Z function the night before), but if anyone has earned a discount on pancake mix, it’s someone like you. In fact, if you were to come through my till, I’d give you a 50% discount…or maybe even more! (as long as the secret shoppers weren’t around, those guys are nosy buggers).

        One last thing…instead of pancakes, might I suggest Eggo waffles? Much less prep work…just pop in the toaster, and Voila!

        Always abiding by the Law of Donland,


  17. Lily Fossil permalink
    12:42 am

    Dear Donald,

    I’m very tempted to enrol as a Mature Age Student, perhaps enrolling in Philosophy or Ancient Geek, and then I would be entitled to 15% Seniors’ Discount PLUS the Students’ 15% Discount!



    • 11:37 pm

      Nice to see you Lily,

      Sounds like a decent plan Lily. Just try not to get caught up in any of that hazing business. Those college kids can be damned animals at times.

      Enjoy. I’d go for the Ancient Geek myself. Sounds fascinating.

      All the best


      • Lily Fossil permalink
        11:53 pm

        Hmm I’m not sure what “hazing” is.

        old fashioned


        • 12:05 am

          Hi Lily,

          It’s basically a ritual that new fraternity/sorority members might be put through (it’s not limited to schools though. It has been used in the military, gangs and other groups.

          Although I dislike the damned site, this might be the easiest reference:

          Nice to see you Lily. Hope all is well.


  18. downcastmysoul permalink
    6:30 am

    It used to be that being a college student put one in a distinct and exalted minority and that being a student was a privilege and there was the expectation the student would work hard, get good grades and become a money maker. Now, any damn assclown can be a “student” at one of these corporate run “colleges” (vocational schools) or at one of these community “colleges”. Everyone is is in “school” nowadays. Do they deserve a discount?

    Do seniors deserve a discount? I think they do just merely by the fact they have had to stick around on this miserable planet so long and see so many young people whose main objective in life is to piss off seniors.

    I think middle aged people deserve a discount! Just for putting up with God-D*mnded young people and seniors with canes at the ready to throttle them because they mistook a middle ager for a “young person”.

    Gotta go to the “learning annex” and get a class in Breakfast Cookery for Dummies: Waffles and Beyond to get that discount….mmm mmm mmm

    • 11:41 pm

      Jesus downcastmysoul,

      You sound even more ticked off then I am. I like it!

      I don’t agree with the middle aged folks deserving discounts, of course. That’s just silly. But everything else you’ve written is BANG ON! Well done, lass.

      Keep making those damned waffles. I find Belgians tiresome but they make a damned good waffle – there is no denying that.

      All the best,


      • downcastmysoul permalink
        2:15 am

        I was gonna cook up waffles but not Europeans!!! heheheheh…I like those fattening little Belgian Waffles and my fave is the pecan waffles at the Waffle House. mmmmm.

  19. 1:20 pm


    I’ve been thinkin’ some more about the whole senior discount thing….

    The older seniors (who lived through the depression and fought in wars) have more than paid their dues. These folks DEFINITELY deserve a discount. (Heck, forget the discount…I’ll BUY them their coffee, I’ll pay for their blue-plate special!)

    But what about the younger “seniors” (post-war baby-boomers)?

    Sorry, it’s hard to feel sorry for these folks.

    Sure, they worked hard. But no harder than any other grown-up today.

    But the difference is, the boomers always had work when they wanted it. Back in the 60’s, you applied to a company, you got hired on the spot. For life. Nobody was ever laid off.

    No fancy degrees were needed. Nobody had student debt. You only had your Grade 12? No problem. The Factory would train you. With full pension and benefits.

    Most families had houses, because housing was a lot more affordable back then. People could afford summer cottages. Taxes were lower. And there was actually a national SURPLUS.

    But the boomer generation road the gravy train too long, and spent all the money. And now there’s a national debt, and everyone’s paying the price. Our grandkids will still be paying this off…

    So, with all due respect, I don’t think the younger seniors (born after ’45) deserve any discounts.

    Because they’ve already cashed in their “discount”, decades ago.

    • 11:50 pm

      Many thanks Friar,

      An excellent point and one that I hadn’t truly considered. I can get behind the notion primarily because I believe you are right, it wouldn’t affect my discount, and because I’m all for making us “real seniors” as exclusive a group as possible.

      A very good point. Thanks Friar.

      All the best,


  20. 1:09 am

    It’s because we’re just cool enough to get discounts! haha

    umm, I think it’s because they’re trying to target younger audience and throwing a discount on stuff is a good way to start.

    Also, the stores in colleges sell things a lot cheaper, because you’re a student there, so other places like Best Buy or whatever have to compete with that so they slash the price too. It also encourages people to go to school if they get discounts on things. Besides, the more money get thrown out, the better the economy gets…I think (I never payed attention in school).

  21. 11:29 am

    Friar makes some excellent points, IMHO. In UK terms I would start un-entitled oldies as those born after 1954, when rationing finally ended for us nearly 9 YEARS after WW2 did. Also, I was born that year…

    Our much maligned railway system is run by numerous operators but with a dicsount card scheme accpeted across the network. Who is not eligible for 20-30% off. Under 59 years, without dependant children under 18 years, over 25 years and no kids, or disabled or currently serving in HMForces.

    In other words me and it ticks me off no-end. Our good friend will take the train to join us for a holiday next month, she is 56 years, widow, no kids, part time-work, no occupational pension; she must pay full price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Karen permalink
    8:10 pm

    I love your comments. Being a Brit wbo lives in a city that is regularly inundated with students and foreign students I can vouch for the fact that youngsters are the same the world over. Keep up your crusade.

    • 9:33 pm

      Many thanks Karen.

      Nice to hear from friends overseas. I’ll be sure to keep up the crusade. There is still plenty more about the young people that gets me mad. Hope to hear from you again.


  23. Harriett permalink
    11:27 am

    Well, as a student myself, I don’t know how I’d survive without discounts on food. It’s just infuriating that while I’m trying to better my life and making myself a useful and contributing member of society, the Government is paying benefits to people who don’t work.
    However, I don’t understand why we students need discounts on movie tickets. If you’re so poor, get the hell out of the damned movie theatre.

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